Apr 30, 2014

Hump Ya!...

You know how some people are obsessed with the scale...well I'm obsessed with blogs stats.  I like seeing that I have views and COMMENTS!!!!!!!
I love feedback...I makes me feel like someone out there cares about my struggle.

However, I noticed that struggle that no one really cared about. Accountability.
Couple weeks ago I post about accountability here. Got no feedback. No love. 
It sucked. * shrug *

Any who
I completed my #100in6 
I walked 102.18 / 100 miles and I was finished 2 days ahead of time!!!
It was awesome!!
Now I'm searching for the next challenge.  
My Swag Swap partner and I are talking about coming up with a challenge we can do together. 
Any suggestions?

I love challenges. Here's why. 
  • They give me focus. 
  • There is a schedule with deadlines.  
  • There is a fully defined tasks that have an outcome. 
  • There are also rewards. Not monetary (though I'm not against it).  The rewards of a good, fun challenge are points and recognition!!!!
Know of any fitness challenges I can get into?

Last night I did some strength training.  The beautiful Liz @ Fitness Blondie post a Weight Lifting 101 I thought it was great! It was also the push I needed to follow through on one of my goals this week.
It was an upper body circuit....I now understand what fatigue mean.  Its not painful or sore its just weak as hell...can hardly type kinda weak.  Good shit!

This week I wrote out my exercise plan...have I followed it ....no
It's the last full week of my class and I had a paper to write that I was soooooooooooooo behind on so I have spent my nights writing and deep breathing. 
I have NOT however, been snacking or eating CRAP...proud of myself.

I didn't meal prep this week because well I'm poor so I made a cute black bean and zucchini stir-fry that I have paired with turkey patties that my kiddies refuse to cook. * shrug * 

Ok so last week I was poking around FabChickGetsFit and she had a link to a clothing site she loves, ASOS.
I found this dress.  I don't buy dresses, but I was being positive AND it was a great price!
Can I say dam!!! I have KNEES!!!!!!!!! The material feels great on my body and hugs my booty just right.  LOVE it!

Ok Happy Hump Day you guys!
Hit up my favorite blog hop Hump Day Blog Hop with Liz @ Fitness Blondie and a new Link Up that I hitting up today Workout Wednesday with Diatta @ Femme Fitale Fit Club

Have an awesome day!


Apr 25, 2014

The Life...

Things I do when I’m not doing fitness.

  1. I Work.  Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm…blah 
  2. Yell at my kids.  They have some smart ass mouths, so I am CONSTANTLY trying to correct my horrible influence. This lasts from the car ride home til about 15mins after we get home. Total about 45 – 50 minutes and only Mon-Fir.  The weekends we either are all locked in our rooms ignoring each other or I’m in the streets and they are with Nana.
  3. Study and I use the term loosely.  I study at work and probably spend about 30-45mins studying when I’m home. No bueno…smh. HOWEVER I have a high “B” almost an “A”…Boom!
  4. Drive…to bus stops, to work to after school care, to the store to the trail back from the trail, to another county 2 nights a week and some weekends.  I live in Atlanta and anywhere worth going is 20-30 mins AWAY!!! Ugh.
  5. Shop. Ha! Ha! Kidding. I hate shopping.  I do however drop things in my Amazon.com cart; it makes me feel a little better.

My weekends I do NOTHING!!!!!!! I don’t have any friends.  I’m on a tight budget because my daughter turns 16 this Summer and wants to go to dam Disney.
 I don’t party anymore unless it’s a special occasion or my “special” friend wants to go.

So I’m boring.  I have no life.  I enjoy exercising, sex and sleep AND IN THAT ORDER!
My kiddies aren’t social butterflies anymore.  They are cute, smart-mouthed,reclusive teenagers. No more ballet, soccer, cheerleading, basketball L They suck.
But they are just so dam cute!

Look at those faces!

I blog about fitness because, like my kids, it’s a part of who I am.  It gives me purpose, since they only need me for food and a ride. HA!

