Feb 26, 2014

5 This Week...

It's only Wednesday. humph  It feels like it should be Thursday.  It's raining here the The A.  Rain for me means sleepy, sluggish and I wanna be cuddled up in the bed...doing naughty things. ;)

I thought a little pick-me-up was in order.
I want to post my 5 favorite Inspirational/motivational and a little funny, pics.

This is how I started my day.  I almost hopped on the scale this morning. It was like talking myself off the ledge.  I didn't want to see the number.  I knew it wouldn't reflect all the hard work I been putting in.  I walked away!!! YEAH!! I continued to get dressed and put on my favorite black Old Navy circa 2009 skinny jeans.  for the last 3 years I have not been able to button them...I started wearing them again last Fall.  Put them on today and I needed a BELT!!!!  It's exciting. I got saggy booty and all. They're not skinny jeans anymore! A joyous #NonScaleVictory!!!!!!

Yup.  Just what it says...lol...The weight on my drivers licence has been the same since I got it when I turned 16. 180lbs and I probably fibbed then.  This is why I work...lol...so I can stop lying to the government!

 Down with the jiggle!! This is my motto!  When I'm  "Nailing It" on my T25 and sweating like a pig
running from slaughter, I'm thinking about how the jiggle is decreasing.   I push harder. I try to sweat MORE! Ha!  Tired of the jiggle.


My kids have the biggest issue with this.  They will stand there cooling off the kitchen.  Just looking, making ZERO choices.  When I find myself in the fridge.  That's when I step back and check myself.  I will drink a BIIIIIG cup of water, burp and move on. Can't shed the pounds with those fake hunger pains.

I TRULY believe in the saying
80% Food, 20% Exercise.
What you eat is sooooo much more important than the walking, running, burpeeing. None of the miles I walk, the weights I lift and the T25 I sweat through wouldn't matter if I ate CRAP everyday! I want to be healthy so I eat healthy.  I make choices that lead me to a better lifestyle. BOOM!

I actually feel better after going through all these.  Has helped to see and think about my goals and what I'm doing.  Makes the rainy day not so bad.


Feb 24, 2014

The Weekend...

Its Monday. Throw some glitter make it rain!
I'm probably the only person in the working world that likes Mondays.  I actually look forward to Mondays!


Don't get me wrong it's hard to drag my arse out of the bed !! I likes my sleep!
Mondays for me mean more structure.
There is a schedule.
Not that my weekends are bad there's just no set time to get up and do anything.  I tend to put off my workouts instead of getting up and getting to it. I don't wake up and eat breakfast.  I sleep til noon.

Soooooooo, I love me some Mondays. Get up, drink water, eat breakfast, AM snack...etc. Structure. Order. Things I love and cherish. HA!!

Saturday I took my kiddies to a High school step show. Mostly, so my daughter could see her friendboy perform (blah)... It was a good time! Quality time with my lovies and a bag of Lays potato chips. HA!
We were there for 3.5 hours.  I ending up doing squats every intermission, mah booty was hurting.

Yesterday instead of laying in the bed watching all of season 2 of Homeland, I decided to go ahead and meal prep.  It was most enjoyable.  I wasn't in a hurry and not constrained by having to get in my workout...AWESOMENESS!!!!
Meal Prep, since I started in the beginning of January, has become easier and easier and faster.  What used to take 4 hours now takes 2!!! It's also great to NOT have to think about what I'm going to eat for lunch and dinner...no wasting time, thought, or energy on that!!
I made what I call
Veggie Quinoa (kEEn wa)w/ Shrimp
1 package Noland Roasted Garlic Quinoa
1/2 yellow bell pepper
1/2 orange bell pepper
1 zucchini
1 jalapeno
1 sereno pepper
1/2 red onion
6 baby bella mushrooms
1cup spinach
handful of cherry tomatoes

*cook the quinoa as directed but I add a little Cayenne Pepper, I likes it spicy!
chop it all up saute in a nice pan and ENJOY!


