Jan 14, 2014

Just D...

Just D. #nofilter
I have to start writing during the day.  The late blogging is keeping me from my precious, important ZZzzz's

Today's Truths
1. My lunch was awesome,  Not heavy and just about 400 calories.
2. Yes I'm a calorie counter. Ha!
3. I want to inspire and be loved.

I don't want to teach classes or lead fitness challenges (I mean if it happens I'll except it), that's not my goal. my blog probably won't be all fancy and colorful.  I just want to be an example. I just want to share my experience. I just want to vent. If in this process 1 person likes it, loves it, learns something from it and/or is inspired, then this is a success.

I have been a loner all my life.  Few friends, limited family.  I'm a nerd that didn't even had other nerds to play with.  I didn't start my journey with inspiring in mind.  I got motivated by a few people on IG.  I used to enjoy the #transformationtuesdays, for a little while.  What I was beginning to notice was that my timeline was full of people that had already reached their fitness goals or want money.  Not many REAL people out there ( that i could find...yet) going thru what I am going thru the pain, the muck ups, THE STRUGGLE! Don't get me wrong there are a COUPLE and I mean a couple that I love and follow and get inspired!
I started feeling like, if I'm urning to see real people go thru this, someone else must be too...In comes D ( that's me...btw)!!

 A lil about me...
I started this blog, it looks like, in 2008 when I was on a different weight loss journey.  I wasn't doing it for the right reason.  I was in a SEXLESS relationship and I used sex as motivation to keep me going.  Specifically, sex with a certain person. HA! I quickly got over that and fell off that journey. Moving on...
I consider myself a writer.  I have had an essay or 2 published. I have written some articles for a small, alternative publication.  I also write poetry and I have been working on a fiction piece for YEARS (writers block, fear, excuses).  I have another blog that I write. So yeh I write...lol
I started this journey last March.  I was reading an IG post by one of my personality's on my favorite radio show, The Bert Show. -->
Thanks Jeff Dauler!
It sparked something in me. I wrote it down and posted it on my cube.  I wrote down some things I wanted Improve.  My health was in big bold print, underlined with asterisks.  I went home went through old fitness journals and actually sat and thought "Am I ready or will I be quitting AGAIN!"  I deciding I was ready.  I have been full figured ALLLLLLL my life.  I was wearing a training bra in kindergarten. I don't have "high school skinny" dreams.   I just want to be healthy, fit and look good naked.
I'm a mother of 2, a middle child, an aunt, a daughter an employee and a coworker. I'm a believer in God, but not an avid church goer.  I have my own personal relationship with God. Judge not. I'm blessed.

If you have read this far. Thank you, sincerely.  If you enjoyed, come back, I have loads of things to say. Invite your friends. Comment, I'll respond.
I won't and don't pretend to be a fitness expert.  I only know whats works for me and I have read a lot about fitness, food, and exercise.

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