This week they have been giving tough love to get me out on the trail.
Yelling things at me like “You NEED to walk!”  “Thought you didn’t want to be fat anymore!”, “Just GO!” “If you don’t go you’re gonna be fussing all night!” “It keeps you calm!” “Yeh mommy, you need to chill!”
They are a trip.

This weeks Fitness goals have been ON POINT!!!
I have out done myself on the walking this week

I missed Monday,  it rained and a treadmill is a no go.
Tuesday 8.34 miles
Wednesday 7.04 miles
Thursday 5.31 miles
Friday haven’t gotten there yet!

I am so thrilled that I have gotten my mojo back!

I did some strength training as well. 
Not as much as I wanted, but better some than none.
I did leg stuff on Tuesday and arms on Wednesday.

In other news!!!
I have a new show that I am falling in love with.
It is about a diverse group of community college students.  A divorcee, a middle-aged man, a disbarred lawyer, injured high school jock, ex rehab girly nerd, a weird Indian guy and a bitchy feminist. And let me not forget Senor Chang! I LAUGHED OUT LOUD!  Makes my tummy feel tight and good.
Check your local listings.

Next weeks Fitness Goals
  1. Exercise Daily
  2. Follow strength training plan
  3. Meal Prep
  4. Do T25 Core Speed or Cardio twice
  5. Do a yoga stretch 1 day

Feeling Really great this week!
And my hair is awesome…lol…I need to get my eyebrows waxed. * shrug *

Anywho! I’m linking up with my favorite Friday hops!

Love me

Just D

Apr 23, 2014

My Lifestyle...

For the past 2 days I have been fasting.  I AM a spiritual, religious person and fasting, for me, is a way to get closer to God and be provided with clarity. Boom!
I was feeling like I had lost control and sight of my goals. I had been eating poorly and not giving my ALL to the exercises I do outside of walking.   I didn't want to continue a cycle of stating again EVERY single Monday or Tuesday or Saturday.  I needed to clear my mind, detox and find the strength that I know I have. 
I haven’t fasted in years and even when I made the decision to do it I was second guessing myself.  Then I remembered I used to fast all the time. I could go from 3 days to 7 depending on what I needed.  I knew I could do it, but I have been having so much self doubt that I was scared I wouldn't make it.  I originally planned to just go 24 hours then I woke up the next day feeling good about me so I decided to go another 24 hours.  I went 48 hours without failing.  
During he first 24 hours I wanted to eat the leftovers but I knew that will prove nothing. I was having the cravings and though I didn't give into temptation I wanted to feel stronger AGAINST them in that moment and future moment.

This morning I feel powerful! I feel like I can overcome and accomplish ANYTHING!!!
I overcame my cravings.
I pushed past the temptations.
I rediscovered the mental discipline that had been kidnapped by negativity and self doubt.

I love food…but it’s fuel
I have to discover ways to get the flavors I seek, but in healthier options.
I love Mexican food…Its to DIE for, but I can’t have those tortillas and chips and cheese (I stopped eating sour cream YEARS ago)
I love I talian…but I don’t want the pasta and creamy sauces.
I love cake and brownies and cookies ESPECIALLY when my daughter (the Sweets Boss )makes them… but I don’t wanna be fat as hell anymore and well one cookie is a dam meal,  so, um yeh no.

Discipline and Consistency are key
I have come up with a menu that I will eat every day, all day til I’m goal weight.

Breakfast – Egg Muffins filled with Spinach
Lunch – Turkey Muffin (will post recipe this weekend) w/ Broccoli
Dinner – Shrimp or Salmon w/ Spinach, Mushroom, Pepper mixture
Snacks – Almonds or cucumber slices (I don’t do well with lots of fruit or yogurt)
Sweet cravings – Water of a little The Bees Knees

I no longer use the term work out.  I hate work and the word work just makes me nauseous.
I have an EXERCISE routine that includes both Cardio AND Strength training
I’m working on a rewards system
And No cheat days maybe a cheat meal or snack but within a calorie range.

