Jun 20, 2014

Friday Before Official Summer...

IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!
After Scalegate last week, (here) I took the weekend and thought long and hard about my goals, myself and the point of it all.
I got my head in order.  Mental discipline is hard.  I often talk myself out of and into  A LOT of bullshit.  Unhealthy bullshit.

I decided (again) that I want this. That I'm better than sadness i feel and the excuses I make. When in reality and it's scientifically proven, that exercise makes you feel better, emotionally as well as physically.
I like exercising, but I have let personal stuff give me excuse to feel sorry for myself and not do what I know I should be doing. (figured all that out over the weekend...HA!)

This week I hit the ground rolling.
I didn't let excuses get in my way AND I even had a partner this week!

I wrote out the menu, we grocery shopped and prepped what need to be prepped.
Its been a pretty awesome week!

Below is a sample of the menu this week.  I was toooooo tired and lazy to type everyday on the QWERTY.

I burned a fair amount of calories this week and it's not over yet!

Took it to the street and a breakfast #MealPrep
Elliptical and Strength Training

Sat in Atlanta traffic AND heat for 2 hours...I did a nice HIIT,
 lots of Jumping Jacks and Squats!

2 Mile Walk!

Have a great weekend!!!

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Jun 12, 2014

Scale Hiccup...

It has been maybe 2 or 3 months since I last got on the scale.
I am not a slave to the scale. 
I weighed in once a week and moved on with my day.
I’m usually a measurements person. I love watching the inches go bye-bye.
The scale is a mean bitch J
She varies from morning to night
She doesn't care about new hairdos and muscle mass.
She just gut punches you with a number.

Yesterday I went home, urinated and showered.
I stepped out the shower and the scale caught my eye.
I got on it.

According to the scale, between 5:30 and 6pm, I have gained 12lbs.
My heart dropped.
I have worked so hard TOO HARD
10 lbs!!!

I refuse to go back in the direction I came from.
I don’t want to be fat anymore.

Buckling this shit down.
I have to get back on point.
I used to log ALLLLLLL my food.
I had an exercise routine that I would not miss.

My mind was focused.
I wanted it more than anything I could ever dream of.  I still do.

I've gotten lazy.  It’s easier to lay in bed and sulk.
Oh I’ll just have one piece of carrot Cake.
12 lbs
Twelve pounds

I just can’t have that.

D will be getting her shit together.

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Jun 11, 2014

Is It Day 3 or Day 4 of the Week?...

Happy Wed-Nes-Day READERS!!!!
It has been a wonderful week of laziness and quiet.
Haven’t done much fitness this week and well I care and don’t care.
My heart is still in the journey as well as my mind, which is why I have not had Chipotle, cheese and Coca-Cola every day.
I have still been logging my food and not binging.  I have gone over my calories some days but I have not gone back to high carbs, like my previous life.
I gets in a gallon of water every day and I raise my heart rate for at least 5mins…lol

Moving Forward

I love me some Kay over there @ The Kay Times and she is always telling her business on Wed-Nes-Day.  She really lets you know who she is and where her mind is.  (She doesn’t like Micheal Jackson – btw…humph) I love her anyway…HA!

So I have a few confessions to share.

In the winter I sleep with a fan on.  I close the vents. I crack the window and I sleep like a baby.  I do not like being hot while I’m in the bed unless something sexual is happening and even then I need a breeze. However, I only like being cold IN my bed. Not at work and not outside. J

I don’t like kids. I don’t think they are cute.  I don’t ooo and aahhh when I see them.  I don’t care about pictures of babies or pink clothes, booties, hats. Nope none of that nah! I don’t care about recitals or ballet.  Kids are annoying. Babies cry and poop. I only like my kids.  I raised my kids.  Please don’t show me pics of your kids, or roll up on me with your kid or tell me long stories about something they did.  D don’t care. 

I believe in Cinderella fairytale love. It’s sad but true.  I believe that I will have my forever love one day.  Though I’m waaaaaaaay to old and live in the real world.  I just believe that the right one for ME is just waiting for me to get all healed up and right before God let’s them make an appearance. Boom!

Before I decided to change my lifestyle to live a healthier fit life I was a CocaColahollic.  I would keep cans and 20oz bottles of Coke in my room.  I would drink 8-12 bottles/cans a day EVERYDAY! I loved Coke!  It was harder to give up than bread. I IMMEDIATELY lost 5 pounds when I stop drinking.  Man I loved me some Coke. Passionately.

I finally got my friend to agree to take me to her favorite Zumba class…let’s see if it actually happens. 
She keeps pissing me off.  She did a 5K last weekend and only mentioned yesterday or the day before because her legs hurt. She sucks. I ask her constantly to do 5K’s with me…UGH

She is a work in progress.

Anywho that’s all I got…

Have a wonderful evening!
I have a little heart rate raiser planned for this evening. Yay!
Wed-Nes-Day workout:  Going for either a nice long walk or doing my new SWEAT workout that I bought last week and haven’t downloaded yet. Looking forward to it!

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Jun 7, 2014

This Summer 5 I Will...

Yes, yes, I know I have been M.I.A. this week. 
Why? Lol…let’s see
I didn’t have any writing inspiration.  I didn’t know what to say, how to say it and I didn’t want to post BS just for the sake of posting.
However, I am posting for the sake of posting, today.
I love link up’s. What I love about one of my Friday link up’s Friday Five @ Eat, Pray, Run is that it’s themed.  I don’t know if it has always been theme, no clue, perhaps I just never paid attention.  Today it’s themed and it gives me the opportunity to think and be inspired.

When it comes to the summer the only thing I get excited about it not having to drive my kids to school and shuttles, and then picking them up.  Its really a time where I kinda ignore them and they fend for themselves because they are a little older (teens) and with any luck their sperm donor will babysit for a week or two. Usually during that week or two I will just vegetate and not think.
I feel empowered this year.  I feel like being spontaneous and taking risks. I feel like adventure.
All of these feeling lead me to my

This Summer I Will…

The #1 thing I want to do this Summer is City Fit Girls.  I love these girls or this girl WHATEVER!! I love their movement.  I wish that we had a movement like this in Atlanta.  It’s inspirational, motivational and interactive.  The founder actually emails me BACK when I ask questions and when its kit time…LOVE IT!  They have classes on weekends Club Cardio and Bootcamps.  I want to go! I am going.  Philadelphia PA. I’m scared to travel alone and go to a strange city alone, but I’m determined. Aaaaaaand while I’m there I can knock one of my fitness bucket list item off, Run the Rocky Stairs!!!!!!

2nd I want to go to Miami, South Beach, Miami.  I have been a few other times but I was with friends and it was kinda stressful.  I want to go and just enjoy the sand and the pizza, sunrises and sunsets.  Just enjoy the peace.  I’m not a big fan of sand but I want to sit in it and build a castle and people watch. *sigh* maybe even a few jumping jacks…lol

3rd I want to walk those 5miles AROUND Stone Mountain.
I have walked up the mountain several times and when you are not that physically fit IT IS HARD!!!!!!! WHEW!! Walking around the mountain is long hot and hilly. I gotta do it!! At least once…lol

4th I want to be able to run a mile all at the same time, no stopping, comfortably.  So by the end of the summer which is like um September something (HA!) I will be able to . Bet THAT!!

#5 I had to really think about.  I’m a geek.  I want to read 5 books this summer. Build my vocabulary and pull some of the books out of the Barnes & Nobles bags.  I love books, hate ebooks and I’m not afraid to say it!!!

Up next…

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