Dec 12, 2013

Hello Again!

Today's Truths:
1. Technology has changed the game.
2. It's been awhile, Ive missed this.

At my heaviest, I was 273lbs. ooop I said it, for all the world to see. It's embarrassing. Hell, it should be.  I have spent, at least, 20 years in denial about my weight. Though I don't have self esteem issues, thought I was sexy and smiling. I know I was fat. I have decided many times to loose weight. For sex, for smaller clothes..etc and it would NEVER last. I began this journey AGAIN for the last time. I'm self motivated and inspired my many. I'm excited.  I have fallen off the wagon but never for more than a couple days.  Currently I'm revisiting my goals. One is to get back to writing,blogging.