This is not a challenge. This is not a diet.
It’s a lifestyle.

I know that I am capable and that I have the discipline to be stronger than that coconut cream cake in the fridge…lol
I am so thankful and full of Gratitude that He loves me.
I am better than all the negative thoughts that have been counterproductive to my goal.
I’m free.

Happy hump day y’all!   Joining my favorite blog hop with Liz @Fitness Blondie!!!


Apr 19, 2014

Who Me?! D?...

*tap*  *tap*  *tap* Attention!
I have been chosen for a Liebster!

Thank you thank you so much Theresa at A Change of Pace!!
I have read about Liebster and saw other blogs with the button, but I seriously DID NOT think some one would think my blog was cute enough to chose!

I am excited to say the least! I even teared up a little!

To accept the Liebster there are several rules the must be fulfilled...
The rules:
1.) you must link back to the person who nominated you
2.) you must answer the 10 Liebster questions given to you by the nominator
3.) you must pick 10 bloggers to be nominated for the award (with a small following)
4.) you must create 10 questions for your nominees
5.) you must notify your nominees

Here are the 10 Questions that Theresa asked me!

1) what is your favorite way to sweat
For some reason I'm not a sweat er. It takes a lot of work to make me sweat. The only man that has ever made me sweat was Shaun T! I love a really hard workout.  A fast, hilly walk/run or T25 are my favorite ways right now.  I know that if there is a drop of perspiration then work, hard work was done.

2) what are you most proud of
2 things. I'm in my last class before I graduate with my Associates. Yeet! These good 50lbs that I have lost.  I can't believe that I disciplined myself to get this far and stick with it.  I'm proud and amazed!

3) why did you get into blogging
Oh how I loooove to write and I enjoy the art of storytellin'. I have been blogging for years...back when no one but bloggers knew what a blog was. However, life got in the way and I stopped.  I started back blogging because I still love to write and my kiddies are older and I can focus a little more on writing. Blogs are instant! I don't have to wait for someone else to critique me and tell me I can't say that. Ha! I will say what I please!! It's perfect for a rebellious, left-handed,  middle child. lol 
4) what is the the last book you read
The last book I finish was Private by James Patterson..I'm a major fan I have almost ALLL his books.  Currently I'm reading 3 books Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen), The Hunger Games and Private#1 Suspect (James Patterson).  these books have nothing to do with each other but I have to read them. * shrug *

5) what is your secret guilty pleasure
I miss Starbucks
hmmm, a Caramel Frappicino extra caramel, extra shot of espresso.  When I see a Starbucks my other personality takes over the car and I have to fight and fight to not go in and spend $20 on a beverage that makes my heart siiiiiing. It is the BEST coffee type drink I have EVER had and I can't have them anymore....it has the calorie count of a meal!!! I want one now!

6) what is your favorite way to pamper yourself
Gettin' my wig fixed...lol  I'm not a girly girl I will get a manicure/pedicure, but only once every couple of months and that's if someone asks me to come with them.  I don't wear makeup, unless I have won a FREE makeover. However, my hair is my glory.  I do not feel like a human If my hair is not right. When I do sweat its in my head. So my edges have to be on point.  I feel CRAPPY when my hair is not cute.

7) chocolate or vanilla

8)  if you had a warning label, what would it read
Ha! Warning: tread lightly. Will like you til you do something stupid, ask a stupid question or use poor subject-verb agreement, then its Bitch.

9) if you were stranded on a deserted island and could only take 1 item, what would it be
A bullet. Not not one of those bullets you blend in. No not one of those bullets you put in a gun. A bullet. It has a cord and settings and hopefully the batteries are included.. I promise to use it wisely...lol

10)  what's your favorite healthy snack
ALMONDS!! I really love those Wasabi flavored Almonds by Blue Diamond.

My nominees are ...

Drums please!

