Jan 17, 2014


A few months ago I found myself scrolling through my Instagram, looking at before and after photos, transformation photos and status posts. I was thinking things like  "why am I not loosing faster?"  "we weigh the same, why don't I look like her?" "Maybe I should try this Herballife stuff" HA! ... I would also unfollow folks that I was tired of seeing...petty I know.

 I even found myself a little jealous that my partner got to goal weight  and I was still struggling  to get to mine.


A couple weeks after that started (divine intervention) I started coming across inspirational quotes and posts that talk about, not comparing  my journey to someone else's.  When I thought about it, it hurt me more to have those negative thoughts and negative feelings. It messed with my confidence not believing that I was working hard enough or that I would never be where that person is.  I started looking in the mirror and speaking ugly to myself (out loud, like a crazy). 

It took a little while, but I had to believe in ME. Believe in my ability.  Believe in what I was working to accomplish. I had to believe that what I was doing was working for me. I had to understand that, that's someone else's journey is not mine. We don't have the same metabolism or DNA. We don't eat the same food or have the same workouts.  Hell, didn't start on the same day! That's why I 'm taking it One Pound at a Time, One Day at a Time.

What works for me and my mind and my weight loss is patience and self love. I love how my waist is coming through and how my booty has a better curve.  I love how my clothes are getting to big!  That's how I know I'm doing right by me.  I LOVE ME SOME ME!! I have plenty of time to loose this weight.  I have had it all my life. Boom!

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