Fitness Challenges

I absolutely LOVE doing fitness challenges.  They help to keep me focused, I learn new things about myself, and challenges give me the ability to push myself harder than I normally would.

 In the beginning of the year I did T25 Alpha. It was awesome! It lasted 5 weeks and my body changed a lot.  Just didn't burn the fat like I need to.

May 2014 
 Chalene's 7-Day challenge
I'm doing this with my SwagSwap Partner KassieD and  Femme Fitale Fit Club


March 2014
My current challenge I found on Instagram.
100 miles in 6 weeks
It's a challenge that can be done by walking, running, jogging or cycling.
I'm a walker. I love to walk and I'm thoroughly enjoying this challenge.

UPDATE!!!!! Completed! 102.18/100 miles on 4/26/14

April 10, 2014 until May 10, 2014
A month is always a good time table for a challenge. I like a month.
o  Low carbs
   o  I eat bread for breakfast and rice or some other carb for lunch. Gotta stop doing that. Bread bloats me. Es no bueno para my belly. :)
o No Snacking
   o I have a desk job…blah I don’t sit and snack alllll day but I will have SEVERAL spoons of peanut butter or lots of cheezits, gotta kill that.
o Only eat what I can log into MyFitnessPal
   o Keeping the meal plan simple. Protein and VEGGIES!!!
o Plan cheat day
   o Often times cheat day will consist of CRAP! Not McDonald's french fries, but burgers, chips and salsa, ice cream, bindging…CRAP! I need to decide what I’m going to have on my cheat day, write it down and STICK TO IT!!