Jan 22, 2014

It's a Celebration...

 38 years ago the heavens moved and the mold was broken... An angel was born! MEEEEEEEE!!!!
It's my BIRTHDAY!!! I love my birthday!! I have been waiting a year for this to happen! My birthday last year kinda sucked.  I didn't do anything. I didn't even have sex nor was I sex offered. HA!  Which is not my usual! I enjoy fun and having a good time...don't know or remember why it reeked... OH WELL! New Year, New Birthday!!

This year I have taken it upon meself to invite a few friends and associates out for a night of fuckery... Karaoke!!! Hip-Hop Karaoke to be exact! I'm so looking forward to it. I have never done Karaoke before. The Evite is sent out to the invitees states "Singing is REQUIRED!" HAHAHAHA! This should be fun!  I have gotten some  "I'm not singing." texts and have promptly responded with "Please don't come." HA! I crack myself up, but I'm so serious...party poopers suck! WHY come to a karaoke bar and not KARAOKE!!!

Even Google knows it my BIRHTDAY!! 

Im going to have a wonderful evening.  However, I won't mess up toooo bad.  There will be no cake and ice cream only vodka and tequilla.  :)  I won't over do it but I will enjoy my birthday evening after spending the day at work, working.

Have a FABULOUS evening all!

Just D.

Jan 21, 2014


Oh I meal prepped my ass off last night! I cook two delicious meals and It didn't take me all night!!

Early in the day is what I have read is a better time and my chosen time to eat most of my carbs. For instance,  if I choose to eat a Granny Smith Apple or a Banana, I use Breakfast or AM Snack. Lunch is where I have my carbs, if I have any at all.  Dinner  I prefer to only eat a protein and a veggie. Nothing heavy that I have to carry to be with me or on my hips.  I may have a spoon on peanut butter just to satisfy any craving that is not taken care of by drinking a big cup of water.  I believe that my snacks keep my from feeling like I'm starving to death! Lawd knows no one wants that!!

With that being said let me tell you about my prep.  I have no problem eating the same thing daily.  I got goals.  I also have had to change my relationship with food.  Its fuel...a car doesn't care if you go to Chevron or BP everyday. Food is fuel, keeps us filled with energy to walk, talk, breath and exercise. So, I have nooooooo issues with lack of variety. Boom!
However... lol...after finding these recipes I had to try them!

For lunch: Spinach & Black Bean Enchiladas
Boy when I tell you these suckers are DELICIOUS!!!! I varied the recipe and I didn't make my own sauce. I found one of this recipes on thegardengrazer.com
 My variation Recipe:
1 can Black Beans
1cup Mushrooms
1/2cup dices onions
2 whole Jalapenos (I like things spicy!)
3 Garlic Cloves (chopped, minced, diced...whatever)
1-1/2cup Low Fat shredded cheese
1 can Enchilada Sauce
Whole wheat tortillas 130cal each

Spices I used:
Garlic Powder
I prepared it the same way
Sauteed the veggies
mix with beans and cheese
roll, poor sauce bake
375 degrees 30mins

Turned out beautifully and tastes DEVINE!!!

For Dinner : Turkey & Sweet Potato Muffins
OMG! I did not expect this combination to be good at all. I don't remember the blog I found it on and I definitely changed the recipe a lot! One site I saw it on was http://thegetinshapeworkoutplan.com

My variation recipe:
1lbs Ground Turkey
1 medium Sweet Potato (boiled, diced and smashed)
1cup Mushrooms
1/2 cup Onions
2 Garlic Cloves (chopped, minced, diced...whatever)
Garlic Powder
Italian Seasoning

I didn't have any eggs and it didn't really matter because they can out BEAUTIFUL!! I didn't taste the potato at all.  They are extremely moist and flavorful!! I have meals for the next 7 day!! No weekend muck ups!!
I paired these dishes with Broccoli Florets and Zucchini!
I could not wait to have lunch today!!