This evening will be stellar.  T25 Cardio!!

I'm going to kick ass this last week of February! My how time is flying this year!


Feb 21, 2014

First Follow Through Friday...

Low and behold  IT'S FRIDAY!!!
Never woulda made it!!

It's mah first Follow Through Friday !!!!!

This has been a good and blah week.
My Meals and exercise have been GREAT!! Love my T25!
Shaun T and I have been great friends these past 3 weeks.  I'm jumping more and modifying less!
Today is a double workout and it's gonna be KILLER!! Cardio and Ab Intervals...I'm actualy nervous. HA!

The blah is just my feelings and emotions and girly crap that I H - A - T - E,  kicked-in in a way that they never have before. ugh!

So, I been up and down and snappy.  I have literally been going to bed sucking my thumb.

Today is better!  Maybe because it's Friday or because I slept like a baby after that good Patron Magaritta I had last night... HA!
Looking forward to the weekend and really staying on track with my exercise.
T25 doesn't really have a workout  technically tomorrow is STATurday and Sunday is Stretch, which is actually a good burner.

My weekend schedule:

  • Saturday
    • Bob and his Kettlebell DVD
    • My son's basketball game
    • Step Show
    • Movie with the kiddies
  • Sunday
    • T25 Stretch
    • Mani/Pedi

I hope its beautiful this weekend becasue I will DEFINITLY be on one of these good trails that Atlanta has to offer.



Feb 19, 2014

Situation Consistent...

The clothes have gotten tight, it's hard to walk up the steps and the snoring has gotten LOUDER.  It's these moments when many people decide that a change must come.
For some of those many these signs mean " I NEED TO LOOSE WEIGHT!"
1. Get a gym membership. ($$)
2. Hire a Personal Trainer ($$$)
2. Take the shoes and coats off the treadmill.
3. Look into weight loss surgery ($$$$)
etc. etc. etc.

There are hundreds of gimmicks, plans and even pills that people undertake to lose a few pounds.
For me I keep it simple:
1. Diet
2. Exercise

  Lets be clear on what the word diet means. 

food and drink regularly provided or consumed

 I was raised by a nurse so I have always understood this.  I don't eat things that don't fit my new lifestyle.  Meaning, my diet is realistic.  I will have a piece of chocolate or a cookie. I just won't have ALLLLLL the chocolate and ALLLLLL the cookies.  My diet consists of a lot of veggies and protein.  I keep the carbs to a minimum.
Exercise is a given.   I follow the motto...21days makes a habit. Now its a habit.  Boom!

(that was the intro...ha!)

I said alllllll that to get to this. If there is a Top 5 Reasons Why Journeys Fail ,
 CONSISTENCY would be #2 or #3.
I'm not an expert. I don't get paid to share advice or an opinion  *shrug*
 Pay attention to this next statement.

If you are not going to go ALL in, whats the point?

When you're not losing, when you're not seeing results, when it hasn't become a habit....more than likely there is no consistency.
You can't  have a good breakfast and  a good lunch and quality snacks then eat a double whopper w/ cheese extra pickles, cut in 1/2, large sized with a Coke (flashback WHEW!) for dinner! NO! NO! NO!
You can't walk at 2.0 pace for 10 mins on Monday and not do ish the rest of the week.
You can't only eat almonds all day :(
and you can't be great in your diet and exercise Mon - Thu and Weekend say "Forget about it!"
and NO, walking to the copy/fax machine once a day is not gonna cut it. HA!

In the beginning, it wasn't easy.  It never is for anyone! The drive to KEEP GOING isn't easy, but if you want it bad it enough, you push forward.