1. The Kay Times
2. All the Joys
3. Finding the Skinny Geek Within
4. One-Way Ticket to ONEderland
5. JenBsJourney
6. Fleurty and Fit
7. Kim to Slim
8. Broke and Bougie
9. Skinny Kimmie
10. The Fit Train

These are the blogs I have fallen in love with.
Consistent and funny.
dearest, sweetest, kindest, nicest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, welcome, sweetheart, all things that Liebster means. What these ladie's blogs are.

Share with the rest of the class

1. Why blog, why not just keep a journal?
2. What is you favorite form of exercise?
3. If you had 3 wishes what would they be?
4. Do you think a 35 hour work week should be THE LAW everywhere?
4. Lipstick, Lip gloss, or chap stick?
6. What is the best meal you have ever had?
7. What are your top 5 songs on your playlist that you HAVE to hear?
8. What are your blog goals?
9.  Bed, wed or dead? Brad Pit, Chris Hemsworth, Will Smith.
10. What is your favorite post that you wrote?(Link Please)

Theresa, again THANK YOU!!!
You made my heart all warm and fuzzy!

Now I'm off to figure out how to post the Liebster picture to my blog!!!!


Apr 18, 2014


Why is it so hard?
When I first started my journey I was so disciplined and I wasn't even meal prepping yet!!!
I ate 5 small meal throughout the day and strength trained and walked.  I was loosing and loosing and loosing.
The last 6 weeks have been soooo hard. Maybe its because I'm taking a class and it's I don't know but my resolve is low.
Confession I have gained 7lbs I know this because I got on the scale this morning. I am sad about it.

I could write about how I'm going to overcome it and all the things I will do, but I tired.
I just want to sleep.

I have lots of goals
I don't want to be almost 300lbs again
and I know what I NEED to do.
I have just been weak as hell lately.

I have been trying to find things to get excited about fitness, again and have found nothing.

Happy Friday!

5 Goals for Next Weeks

  1. Walk everyday
  2. Meal Prep
  3. Write and follow strength training calendar
  4. Post some motivational quote around my desk and room
  5. Print my before picture so I can see it daily.

I started writing this post yesterday.
I was feeling shitty and sometimes writing is a good outlet for me.
I was doing a Little Friday link up and reading some of the other posts and found  Megan and her "Finding the Good" post.  It spoke to the purse strings of my heart. She wrote "...focus on "one good thing every day". When things start to take a turn for the worse, I remember those words and find something to bring me back up."  Don't you just love the simplicity! One thing a day. Not trying to solve all the worlds problems in an hour but one thing that makes me feel good and go from there.
By the time I left work I figured out what that one thing was that would bring me back up. I got home changed clothes and went for a loooooong walk.
Walks make me feel good so good.
I hit the trail with my music...I wasn't for a workout. I wasn't pressure. It wasn't work.
It was just a nice walk that burn several hundred calories. HA!
During that walk my mind felt relieved.
My shoulders relaxed.

It wasn't work.
It wasn't a race (though I can't help but pass people, I can't let them get there before I do.
Where? IDK! THERE!!...LOL)

My walks ALWAYS are great but this one was therapeutic. I didn't want to stop.
It erased the stress of my fighting myself not to give up.
It brought me back up
It made me smile.
I had to go back through old pictures
I found the ONE
One Day at a time. One Pound at a time.
One day at a time.  That is what I can do and I'm excited about.
I wouldn't call it starting over not at all, just a new beginning.

Even though Megan has NO idea who I am and has never had a convo with me.  She has inspired me.
Thank you.

Have a wonderful weekend Y'all!
Doing a  my favorite Friday link ups today! Follow Through Friday,  Five Things Friday, 5 On Friday, and Fitness Friday!