Jan 20, 2014


I rested this weekend. I did nothing. Well I do squats.  I love the 30 Day Squat Challenge.  I do it monthly.  I have heard that challenges like these are effective for building muscle. That one is only learning to lots of squats in a row and they aren't effective. WELLLLL, when I do this challenge I do sets/rep.  50 squats I do 5 sets of 10, 100 squats I do 4 sets of 25 or 10 sets of 10. It just really depends on how I feel. I break a good sweat, my thighs and bum are extremely sore and I wish I had before and after pictures.  I already a and ba donk ka donk ! Now its donkier...lol!!  nothing could make me stray.HA!

My birthday is this week. I'm looking forward to it.  Well I love birthdays.  Its the only day that just about you. It's a celebration of YOU!  Needless to say I'm excited and no matter my age I will still love it love it...it wasn't just any other day when my mom was in labor so why should I treat it that way!

In other news: Yesterday was WEIGH-IN DAY!!!!
To review.  Last week I planned my menu and I meal prepped for the week. Fantastic! It the one thing I didn't have to think about nor was it going to be an excuse as to why I didn't get my GOOD workout in OR spend  Meal prep was a success! Grab pop in microwave and eat.  I didn't have a reason to not workout. It was also easy to make sure I got in 4 or 5 servings of veggies a day...NO EXCUSES!!!
So to the big news....  I woke up, emptied my bladder, washed my hands and got naked.
I lost 4.8lbs!!
This makes me happy! Glad to see that the work I'm putting in is producing results! BOOM! I don't expect this to happen weekly, no, no, no. I don't ever expect it but when it happens WOOSH!!


Jan 17, 2014


A few months ago I found myself scrolling through my Instagram, looking at before and after photos, transformation photos and status posts. I was thinking things like  "why am I not loosing faster?"  "we weigh the same, why don't I look like her?" "Maybe I should try this Herballife stuff" HA! ... I would also unfollow folks that I was tired of seeing...petty I know.

 I even found myself a little jealous that my partner got to goal weight  and I was still struggling  to get to mine.


A couple weeks after that started (divine intervention) I started coming across inspirational quotes and posts that talk about, not comparing  my journey to someone else's.  When I thought about it, it hurt me more to have those negative thoughts and negative feelings. It messed with my confidence not believing that I was working hard enough or that I would never be where that person is.  I started looking in the mirror and speaking ugly to myself (out loud, like a crazy). 

It took a little while, but I had to believe in ME. Believe in my ability.  Believe in what I was working to accomplish. I had to believe that what I was doing was working for me. I had to understand that, that's someone else's journey is not mine. We don't have the same metabolism or DNA. We don't eat the same food or have the same workouts.  Hell, didn't start on the same day! That's why I 'm taking it One Pound at a Time, One Day at a Time.

What works for me and my mind and my weight loss is patience and self love. I love how my waist is coming through and how my booty has a better curve.  I love how my clothes are getting to big!  That's how I know I'm doing right by me.  I LOVE ME SOME ME!! I have plenty of time to loose this weight.  I have had it all my life. Boom!

Lots of inspiration...

Blog I'm Liking Today

Have a Fabulous Weekend!

Jan 16, 2014


T25 Core Speed Day 2!!! Did it again last night! It was pretty awesome!  I was able to follow along and keep up better.  The sweat was REAL folks!
I really pushed myself.  A lot of the moves that require jumping, thrusting, criss-crossing and I allowed my body to do all of them.  I felt strong after and proud of myself.  I did it and I didn't give up! It's an awesome feeling!
Today I'm sore and its that gooood sore.
That, gives me a sense of accomplishment kinda sore.

 In other new...

