Jan 22, 2014

It's a Celebration...

 38 years ago the heavens moved and the mold was broken... An angel was born! MEEEEEEEE!!!!
It's my BIRTHDAY!!! I love my birthday!! I have been waiting a year for this to happen! My birthday last year kinda sucked.  I didn't do anything. I didn't even have sex nor was I sex offered. HA!  Which is not my usual! I enjoy fun and having a good time...don't know or remember why it reeked... OH WELL! New Year, New Birthday!!

This year I have taken it upon meself to invite a few friends and associates out for a night of fuckery... Karaoke!!! Hip-Hop Karaoke to be exact! I'm so looking forward to it. I have never done Karaoke before. The Evite is sent out to the invitees states "Singing is REQUIRED!" HAHAHAHA! This should be fun!  I have gotten some  "I'm not singing." texts and have promptly responded with "Please don't come." HA! I crack myself up, but I'm so serious...party poopers suck! WHY come to a karaoke bar and not KARAOKE!!!

Even Google knows it my BIRHTDAY!! 

Im going to have a wonderful evening.  However, I won't mess up toooo bad.  There will be no cake and ice cream only vodka and tequilla.  :)  I won't over do it but I will enjoy my birthday evening after spending the day at work, working.

Have a FABULOUS evening all!

Just D.