About D

I don't want to teach classes or lead fitness challenges (I mean if it happens I'll except it), but that's not my goal.   I just want to be an example. I just want to share my experience. I just want to vent. If in this process 1 person likes it, loves it, learns something from it and/or is inspired, then this is a success.
I have been a loner all my life. Few friends, limited family. I'm a nerd that didn't have other nerds to play with!
 I didn't start my journey with inspiring in mind. I got motivated by a few people on IG. I used to enjoy the #transformationtuesdays, for a little while. What I was beginning to notice was that my timeline was full of people that had already reached their fitness goals or want money. Not many REAL people out there ( that I could find...yet) going through what I am going through, the pain, the muck ups, THE STRUGGLE! Don't get me wrong there are a COUPLE and I mean a couple that I love and follow and get inspired!
I started feeling like, if I'm urning to see real people go through this, someone else must be too...In comes D ( that's me...btw)!!

A lil about me...
I'm a Southern gal. I'm a mother of 2, a middle child, an aunt, a daughter an employee and a coworker. I'm a believer in God, but not an avid church goer. I have my own personal relationship with God. Judge not. I'm blessed.

I started this blog, it looks like, in 2008 when I was on a different weight loss journey. I wasn't doing it for the right reason. I was in a SEXLESS relationship and I used sex as motivation to keep me going. Specifically, sex with a certain person. HA! I quickly got over that and fell off that journey.

Moving on...
I consider myself a writer. I have had an essay or 2 published. I have written some articles for a small, alternative publication. I also write poetry and I have been working on a fiction piece for YEARS (writers block, fear, excuses). I have another blog that I write. So yeh I write...lol

I started this journey March 2013. I was reading an IG post by one of the personality's on my favorite radio show, The Bert Show. :)

Thanks Jeff Dauler!
It sparked something in me. I wrote it down and posted it on my cube. I wrote down some things I wanted Improve. My health was in big bold print, underlined with asterisks. I went home went through old fitness journals and actually sat and thought "Am I ready or will I be quitting AGAIN!" I decided I was ready. I have been full-figured ALLLLLLL my life. I was wearing a training bra in kindergarten. I don't have "high school skinny" dreams. I just want to be healthy, fit and look good naked! HA!

If you have read this far. Thank you, sincerely. If you enjoyed, come back, I have loads of things to say. Invite your friends. Comment, I'll respond.
I won't and don't pretend to be a fitness expert. I only know whats works for me and I have read a lot about fitness, food, and exercise and I have done and tried almost everything.