Jan 15, 2014


My! My! My!
Last night's workout was awesome!

Today's Truths
1. I'm sleepy
2. I have been researching meal prep
3. I'm falling for Shaun T. HA!

 For Christmas I got a bit of fitness related things and T25 Core Speed was one. I tried Insanity once, for 3mins then I just sat and watch it. Engaged like it was Lord of the Rings.  It's "Focus" is the core but it was intense! Definitly lots of cardio! There was jumping and zigzagging and burpees and thrusting!! WHEW!!! I was dripping sweat and ready to give up after 5 mins! :) I kept going though.  My heart rate was up, the sweat didn't stop and at the end I was in love.  I'm going to do that again tonight.  After that I walked 2 miles with Leslie Sansome. 
Total workout time: 50mins
I need to get the complete system and try it.  I will however, be adding this to my daily.  I really enjoyed it.

Short and sweet today.

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