Apr 16, 2014

2 Dope Boyz in a Cadillac...

Listen, Most of my blogs are about my journey and this one will be no different, BUT I have to share how HYPE (definition: stimulate or excite) I am this morning!!!
I'm from Atlanta, well not from but I have been here 27.5 years, so, I'm a PEACH DAMMIT! HA!
When I graduated from high school 20 years ago OutKast was arriving on the scene, They are THE BEST hop hip/Rap duo ALIVE and dead, but they are still alive.
They performed and Coachella, a musical festival, kicking off their REUNION and TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!
They are Atl grown and raised.  They bring me so much joy and pride because I don't know if you all know but Rap is dead.

It sucks horribly.  I look at my kids like "Y'all like this?" O_____O, seriously, It sucks.

Anywho, I found the Coachella performance online and watched it this morning.

It was THE BEST way to start my HUMP DAAAAAY!!!

I was excited and quite emotional!!!
I was singling along like I was THERE!!
I had so much happiness in seeing them reunited and PERFORMING!!!!!!
I teared up a little.

I have decided to go home pull out my crate of CD's , pull out my OutKast CD's, from Southernplayalisticcadillacmusik to Speaker Box/Love Below (which I still have in rotation in my car) and create a new walking playlist dedicated to OutKast!!!
Hey Ya
I Like the way you move
Ghetto Musik
I'm soooooooo excited!!!!

I'm also sore from my 30min walk/strength workout yesterday. Which I love! Soreness is the GREATEST!

I also did a mini  #MealPrep for my dinners the rest of the week.
I love color and I love veggies so I chop them up and throw them in a skillet saute them and add shrimp!
When it's time to eat, heat and add sriracha!!! Jooooy!!!!

Glad the rain has clear however, it's winter again.  It won't last long but MAN I wanna go walk outside!
So, Outkast and I will be hopping on the dreaded treadmill and pumping it out!
I got on the treadmill and did a pretty good Walk/Run!
Proud of me!

Visit @Fitness Blondie for the Hump Day Blog Hop!!


Apr 15, 2014

All Call...

The weather is killing my vibe this week and it's only Tuesday.
I want to nothing and I want to sleep.
I have done nothing however I have not slept.

I had a friend who is on a fitness journey.
No she isn't dead, we just aren't a that cool any longer.
Last week and over the weekend I have been thinking a lot about having an accountability partner.

Accountability Partner Checklist:
Check and making sure I am following my goals
Cheer me on
Challenge me
and if local workout together a couple times a month together.

I, of course will be that and whatever else my accountability partner needs
I went over my list of associates (very, very short)
I have one associate she's local, on her journey and cool (or so I thought)
We reconnected last year and at that point she was down 70 lbs give or take.
Sh was going to the gym, meal prepping and really had a handle on her journey and her goals.

I asked her one day if I could attend this Zumba  class with her that she raved about.
I didn't pay attention at first.
She was putting me off, ignoring my request.

It took me 9 months to realize that her journey was HER journey. (no that's not why we aren't cool) HA!
She was her own accountability partner and had no time or energy to help me.
It made me a little angry at first, but that's her journey.  Everyone does not have the same needs. * shrug *

I still need an accountability partner.
How does one go about finding that PERSON?

I am at a point where I need a phone call, a singing email , a card in the mail something that tells me,

Do you have an accountability partner?
How did you find them?
Are they helpful?

Little Friday Link up!!

Apr 11, 2014

Friday Snitches!!!!!!...

IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!

It has been a good week.
It has been a productive week.  I has been a busy week. It has been a fast week. Most importantly its the END OF THE WORK WEEK!!!!! YEAT!

Emotionally it has been an down and up.
I have wanted to give in and give up.
I have wanted to stop.
I have limited myself with my negative ass thoughts.

by HUMP DAAAAAY I had a new attitude!
I remembered how much I wanted to be fit.
How I was tired of being F-A-T!
How how I want to show off my toned legs in short shorts and mini skirts!!!

So I'm in a really good place and I'm radiating positive energy!

The Top 5 things that I'm happy about this week:

1. My Son's 13th Birthday
  • I love birthdays but I love my kiddies birthdays EVEN more! I can't believe he is no longer a little fat cuddle bear. I love him so much!

