Jan 3, 2014

No Resolutions, Only Results…

I’m really going to push myself this January.  I know I can do it and I know I deserve it.

Challenge After Challenge After Challenge After Challenge After Challenge After Challenge
The one thing that f#cked up my holidays was lack of mental discipline.  I have no problem with portion control I just have 100 small portions of EVERYTHING!! Needless to say that was not effect, coupled with lax workout routine.  Mental Discipline is so important. Its making a decision and following though.  I have acted like I have never had turkey and dressing before, when in fact I have been having it for the last 30+ years!

Ive had the Blue Bell

The Brownies

And enough Chipotle and Steamed Dumplings to last a few people a few lifetimes.

Now I want to be fit.

Now I want the things I have never had

1.       To shop in a regular store that doesn’t charge $2 more per X

2.       Not wear a swimsuit cover HA!

3.       Cross my legs

4.       Short shorts and short TIGHT skirts! WHEW!!

5.       Wear heels again!!


I have to get out of this lazy rut.  The negative thinking is killing me.

Tonight, I’m all in, 1 hour.  I want those things I never had AND I posted an underwear pic on Instagram (@fatPHATgirl) so I HAVE to follow thru…lol
*I would like to note. I have lost 47lbs thus far.  Those shorts USED to not pull all the way up (plumbers crack) and there was a significant amount of side-boob.*
Watch me WERK!

“you can't do it halfheartedly and expect to see results” ~PopSugar


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