This morning I found out just how favored I am.  The kiddies and I.  We were traveling our normal route to school and work this morning. Drove over an ice and lost control of my car. It's a 2 lane, winding road. My kiddies were holding on to the seats and door arms and I was screaming while turning the car in the opposite direction of the spin.  The car swerved from side to side then spun around in a circle. While continuing to move u the street. I was thinking "please don't go in a ditch", "please don't hit that mailbox","please don't go into that house". 
Needless to say I was scared as heezy!!
By Grace, we landed on the side of the road in a utility driveway!!! Jesus DEFINITELY took the wheel.  No cars were coming. No school buses. I put the car in drive.  I sat there shaking and close to tears. The kids were alright.  I could hear them taking deep breaths. After a minute or two I put the car in drive and pulled out and got my kiddies to school on time.
I just thank Him!

Count your blessings! I'm counting mine!


Jan 15, 2014


My! My! My!
Last night's workout was awesome!

Today's Truths
1. I'm sleepy
2. I have been researching meal prep
3. I'm falling for Shaun T. HA!

 For Christmas I got a bit of fitness related things and T25 Core Speed was one. I tried Insanity once, for 3mins then I just sat and watch it. Engaged like it was Lord of the Rings.  It's "Focus" is the core but it was intense! Definitly lots of cardio! There was jumping and zigzagging and burpees and thrusting!! WHEW!!! I was dripping sweat and ready to give up after 5 mins! :) I kept going though.  My heart rate was up, the sweat didn't stop and at the end I was in love.  I'm going to do that again tonight.  After that I walked 2 miles with Leslie Sansome. 
Total workout time: 50mins
I need to get the complete system and try it.  I will however, be adding this to my daily.  I really enjoyed it.

Short and sweet today.

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Jan 14, 2014

Just D...

Just D. #nofilter
I have to start writing during the day.  The late blogging is keeping me from my precious, important ZZzzz's

Today's Truths
1. My lunch was awesome,  Not heavy and just about 400 calories.
2. Yes I'm a calorie counter. Ha!
3. I want to inspire and be loved.

I don't want to teach classes or lead fitness challenges (I mean if it happens I'll except it), that's not my goal. my blog probably won't be all fancy and colorful.  I just want to be an example. I just want to share my experience. I just want to vent. If in this process 1 person likes it, loves it, learns something from it and/or is inspired, then this is a success.

I have been a loner all my life.  Few friends, limited family.  I'm a nerd that didn't even had other nerds to play with.  I didn't start my journey with inspiring in mind.  I got motivated by a few people on IG.  I used to enjoy the #transformationtuesdays, for a little while.  What I was beginning to notice was that my timeline was full of people that had already reached their fitness goals or want money.  Not many REAL people out there ( that i could find...yet) going thru what I am going thru the pain, the muck ups, THE STRUGGLE! Don't get me wrong there are a COUPLE and I mean a couple that I love and follow and get inspired!
I started feeling like, if I'm urning to see real people go thru this, someone else must be too...In comes D ( that's me...btw)!!

 A lil about me...
I started this blog, it looks like, in 2008 when I was on a different weight loss journey.  I wasn't doing it for the right reason.  I was in a SEXLESS relationship and I used sex as motivation to keep me going.  Specifically, sex with a certain person. HA! I quickly got over that and fell off that journey. Moving on...
I consider myself a writer.  I have had an essay or 2 published. I have written some articles for a small, alternative publication.  I also write poetry and I have been working on a fiction piece for YEARS (writers block, fear, excuses).  I have another blog that I write. So yeh I write...lol
I started this journey last March.  I was reading an IG post by one of my personality's on my favorite radio show, The Bert Show. -->
Thanks Jeff Dauler!
It sparked something in me. I wrote it down and posted it on my cube.  I wrote down some things I wanted Improve.  My health was in big bold print, underlined with asterisks.  I went home went through old fitness journals and actually sat and thought "Am I ready or will I be quitting AGAIN!"  I deciding I was ready.  I have been full figured ALLLLLLL my life.  I was wearing a training bra in kindergarten. I don't have "high school skinny" dreams.   I just want to be healthy, fit and look good naked.
I'm a mother of 2, a middle child, an aunt, a daughter an employee and a coworker. I'm a believer in God, but not an avid church goer.  I have my own personal relationship with God. Judge not. I'm blessed.