1. The Game of Thrones
  • WINTER IS HERE!!!! I'm so happy about! Especially since The Walking Dead had its season finale.  After the Red Wedding I need some John Snow in my life. Thank you HBO!!

2. The Mindy Project
  • Oh My GOSH this show is yell out loud, roll on the floor, sore abs FUNNY!!! I started watching it Tuesday and I'm almost done with Season 2.  If your have not watched 1 episode you are MISSING OUT!!!

3. GIF's
  • I just discovered GIF's!!!!! I get on the Internet to google INFORMATION and watch Netflix! I don't Facebook I don't play games..I had NO IDEA how all those little funny videos happened. NOW I know where to find them!! YEAH!!!!

4. My sore ass
  • I love when I'm sore.  That means I worked. Boom!

5. Walking OUTSIDE!!!
  • I love walking outside. I don't like bugs, I don't like being hot and I ain't a fan of camping but I WILL walk through the fricking woods!!!!! I love it!!!! I will be outside in the 100degree Atlanta weather drenched in sticky, sweet SWEAT (don't judge), walking. Seriously, for me there is nothing like fresh air and scenery when doing a good walk!
I will probably be finished with The Mindy Project today * tear * and my weekend looks pretty good.
The Dogwood Festival is this weekend, I plan on attending that.
Walking on my most FAVORITE trail @ Lucky Shoals park. Its a great trail full of inclines and curves (like me) HA!
Sunday is washing and straightening hair day. My kiddies have been on Spring Break this week and my daughter, with all her thick, natural hair, uses this time to do absolutely NOTHING to her hair.
Didn't meal prep this week but I did have planned meals prepared by someone else...BOOM!!

Also this week I find out who my SWAG SWAP friend is!!! VERY excited about that!
Today is also my FAVORITE Link up day! Follow Through Friday and Fitness Friday

Have a great weekend!


Apr 10, 2014

Mental Challenge...

I only walked a little over 3miles yesterday.
When I got home I swung the kettle bell for over 5mins. I may not seem like a lot but IT IS!

Today I feel like all those pics talking about leg day.
I literally had to slow motion squat to sit on the fricking toilet!!!
So was yesterday leg day? * shrug *

I don't know but it hurts so good.

I'm feeling pretty good today!
Lately I have been feeling like giving up and forgoing my goals and lifestyle change.
I can't do that.
I need to be stronger than my negative thoughts.

Soooooo, I came up with a small challenge for myself.

It will last from today, April 10, 2014 until May 10, 2014
A month is always a good time table for a challenge.  I like a month.

Things I'm Challenging Myself with.

o   No carbs
o   I eat bread for breakfast and rice or some other carb for lunch. Gotta stop doing that.  Bread bloats me. Es no bueno para my belly. :)
o   No Snacking
o   I have a desk job…blah I don’t sit and snack alllll day but I will have SEVERAL spoons of peanut butter or lots of cheezits, gotta kill that.
o   Only eat what I can log into MyFitnessPal
o   Keeping the meal plan simple. Protein and VEGGIES!!!
o   Plan cheat day
o   Often times cheat day will consist of CRAP! Not McDonald's french fries, but  burgers, chips and salsa, ice cream, bindging…CRAP! I need to decide what I’m going to have on my cheat day, write it down and STICK TO IT!!
Things I really need to work on to get closer to my ultimate goal!!!!
Happy Little Friday!
Doing a Little Friday Link Up with The Grits Blog!!

Apr 9, 2014

What a hump it is...