You have to remain consistent. My suggestions:
  • Come up with a routine that you will and can stick to EVERYDAY.  WRITE IT DOWN!! Seeing your schedule on paper makes it harder to not do!  If you don't like morning workouts everyday then don't do a morning work out everyday.  If you can't go an hour everyday, ok make it the best 30 mins EVER!
  • Check yourself. Be accountable.   Own a bad day and keep on pushing. Don't throw in the towel because you had a cupcake or didn't work out one day. Resist the temptation another day and pick up your routine TOMORROW, where you left off.
  • Saturday is a day just like Tuesday. Carry the consistency with you THROUGH the weekend. Have some ice cream, just not the tub of ice cream.  The weekend is tough. It's up to you to do WORK! If your "Rest Day" is on the weekend do a little something anyway...mmmkay thanks HA!
  • Mental Discipline  Living a healthier lifestyle is not easy you have to want it like the air you breathe.  Your mind: how you think, what you know and what you don't know makes or breaks you. Stay positive and conscious of your daily. SMASH those temptations! Do work when you don't feel like it.
Being consistent is so important if you want to live a healthier lifestyle and lose the weight.
If your not consistent, why complain. Period.


Feb 14, 2014

Its Heart Day...

I am so glad that I am FINALLY out of the house! Mind you I'm at work but so what! Its AWAY! This weather that Atlanta has been great however, I was going to lose my mind if I had to be stuck for one more day. Valentine's day is the perfect day to be able to dip!

I finished out yesterday with my T25 Cardio. Listen, when I tell you how Mental Discipline is so important and key to any journey! I put it off and off.  I at one point had my workout gear on and was like "Imma take a nap"...lol I took everything off and laid in the bed, watched some Homeland and drank water.  All the while,  feeling guilty, going back and forth about what I could do the next day.
After that internal, debate I got my but up! I had a date with myself that I could not cancel.  I did it even though I didn't want to.  I figure that's when I needed to do it the most. That was the make or break it moment...lol...seriously.

How I'm feeling about me right now:
  1. Proud
  2. Proud
  3. Proud
Devil cupcakes...tasty though!
Its Valentine's Day, its Friday and its double T25 day!  Usually the office folks do nothing, but today they decided to bring in some frickin' cupcakes! After I calmed down I took a picture, pulled one out, wiped off the icing and enjoyed the delighful creature. I'm going to head home and get my workout on.
I have a date with my kiddies, the loves of my life. Not quite sure what the little people want to do just yet, but they will figure it out.

Its cliche, but Happy Valentine's Day!


Feb 13, 2014


Changed my blog name so I have to fix my bloglovin'

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I found this perfect definition for Bloglovin' on CarrieElle.com

If you’re new to this whole “Blogs All Organized in One Place” thing, here’s what you need to do:
  • Go to Bloglovin’ and sign up. You just need an email address.
  • If you previously used Google Reader, you can import all of your blogs to Bloglovin’ (it will prompt you to do this – no crazy technical skillz required)
  • You’ll have a list of all your blogs – next to each blog is an easy way to unfollow or to assign them to a group. I LOVE THIS. I have all of my local bloggers in one group, my favorite parenting blogs in another, horse blogs in another group – you get the idea. It’s a super easy way for me to keep everyone organized.
  • If you’re a blogger, you’ll want to claim your blog. Once you claim your blog (and if it’s not available to claim, you can add it manually and then claim it), you’ll have access to stats and of course this handy dandy button that all of your readers will want to click – go ahead, click it! ;)

Please find me and follow me.


No, No, No...

Day 2 of being stuck in the house with my kiddies and my mother.  I'm not one that gets cabin fever BUT being stuck in the house with a woman that thinks cabbage, cooked with oil and bacon is healthy, I can't deal!
I woke yesterday morning to her cooking biscuits and bacon a Velveeta cheesed, scrambled eggs. I thought I was going to die! Fortunately she only made enough for her and the kiddies and my calorie count was safe. HA!  For dinner it was taco night. Meaning, queso night. Meaning a bowl filled with cubed Velveeta and Rotel, then my daughter added ground chuck.  I politely counted out 9 tortillas and topped them with queso. Resistance was futile.