If you have read this far. Thank you, sincerely.  If you enjoyed, come back, I have loads of things to say. Invite your friends. Comment, I'll respond.
I won't and don't pretend to be a fitness expert.  I only know whats works for me and I have read a lot about fitness, food, and exercise.

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Jan 13, 2014

Couple Things...

So I weighed in yesterday.  Before I go on let me say this.  I like the scale. I like the measuring tape. I use both. I like both.  I know that when there is a stall on the scale to watch the tape I start every session with fresh numbers, how else will you know how you have progressed, should the scale say "hold it!".  I weigh weekly and I only use the measuring tape monthly or weekly, after a plateau hits.
So I weighed in yesterday! Very happy with the results!! I lost 1.4lbs!!! This is great!!! I'm not on the Biggest Loser, I don't expect big numbers. I don't always expect a loss at all and after falling of the horse during the holidays, I 'm so happy top hop back on and have a loss.

What that means for me. Well, for 1 I'm doing something right.  My body is liking the exercise and the food I'm giving it, so, I can slowly take my calories down and and continue my work outs, maybe even amp up the intensity.  This, too, doesn't hurt the self confidence. It's not about a new years resolution for me...I'm simply picking up where I left off.  I'm proud of me.  So many time's do people, I included, fall off and just head straight back to those old habits. Chipotle every day, Reece's Cups, Coca Cola, WHOPPER with cheese cut in half extra pickles...ok I'm drooling, BUT I don't miss that crap.  I feel better, I look better and I move better.  Hell MY KNEES feel better!!  What else this means is I'M KICKING ASS!! I know its just a week but it was a hard week full of mental challenges.  I didn't want to do it.  I wanted to just sleep. However, mental discipline and wanting it more that I want air. Boom!

My Groceries!
One goal that had for January was Meal Prep.  I did it! I went to the Farmers Market and loaded my buggy up with goodies! Lots of fresh veggies, meats and some fresh spices and some bottled spices.  I shopped for 4 people, that's lunch and dinner for me and dinner for them for 7 days.  I was AMAZED that my bill was $47!!! for 7days!!

In closing (lol)...I'm excited about my current progress.  Its encouraging and make my drive even stronger.  My momentum is up!  I am happy.  The meal prep for this week was a success. Tiring, but I got er done! I will update at the end of the week on the ups and downs of the meals, the focus of the prepping and will I prep again...lol

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Jan 11, 2014


Happy Saturday!

I did mommy stuff haricuts, baskeball game and listen.
After all that, I worked out.  It was on the dreaded treadmill but it was a workout adn it felt GREAT!!!
I ran a lil ... on an incline and SWEATED!!!
All in all I would saw it was a day that didnt go wasted.


Jan 10, 2014

Last night I slept PHENOMENAL!! Not tossing and turning and I didn't even have to get up and pee. Just great slumber! I woke up feeling great a lil sore from the work out, but great!
My Friday could not have begun a better way.  My usual hustle and bustle went smooth. Even the kiddies were up dressed and ready to head out the door EARLY!!

I found a great blog today. Its full of veggie recipes that I would like, could make and enjoy! The recipes were simple. I excited about trying a couple tomorrow.  Its  thegardengrazer.com... good ish!

Have a great weekend!


Jan 9, 2014

Yoga Flow ...

Last Night one of my challenges was to "try Yoga".  I had never done it before and I really didn't know what to expect.  I preview a few videos on Youtube and I was alllllllmost about to do the Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown til I saw this... Short sweet too the point.  Took me through some positions that almost kinda reminded me of a burpee (HA!) and then it was over. It was an AWESOME 10min. So awesome, in fact, that I did it TWICE! HELLO!

