Jan 5, 2014

Couch 2.....

Been a long lazy ass week.  I kept telling myself all the things I wanted to do and them the stronger part of my mind laugh and made me sit down.  Today, yes today I realized that i have posted an underwear picture of a fat girl.  I have to get off my ass and make the next pictue look way different.

I did my sqauts for my "Squat Challenge", well I have been doing those since the 1st so no problem there.  The one challenge that needed the biggest push was/is my Couch to 5K.  I download the week 1 podcast from Suz's blog.  I love! AND I did it!!! Welp, wait, I got half way thru it. Small victory BOO!! I dont run. So getting where I got was AWESOMENESS!!!!

Big thangs popping! HA!

Also, in my weekly motivational/inspirational email from Valerie she wants us to be accountable this week and if we cant get in the workout we WANT to then to have a back up.  NO EXCUSE!!

Found this beauty on Instagram @hiit_fitness thats going to be my backup and just cuz.
It has all the thigs I love; Squats, Lunges, jumping jacks...I have a love/hate relationship with push ups but Im working on it.

Its not a challenge just an addition to my cardio.

Blog Im loving today:

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