Even today I woke up to the smell of bacon. Ugh! I shall resist.
Moms trying to kill me...
Right now moms has her 1980something Betty Crocker cookbook out, she's making full of butter and sugar Banana nut bread.  My weakness.  I know I will have a slice or two, before 3.
I need this ice and snow to melt so I can get out of here!
However, my desire to lose weight has not been thwarted. I have not been laying around doing nothing.
I have treated and am treating these snow days like any other day. 
  •  I have continued eating my Meal Prep
  •  Any carb I have eaten has been early in the day
  •  I have continued my T25 Challenge
  •  I have added another cardio session

I use every moment to work in some type of strength training.  Especially since the TV has been my friend. Lots of squats and lunges. Lots of arm work.  Gotta keep the calories burning!

I'm glad proud I have not lost sight of my goals during snowmaggedon!
Mental discipline is key! I think I can take this as a lesson for my weekends.
When It comes to my fitness goals EVERYDAY is a healthy day!

Blogs I'm Lovin'    
usernamedopeaf.com   ~ this is the BEST blog for healthy food! His videos are awesome!!
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Feb 6, 2014

More goals = More fun!!

I'm late, but is there even a such thing when it's MY blog. :) I want to share everything and time does not always work for us. We have to make it work and I'm, well, making it work.

This month I wanted to push myself even harder. Challenge myself further.  Implement more of the mental discipline that I talk about on Instagram.
 It started when I was catching up on the Biggest Loser episode when they traveled to the Olympic training facilities in Utah.  The Olympic guy, Appolo Ohno,  said something like, "all you have to do is turn it on". He was speaking about the switch in your brain that tells you YES Bish!! DO IT!!

So Im doing it. I have set these goals. I'm happy with them. I am excited about them. I am commmited to them 100%

1. Take the T25 Challenge This is the biggest one for me. Thats why its #1  Initially it was going to just become part of the routine.  Sprinkled in once or twice a week.  After watching the infomercial (for shame!) I decided to give it a try for 10 weeks! What could it hurt? THE FAT!!!!!!! Anywho, I had never seen the infomercial I jsut wanted it becasue I had seen it on IG and it was good.  Just 25mins and eating right.  Shaun T is a fool!!! WHEW!!  I'm excited!!

2. Take a Zumba class For some strange reason I have notice that I have the fear of jumping or shaking my bod too much.  It's crazy. I love to Wii, but even with that I don't put all I can in it.  I think Zumba will be fun, it will be challenging  and  a great calorie burn, if I give my all. I also think I will be a good a pair with T25.

3. Complete Plank Challenge Strong Core = Strong Back , Period  I want to be stronger and strength starts at the center. It's not about having ripped abs or a flat stomach. Just strength!

4. AM Exercise I do my workouts in the evening. No excuses.No matter how my day was I make the time.  However, I want to get up in the wee morning hours and get in some miles.  I do it once or twice a week, but I want to be able to do it EVERYDAY! (So far I'm failing alarms goes off adn I trun it off...lol)

Im excited about  February! It's a short sweet month so I have to DIG in!!
No Excuses Only Results.


Feb 5, 2014


Welp! It has been 2weeks.  Oops.  I had my birthday and got L-A-Z-Y!  I  JACKED my goal to write 31 days straight.  It wasn’t hard however it became and chore and I don’t want this to become a chore.   So, even though I missed these last 9 or 10 days I’m going to give a recap of everything I can remember since my birthday and a wrap up of January goals.

Thanks Brother!
Thanks Mother!
I was my birthday! I turned the big 38! I own it! I’m so thankful to be at this age and I wouldn’t go back for SH!T!! I’m beautiful and on the road to a healthier, sexier me! BOOM!  I got some AWESOME birthday gifts.  A Polar watch!!! I will now know without confusion how many calories I’m NOT burning…lol I also got T25! *stands on soapbox* I am so excited about both of these and how they will be used together to further my health goals and weigh loss victory!!