Try it.  For me it was a good introductory yoga video. I sweated, I burned calories and I slept better and woke up feeling good.


Jan 8, 2014

Random Babble...

Today’s post will consist of several different paragraphs with a bunch of different topics. It's how I’m feeling today. All over the place

The Kiddies

1. I'm glad I worked out yesterday morning. I procrastinated and procrastinated with doing my daughters hair. Praying school would get cancelled for just one more day. NOPE! She is 15 with natural hair, she likes it bone straight and she has ZERO clue how to even hold a flat iron (my fault, I know). However, it’s always an enjoyable 3-4 hours we watch some good TV and talk and laugh…it’s also a good time to have the abstinence convo for the 1000th time. HA! It’s WORK! Not to mention trying to motivate the 12year old boy to finish a project that we forgot about. (Winter BREAK Project…WTF? It’s a break!!!) Even more work explaining and REexplaining instructions. It became frustrating. We got through it. By midnight we wrapped up and headed in our different directions.  Sleep was no bueno. Ugh…it took me a while to wind down, my shoulders were tense and I lay there for a while thinking “go to sleep you are getting your fat ass up in the morning and working out!” LOL!

Don't know if it burns 100 but I pant
At 12:53am I was still up. Alarm went off at 5:20am I DID NOT GET UP! I felt guilty, but I know my workout would have been half assed. I rolled out of the bed at 6:25 this morning pulled the kiddies out their beds, went back to my room strapped the boobies down (seriously I wrapped a waist slimmer around them so they would not bounce, long story) and proceeded to get in a short HIIT workout, lots of jumping jacks, increased heart rate and a mild sweat. BOOM!!

2. Confession: meal prep this week has been nonexistent. For two reasons, 1. I don’t know what to cook and 2. I’m broke…lol I live paycheck to paycheck and with the kiddies being out of school for those 2 weeks I had to provide lunch and 2 snacks on top of breakfast and dinner. Hits the pockets… I haven’t been eating crappy just not planned. Today I am going to write out my menu for next week and Friday grocery shop and Sunday COOK! The house is eating what I eat because that cooking two different meals crap IS FOR THE BIRDS!! I am going to do some research and come up with some meals that both the kids and I will enjoy. Go TEAM! HA!

3. I'm excited about writing again. It makes me feel so smart…lol I start out not knowing what to say and then look up and I have paragraphs. I zone out and get in my zone! I love it so much. How can I make this a PT to FT job? Must explore that. However, I have found that depending on what’s going on in my life I have no material AND writers block hits me like a ton of bricks and lasts for a loooooooong time. I will not let that happen to me again. I love writing. I just have to make time for it like I make time to work out.

Rose gets more interesting this season

4. Downton Abbey & Pretty Little Liars are baaaaaaaaack!!!!! This is what makes winter more enjoyable…Bundled up on the couch, you’re so engaged that by the time you look up IT’S SPRING! The Downton premier was a whopping 116mins of juicy goodness. So many plots that I am going to have to watch it a 2ndtime to make sure I didn’t miss anything! The Liars usually take a few episodes to build up, but after the Halloween episode that ended the season for Fall/Winter break, I'm glad they came back POURING the information. Man I loathe Ezra, but his HAIR tho! His hair all McDreamy Dempsey like...sheesh!
The Widows Club

Rest should come on swift wings tonight, especially after last night.
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Jan 7, 2014

Burp what? Burpeee...

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Hardest thing I ever did 2nd to labor & delivery...a burpee.

Last night my son, a 12 year old athletic young man....he's taller than his mommy, did a challenge with me.  I had to time how many burpees I could do in 60sec.  I have seen them done  squat, kick back to plank, do a push up, kick feet back to squat jump up...uh huh yeh ...easier to type that to do....
My son said "Go!" and by mid-2 I was dying, but I kept going!  SIX BURPEES!!!!! I got thru 6 in 60sec...shyt!!! Award please because that was HARD. Chest was on fire, high rate thru the roof. If i had a Polar watch the calorie burn would have be substantial...lol
Ahhh, but being the competitive "Robinsnot" I am, I had to do it again...(my son laughing didn't hurt) I was determined to beat that!! I AM SPARTACUS!!! I increased by 2.  I want from 6 to 8!!! VICTORY!!!

