Jul 23, 2014

Hump Day Catch up ...

Happy Hump day !!!
Its been a couple weeks so I'm going to roll through right quick.
I have just been taking a break from writing and I hope all 17 of you understand...lol
Just a break.

Here I am to spit some love while pooting glitter! HA!

Not much has happened in my fitness life.
One day at a time has been relaxing and peaceful.
I am happy BUT I'm starting to feel the not exercising...it's catching up with me and I don't like it.

I'm not interested in being a fat girl anymore so I'm taking the rest on July to create meal plans and routines and a couple other things I'm thinking about so that I can get my fat ass in motion and shed this weight. BOOM!

Saw Beyonce and Jay-Z
It was great!
Best show since Justin T brought sexy back!
I'm not a  yelling spending money kind of fan...I will take a bootleg. *shrug*
It was actually a date....they must really like me...yes I'm great...lol

Tomorrow is a special day My baby girls turns Sweet 16!!
I will post allllllll about that over the weekend.
coupled with the 4-day weekend I'm going to have... AWESOME!!!

Have an amazing Hump day folks!
Linking up with my  favs today...I did talk a little about fitness...lol
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Make it a GREAT One!!!


Jul 14, 2014

My favorite Saturday yet...

Motivation. #Truth
Hey y'all!
Today is not about fitness it's about spending time with my daughter!
My pretty angel will be turn 6  16 in 2 weeks. :(
and so Saturday was about spending time together shopping for that good ol' birthday outfit.

I hate shopping, she hates shopping so when our favorite store didn't have what we we were looking for, with great sadness, we had to venture out into the mall.
The first store we went to we chatted with and old associate from when my kiddies were younger and shorter. We arrived to the Juniors department and immediately sought out a sales associate.  "Do you have any overalls?" "Yes we do!"
The excitement we felt !!! THE FIRST STOP!!!!!
With excited haste she walked us to the the section where such things are displayed. EUREKA!!!
"Here they are!"  Took a few seconds to focus.  They were long overalls.  My sweet little humble daughter took them off the rack and pretend to not be angry inside.
"Thank you." I say and inquired about shorts.
God know us and our disdain for overly crowded public places.
We again ventured out into the mall and stumbled upon a Wet Seal.
Walked in touched things and still did not see what we wanted.
From behind we here the voice of the what sounds the the Allstate commercial man.
"Are you finding everything ok?"
"Nope. We are looking for Overall SHORT, but you don't have any."
In good hands and sure voice, he says
"Yes we do. One more pair." and he whips around and starts walking.
My daughter and I turned to look at each other.  I hadn't quite registered, but we started walking anyway.

Stephen, Steven (don't know) he found us what were looking for.
Within seconds we were holding a pair and hoping they fit.
and they we on S-A-L-E.
Joy and Happiness!!!!!
We were in the mall less than an hour and left with what we needed.
We laughed and chatted, she even smiled a bit. She let me hold her hand :)
Mommy's baby.  *tear*

Have a great week!
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Jul 9, 2014

A Humpday Farewell...

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I subscribe to City Fit Girls Fit Kit.  Love my Kits! They are inspirational, motivational and PACKED with lots goodies!!
Unfortunately and sadly I received an email from the City Fit Girls.

Thank you for supporting City Fit Girls, LLC. by subscribing to the City Fit Kit! We hope that the City Fit Kit has motivated you more than ever along your fitness and wellness journey. Since starting in January, we have created partnerships with local and national brands and helped assist our subscribers on their weight loss and fitness journey."

"This is not easy to do or write but after July, we are no longer be providing the City Fit Kit subscription service. We have thought long and hard about this and know that this is best. City Fit Girls, LLC. is expanding in other areas and will need to focus more in those areas.”

So, July is the last kit. I am sad to see it end, but I’m excited to get my kit!!

 As always there is a lovely calender FULL of activities to do.  To be honest I have done nothing. YET!!! my goal is to do a few days but I can't commit...Stress free, no obligation zone. HA!

This kit is much like the others packed with yummy things to try and a push to get you out the door!

This one day at a time is great.(here)   I feel like I can handle things better. Did a great exercise routine yesterday.
I started with the treadmill.  The routine consisted of 15 min of climbing up hill. WHEW! It was a good sweaty 15mins.  I burned 151 calories!
A little later (after careful consideration) I did T25 Cardio.  Let me say that today, right now. I can hardly stand up straight.   My legs. My legs.  I burned 307 calories! I also started checking off my daily goals list.

  • Feel accomplished
  • Proud of myself
  • Stress was alleviated

Very much loving my one day at at time!

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Hump Day Confessions!!

My confessions
Every time I read @ Kay Times I kinda get motivated to write.  She is so quirky and funny I have to write something for her to read, laugh smile at and comment on.