The weekend was not great as far as movement is concerned. I got my miles in on Friday, which is GREAT because I usually miss that good Friday workout. I got in 2.5 miles.
Then my brother and his babies came to town. The family was here to celebrate my son and my brother's birthdays!!!! YEAH!!!
The brother is my mom's favorite sooooo she cooks. 
Saturday she prepared a good ol' SOUL food dinner.  not southern... SOUL.
I ate the veggies because this gal does not like chicken...ew...not a chicken fan...I only eat it when I HAVE to...which is hardly EVER!!! Oh and I had a small piece of Chocolate Ganache cake. :)
Saturday exercise...nah...well wait..nope no exercise.
Sunday Family went out to a Hibachi restaurant!! YEAH
Probably the worse thing about that meal was the Garlic Butter...the bad thing was the white rice.

Monday my baby turned 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am officially the parent if 2 teenagers!!! OMG!
It's painful.
A little depressing.
I wanna cry.
WE had breakfast lunch and dinner and play tons of video games for tickets.
Good times!
No exercise...unless you count me walking around Dave & Busters for 3 hours bouncing from game to game :)

Yesterday I was back at it!! Hit the trail got in 5+ miles!!!
As always it was a great walk and I ran a little. It was nice.
I one day want to run 3.1 miles...HA!

Therapy Session:

She's crying cuz I'm fat.
I'm tired.  I'm disappointed in myself.  I have worked so hard and all i wanna do in give stop and not care anymore.  It's so much easier to eat a pizza and lay in bed than it is to be disappointed by the scale not moving and the measuring tape being the same.  I am not in a plateau.  I am in that " You can't work out a bad diet" place... I not eating good. 
I'm pretty, but No wann be here
Don't wanna be here again.

Last week I had waaaaay too much bread and rationalized it by saying "oh well your eating it before 2".  Bread bloats me and i know thins and I stillllllllll had a sammich everyday last week.
I even had my meal prepped lunches and still went out and spent MONEY!!!!!
I feel like I have lost control and no slogan or motivational pic is going to help me with that.
The break throu kinda happened today or laaaaaate last night.
I started as 273 POUNDS!! That's almost 300lbs.
I can stand be almost 200 but not 300.
I don't want to go back there. I will not go back there.
I was miserable.  Physically incapable and OBESE!!!!
I refuse to go back to that.
I refuse to not have these great climaxes...lol
Must keep going...
Must keep fighting myself to save myself.

I need an accountability partner and a challenge that is interesting. Yup!

Linking up with my favorite, Liz @ Fitness Blondie, Hump Day Blog Hop!!! ( I need a pic for this)


Apr 4, 2014

Follow Through Fitness....

I would like to thank the Friday gods for finally gracing us with today. Thank you!
I'm really happy about all the exercise I have done this week.  I'm also quite proud of myself...yup!

Today is F#ck it Friday, but in a good way!
I don't want to do ish!
I don't even want to write.

Today I dedicated this post to beautiful women and their weightlifting asses...

This Bish here is  B-A-D!!!! I would be her surrogate Like for real...She is damn near perfect.  I'm sure she works uber hard and it's working.  Not too much but just enough.  Hard bodied but not Jim Carey as Vera, bodied.  I'm in love with her and her hair!!!  I'm inspired...to one day be the person that wipes the sweat off her brow. I'm inspired not intimidated because I know that If i work as hard as she had to and does that someone will one day write that about me!

Squat. Lunge. Jumping Jack. Donkey Kick.
 Want a great Booty. Do it. Love it.
I just want a flat stomach, a small waist and a fat ass. :)
Is that too much to ask for?

I want to be able to dress like this ALLLLLL the time.  I want to petition the government to take indecent exposure off the table. I actually have something similar to this that I got from Fredrick's 17years ago that I haven't worn in 16years.  Her boobs are great, her abs are awesome! I'm going to continue to eat clean, set goals, stay focused and not give up! I wouldn't say I train but I do do a lil something something! I'm inspired

The Queen mother herself.  I one day hope to have a trainer that will plant her foot in my ass and then yell  "RUN!" and I say with tear streaming down my face, "how fast!" I love this woman.  She's not curvy but she is sexy as all get out and I'm scared just looking at her! I'm motivated.

