Jan 13, 2014

Couple Things...

So I weighed in yesterday.  Before I go on let me say this.  I like the scale. I like the measuring tape. I use both. I like both.  I know that when there is a stall on the scale to watch the tape I start every session with fresh numbers, how else will you know how you have progressed, should the scale say "hold it!".  I weigh weekly and I only use the measuring tape monthly or weekly, after a plateau hits.
So I weighed in yesterday! Very happy with the results!! I lost 1.4lbs!!! This is great!!! I'm not on the Biggest Loser, I don't expect big numbers. I don't always expect a loss at all and after falling of the horse during the holidays, I 'm so happy top hop back on and have a loss.

What that means for me. Well, for 1 I'm doing something right.  My body is liking the exercise and the food I'm giving it, so, I can slowly take my calories down and and continue my work outs, maybe even amp up the intensity.  This, too, doesn't hurt the self confidence. It's not about a new years resolution for me...I'm simply picking up where I left off.  I'm proud of me.  So many time's do people, I included, fall off and just head straight back to those old habits. Chipotle every day, Reece's Cups, Coca Cola, WHOPPER with cheese cut in half extra pickles...ok I'm drooling, BUT I don't miss that crap.  I feel better, I look better and I move better.  Hell MY KNEES feel better!!  What else this means is I'M KICKING ASS!! I know its just a week but it was a hard week full of mental challenges.  I didn't want to do it.  I wanted to just sleep. However, mental discipline and wanting it more that I want air. Boom!

My Groceries!
One goal that had for January was Meal Prep.  I did it! I went to the Farmers Market and loaded my buggy up with goodies! Lots of fresh veggies, meats and some fresh spices and some bottled spices.  I shopped for 4 people, that's lunch and dinner for me and dinner for them for 7 days.  I was AMAZED that my bill was $47!!! for 7days!!

In closing (lol)...I'm excited about my current progress.  Its encouraging and make my drive even stronger.  My momentum is up!  I am happy.  The meal prep for this week was a success. Tiring, but I got er done! I will update at the end of the week on the ups and downs of the meals, the focus of the prepping and will I prep again...lol

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