1.  My 20 year high school reunion was a couple Fridays ago.  The “organizers” have a group on Facebook that I reluctantly joined.  I scrolled through looking around and realized that I have NO IDEA WHO ANY OF THOSE PEOPLE ARE!!!  The one person from High School that I do still communicate with is the ONLY reason I went.  I thought it was going to suuuuuckk.  It was straight! I had a good time and people remembered me!!!!

2. I am over fitness.  I feel bad about it.  I am however working very hard to find the motivation I need to keep pushing buuuuut I want cheesecake…lol…kidding. My body is just telling me to chill so I’m chilling.

3. I want to be a housewife AGAIN!!!!! Thank you God for this job and the ability to go to work every day and have a job to go to, BUT Man I just want a mate to take care of me!!!  I will cook clean and rub the feet I just don’t want to HAVE to go to work every day! CAN I HIT THE LOTTERY PLEASE!!

4. I did not have a good 4th of July Holiday.  I enjoyed the company of my children but we did not get invited to attend any BBQ’s and we missed all the fricking fireworks shows…ugh  IT SUCKED!!!!

5.  I’m addicted to The Good Wife.  Let me tell you something.  This show is absolutely brilliant.  I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful the writing is on this show.  I have watched 4 season in 1 month, seriously.  I love it absolutely love it

6.  Ok and my last confession of the day and please no judgment. But you know that movie The Purge   I would love to subject my kids father to that. And that’s all I have to day about that…

Not my first confession post but my first confession Link up with Vodka and Soda!
Good night folks!!


Jul 7, 2014

First cup of coffee...Here's the T!

If we were having coffee this morning I would tell you that Deciding that you want to lose weight is a hard decision to make and actually beginning the process is even harder.
When I’m in I’m in.  However, over the past couple months my discipline and love for the “journey” has wavered.  I haven’t been able to self-motivate. I haven’t felt like doing much of anything.  I haven’t given up. I still meal prep and think about my food choices but I’m over the work of weight loss.
I would tell you that A fitness article came to my inbox from about.com.  I don’t know who sent it or where it went when I finished.  I don’t subscribe to anything from them.  Perhaps it was just meant for me to have. * shrug *

I would tell you It discussed “What’s really important?” as opposed to  “What do I think should be important?”
Is weight loss important or do I think it should be important. If I lean more toward the “should”, then I should give up.   Harsh, right?,  but not really. 
I have never been skinny and I don’t have self esteem issues related to weight. I feel like I “should” lose weight to be healthier and live longer.  Apparently l have been approaching this journey WRONG!

The goal to loose weight isn't enough to get me moving. So, I’m giving up on weight loss being the end result.  I’m making my goals a little more obtainable. I’m going to focus on what I get out of exercising.  As opposed to having my normal goals of
Loose 5lbs by (some date)
Burn 2000 calories a week

I would tell you I’m stepping a little deeper into my daily. I’m going to focus on the right now.
My new goals will be more relate to how I live daily, things that matter to me right NOW.
I’m going to approach exercise with a different frame of mind.
I enjoy exercising.   I love how I feel when I’m doing it and after I do it.
“How does exercise improve my life right now?”
That’s what my new goals will cater to…the right now.
Things that I can achieve right now may help me to enjoy the journey more and stay on track because just weight loss is not enough for me. (I’m sexy…lol)

I would tell  you that I’m taking weight loss off the table. I need smaller goals that will make me help me come back day after day.  Things I can see IMMEDIATELY!  So I came up with some new goals to get through the day.

New DAILY Goals
1. Have more energy. I can definitely tell that I haven’t done ish in 2 weeks.  I’m  lethargic as hell.  It’s work to drive the car.  I feel over it everyday!
2. Reduce stress.
3. Feel strong/powerful ( I love how I feel after exercise because I DID IT!!!)
4. Sleep Better
5. Better Orgasm.  (Important towards the moooood HA! It’s just another form of cardio but the O is so much better when I exercise regularly. WHEW!)
6. Tell my friends about it (Y-O-U) Still remaining accountable but also doing what I love (write).

To achieve these goals I’m going to do nothing different.  Make good food choices and exercise.  I’m no longer focusing on the weight loss because if all goes well and right, that will come anyway.
I won’t feel like a failure at the end of the week when I didn't meet my goals and the scale and measurements are the same.
I think with these small daily victories my confidence won’t be killed and I will be more successful!
The focus will truly be a HEALTHY lifestyle as opposed to just losing weight.
Not going to be worried about the scale.
One choice at a time one day at a time

REALLY focusing on the journey, not the destination. YA DIG!

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What would you tell me at our coffee date?