This made me happy!
Quality time with my son, when he's not being a testosterone filled, smart ass, know it all: PRICELESS!

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Jan 6, 2014

The Process, Trust It...

I have been with my company for a little over a year now. My manager has been with the company for 8 years but only a manager for not quite a year. I talk shit about how he sucks at it and how he needs some continuing education. It was only recently (today, hence this post, HA) that I realized that he is learning. He has not formal training or previous experience in management so fuck ups and #fails are going to happen…it’s all a part of the process. 
When I hopped up on that scale and saw those, expected, yet dreaded 6lbs I owned it. I knew I fucked up. I also know that it’s a part of the process. I have to fail to learn. I have to fail, to tweek the process and improve the process. I didn’t start this journey expecting everything to go as planned and that I would lose a certain amount of weight by a certain time. *Humph* I wanted to but no.
Trust the Process. It works.
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Jan 5, 2014

Couch 2.....

Been a long lazy ass week.  I kept telling myself all the things I wanted to do and them the stronger part of my mind laugh and made me sit down.  Today, yes today I realized that i have posted an underwear picture of a fat girl.  I have to get off my ass and make the next pictue look way different.

I did my sqauts for my "Squat Challenge", well I have been doing those since the 1st so no problem there.  The one challenge that needed the biggest push was/is my Couch to 5K.  I download the week 1 podcast from Suz's blog.  I love! AND I did it!!! Welp, wait, I got half way thru it. Small victory BOO!! I dont run. So getting where I got was AWESOMENESS!!!!

Big thangs popping! HA!

Also, in my weekly motivational/inspirational email from Valerie she wants us to be accountable this week and if we cant get in the workout we WANT to then to have a back up.  NO EXCUSE!!

Found this beauty on Instagram @hiit_fitness thats going to be my backup and just cuz.
It has all the thigs I love; Squats, Lunges, jumping jacks...I have a love/hate relationship with push ups but Im working on it.

Its not a challenge just an addition to my cardio.

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Jan 4, 2014

Mondays & Fridays ...

I was scanning fitness posts on Instagram and came across a photo that said "I will never miss a Monday".  This is so true. I find that when I miss a Monday my whole is week is jacked!! Mondays already suck and if I don't workout then the tone for the rest of the week is weak.  That's when the mental discipline has to kick in. Pushing myself to do it IN SPITE OF!! It's important to start the week out right, with a good workout. 

Fridays are just as important becasue they set the tone for the weekend.  Weekends are hard.  I'm not working, I have all day access to food and the kiddies want to eat. I have a HARD time staying motivated on weekends and I know I'm not alone.

Vowing to not miss a Monday or a Friday.


Jan 3, 2014

No Resolutions, Only Results…

I’m really going to push myself this January.  I know I can do it and I know I deserve it.

Challenge After Challenge After Challenge After Challenge After Challenge After Challenge
The one thing that f#cked up my holidays was lack of mental discipline.  I have no problem with portion control I just have 100 small portions of EVERYTHING!! Needless to say that was not effect, coupled with lax workout routine.  Mental Discipline is so important. Its making a decision and following though.  I have acted like I have never had turkey and dressing before, when in fact I have been having it for the last 30+ years!

Ive had the Blue Bell

The Brownies

And enough Chipotle and Steamed Dumplings to last a few people a few lifetimes.

Now I want to be fit.

Now I want the things I have never had

1.       To shop in a regular store that doesn’t charge $2 more per X

2.       Not wear a swimsuit cover HA!

3.       Cross my legs

4.       Short shorts and short TIGHT skirts! WHEW!!

5.       Wear heels again!!


I have to get out of this lazy rut.  The negative thinking is killing me.