This is the movement today.  Walking outdoors is soooooooo different than walking indoors.  At home you can stop give up or do just the minimal.  When your out on the trail you can go a little further and a little further knowing that how ever far you go is how far you have to walk back.  Where I walk has hills and mountains and curves (like me) HA!  I go a little further every day.  WHEW!!! Mah feets hurt, my shins may be splint and my booty is sore as the heezy!! I love the booty soreness. Lets me know I put in WERK!!! I have to get a video of me walking...its funny in my head. I walk fast and I have routines to certain songs on my playlist! It's awesome! The 1 walking buddy I have has to jog to keep up with me....LOVE IT! However, I'm sleepy and tired and my muscles need to get back used to walking outside. Boom!


Um who's a proud one? ME! ME! I have been walking my tail off!
I'm happy to say that I am catching up with my goal. I was behind nearly 10miles to stay on track for my #100milesin6weeks challenge! Now I'm 1 mile behind! Happy dance!!!

This weekend I'm not going to be lazy.
I'm going to continue the momentum and keep up with the walking and DO the strength training routine that I came up with.
Sunday I'm going grocery shopping for 2 reasons. 1. Meal Prep and 2. My kids will be on Spring Break and I guess I have to feed them. * shrug *


Next week
More Walking, maybe a little running O__O
Meal Prep Monday!! My favorite! I'm going to try a veggie lasagna!!
I'm going to try to get ahead of of my miles.
 My goal next week is 20miles minimum.

Its Friday and I'm doing my FAVORITE link ups ... Fitness Friday, Five Things Friday and Follow Through Friday

Tell me your favorite Link ups and Blog Hops!
Have an awesome weekend!


Apr 2, 2014

Hump yourself!!...

Yup! EVERY time.
Let me tell you a little something about MY self image.

It sucked when I realized that I was a chunky monkey and NEEDED to loose some weight.
It sucked when I looked in the mirror and looked 9 months pregnant when my baby will be 13 next week.
It sucked when the one I love would wrap their arm around my belly and could only make it half way.
It sucked when, last Easter, I have to buy a 3X, XXXL, TRIPLE X, shirt to wear and it WAS NOT flattering.

The community I'm from, in the Atl (black), loves a plump, full-bodied, thick thighed, big boodied, cushioned, something to hold on to kinda woman.
It's not the healthiest but it's loved. HA!

Even with all the things that suck, in my head I'm already a size 10/12 :)
and after a good week of cardio and strength training I'm an 8 :)
It has been like this since I was in my 20's * shrug *

I LOVE me! (especially my boobs and my booty) HA!

Some days I lose confidence and have some self doubt, but EYE am in love with me.  I would date me and sometimes I do.  I enjoy my own company and I even Hi-5 myself sometimes...lol
It's so important to love yourself. Inside and out.

Please don't mistake this as me being arrogant, cocky, or conceited because no no no.
I love me but when someone else tells me I am pretty or have a great smile or that they love me...shy, modest,  embarrasment kicks in. 
I can think it allllll day, but no one else should be able to see it o__0

Why I feel that way?  I O E N O

As I continue on my journey, now when I look in the mirror I don't look 9 months preganant anymore.  I see strength. 
I'm now buying 1X (which is different than an XL) and I'm looking forward to being able to buy a Large
I'm not it that need-to-loose-weight place, I'm LOSING the weight.

I'm D and this is my self-image...lol

In other news:
I hit the trail again yesterday and  yes, again is was FRICKING AWESOME!
I got in a good 5.36 miles, good towards my #100milesin6 Challenge.
I am loving it!

It almost feels too good to be true, but I think Spring is really here.... shhhh... I dont' want to jinx it.
Its so hard to have that get up and go in the winter. 
Want to sleep, eat and hibernate. 
We MADE IT! * Drake voice *

5.36 miles. Need to get these brow done...humph

It's also one of my favorite days, I get to link up with Liz@ Fitness Blondie and Hump Day Blog Hop!