Went to work hung over. HA!
It was rough…ROUGH! …and that’s pretty much all I remember about that day.

Not much happened … I got a mani/pedi & sushi with one girl friend and had DRINKS and chips and dip with another.  Weighed in on the 26th to find I had gained .4ozs.  Bummer. L  I drank some water and went back to sleep.  HA!

Even though I was on vacation from my job I still had my good ol meal prep food…I only over did it with the drinking.  I’m not a fruity drink kinda gal but I am a vodka kinda drinking gal and BOOOOOOOOOY did I have plenty vodka.

It was also Meal Prep Monday! I am enjoying meal prepping!! I love having my food ready and available.  It has also afforded me the ability to EAT MORE VEGGIES!!  Like, I’m having 3-4 veggies per meal. It’s truly awesome. 

HA! Atlanta SHUT DOWN!
Was an awesome winter weather day in Atlanta! It was walking dead around here! The snow hit so quick that the Metro Atlanta area was in shock! It was pretty and pretty bad. People abandoning their cars, People walking miles to their homes, children and teachers trapped at schools and my favorite the ignant (and yes I meant IGNANT) ass’s that were loading cars on stolen tow truck and STEALING THEM! Ugh! So after finally getting home safely with the kiddies, I worked out enjoyed my prepped meal and slept like a baby in the womb. “NO WORK OR SCHOOL TOMORROW!”, said Metro Atliens!

My front yard after the snow.
Awakened to a beautiful Winter wonderland outside and cold as the North Pole on Christmas Eve.  My son went outside, threw 1 snowball and came back.  Jack Frost nipped at his butt.   I finally put my Polar watch to some use.  I did two workouts.  AM was some Leslie and late afternoon I tried this SWEAT workout that I downloaded a couple weeks ago.  It was created by this really inspirational chick Dawn Archer.  She has a story to tell.  It’s a cute Zumba inspired workout that really makes one SWEAT! I liked it! Drip! Drip!

1/30 – 1/31
Half days of work no school and having to feed my rug rats 2 extra meals while they were out of school… I continued Exercising and eating right.  January ended. Ho hum! Even now as I write I can really remember those last couple days.  It ended good! 

At the start of the new month I weighed in and revisited the goals that I wrote and shared with you guys. I accomplished more than half the goals I set out to. 

What didn’t happen:

Couch to 5K  HMMM I started it a couple time in the beginning of the month but my hate for treadmills took over 99.8% of the time.  It was sooooooo boring even with the playlist and programs I downloaded. BLAH!!  So I’m going to put this off until the spring when I can go outside and enjoy nature and not get frostbite. I’m ok with my status on this goal. Grade: D- I burned a few calories with the starts…lol

Too Inspired Walking Challenge Welp I just forgot to update the group on my workouts….lol  So I completed the challenge just didn’t follow through Grade: C- on that one.

Write EVERYday. EH well sorry.  I felt really bad about this.  I want to write everyday but I want to exercise and spend time with my loved ones too.  So, going forward I’m only going to write twice a week, minimum.  I want to write everyday but I know that is unrealistic and rather than disappoint myself and all 1 of my followers, 2 or more times a week should get it done! Grade: D+ because I did make it to the last week.


That pretty much sums up January.

On the 1st I weighed in and the total pounds lost for the month of January is/were/ are (hell IDK!)  8.8lbs !!!!!  I also lost 1 inch around my waist. BOOM!  My goal was 10lbs but I am thrilled with 8.8! HELL who wouldn’t be!  I credit the meal prep and focus.  You HAVE to eat right. No if, ands or buts about it.  What you eat and when to eat is so important. Without the meal prep I would have been all over the place and that could have been +8.8lbs.  I’m happy and I’m proud. I started the year on the right track!

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