Tonight, I’m all in, 1 hour.  I want those things I never had AND I posted an underwear pic on Instagram (@fatPHATgirl) so I HAVE to follow thru…lol
*I would like to note. I have lost 47lbs thus far.  Those shorts USED to not pull all the way up (plumbers crack) and there was a significant amount of side-boob.*
Watch me WERK!

“you can't do it halfheartedly and expect to see results” ~PopSugar


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Jan 2, 2014

And tonight...

SOMETIMES, I give up meat at a meal...usually at lunch, but tonight I decided dinner would be that meal.  I LOvE this dish!! Thats why I'm sharing...the recipe that is.

AHHHHHH delish
I dont call it anything special.
1 Can Black Beans 110 calories per serving
1/2 cup of Mahatma Brown Rice
1/2 Bell Pepper
1/4 cup Chopped Red Onion
1 Jalapeno Pepper
6 Cherry Tomatos
1 cap of Olive Oil
(Bullet Point time)
* cook the rice first per package instructions
*rinse beans in water
I wrap mine in a tor tilla (90calories!!!!) top it with lettuce, tomato, salsa GUACAMOLE!!!!
There is enough for dinner tonight and lunch and dinner tomorrow.

New Year, New me…blah blah , lies…New Year, same sarcastic, witty beyotch.Why front? HA!

January is my most FAVORITE month of the year. Its my BIRTHDAY month!!! #Turnup!! I’m taking this most and making the most of it. I have been on a weight loss/lifestyle journey since March of 2012. I know this because I ordered Slimquick on March 20 from Amazon. Which means I got it around 2-3 days later, boom. I’m rambling. I just know that’s when I started. I decided that it was time after laying next to my love and feeling soooooooo uncomfortable when she wrapped her arm around me. I had never felt so fat and undesirable.

To date, I have lost 50lbs and gained 6lbs over a Holiday lazyfest. I'm not discouraged. I have not lost hope or motivation. Just lazy. I started getting bored and then realized that I didn’t know how to fit my evolving lifestyle into the holidays and the kids being out of school. I realized that my “plan” was not foolproof. I could be a trendy, fabulous fat chick but I don’t want to. I have been overweight ALLLLLL my life. I have never known what skinny looked, felt or smelled like and I want to know so bad!!

I decided that the month of January was challenge month. I’m challenging myself so much this month that I may burn out but, its what I want to do.

The Challenge list includes

1. 30 Day Squat Challenge, this is my all time favorite. I try to do this every month unless I have an injury. Love the way my booty and thighs feel.

2. 8 Week GetFit Challenge, it’s from the My Fitness Pal community. It’s all about accountability and pushing yourself..I like hat.

3. Couch to 5K THIS I’m really excited about. RUNNING!!! I’m determined that I’m going to run and this challenge looks doable. I found this cute blog kissmyblackass.org  she has tons of C25K podcasts. I’m going!!

4. Too Inspired Walking/Running Challenge Another My Fitness Pal community challenge its focus is putting in the miles and I love it because it reminds me to WALK!

5. Write EVERYday. I saw challenge on a blog #31WriteNow it’s all about writing. I love writing and didn’t realize how much I have missed it. So I’m challenging myself to write more focus more and do what I love.

6. Meal Planning and Food Prep. I think I have my coins together so I can buy the foods that I need to get me through my journey. #CleanEating

7. AM Calorie Burn I love my bed. However, my bed will be there when I’m 63.6lbs lighter. I have to add an AM workout and not let life steal my PM workout.

It’s a hefty list, but I have a hefty belly that I need to be rid of. I don’t want a 6 pack just a small waist and a fat ass. If a 6 pack happens, well I won’t turn it away. I'm excited about holding me more accountable. I also may enjoy sharing the struggle, so I’m gonna BLOG AWAY!

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