Sep 29, 2014

Finally! Fleurty Review...

Fleurty Review
Oh boy time is just rolling along!! I have been uber busy and by the time I come up for air its…TODAY!
I am so sucking at my posting this month and I do apologize to my few readers….PLEASE STAY!!! Lol

Ok down to business

End of the Summer Challenge w/ Jasmine over at FleurtyFit has come to an end.
I neither Lost nor Gained an ounce.
                That’s good but not great. 
I began the challenge with such eagerness and determination and that determination continued.  The support system was great, with the emails and texts. However the last week and a half was weary.   I had fallen off my exercise routine.
While I continued with my no meat and eating my planned menu, I just couldn't get to moving every day.
So I was able to maintain my weight.
All the ladies involved in the challenge were extra awesome coming to the aide and uplifting each other when there was a need. Check out the Linkup over at FleurtyFit! These ladies worked their butts off!!! Congrats to Marissa!!!!!! Winner winner, chicken dinner!!!!!

One of the reasons I like challenges is because of the accountability, ESPECIALLY when there are members that reach out and HOLD me accountable.
I would probably be back eating Big Macs and Whoppers, Drinking a 12 pack of Coke A DAY and eating mounds of cookies and brownies if it wasn't
for challenges.

Jasmine, this is for you…

You led an AMAZING challenge! Thank you for being real. Thank you for being reachable. Thank you for be a friend. YOU are amazing. Thank you.

I'm late as hell but Hey I'm HERE!!
Check the Link up out, over at Fleurty and Fit.


Sep 9, 2014

This Weeks Motivation...

2 weeks left in my #FleurtySummerChallenge and I want to dig deep and go ham!!!
Yesterday I wrote out my schedule for the week.  I like having something written and posted in my line of site.  It also makes me feel guilty as hell when I haven't followed my schedule.

So this post, short and to the point ...

This is this weeks schedule:

I have already f#ucked up...LOL

Yesterday/Monday was a no go...I wasn't feeling well and I laid in my bed and chilled.
This morning the 5am Club!
I woke up at 5am...yaaay!
Texted my 5am clubber...yaay!
Fell back asleep...boooo!

My partner, Jasmine, texted and and said it was a FAIL for her as
On to the rest of my evening!!
I have PTA tonight BUT I'm getting my exercise in after!

After PTA Junior Class meeting I went home...
I marched up to my room put on my allll my exercise equipment and drove to the trail (it's far, horrible windy road).
I was empowered and excited!!
I did 100 squats to get my thighs pumped up ( my process)
I walked 3 miles !

I forget how I love walking on the trail...How I have no control over the walk...meaning as far as walk and I have to walk that same distance back...and because it was just about sunset I had to hustle back!

Today: Repeat.

I'm joining the Motivational Monday Link up, Hump Day Blog Hop and Workout Wednesday!

Tell me about your goals for the week.


Sep 5, 2014

Fleurty Challenge Recap!...

Ok, so here I am.  I fell off the posting train because, well…I met someone and they are very attentive and well I like it!  I shared my need to write this post and so I have a few texting minutes off to reach out and tell you all about my week.
Even though I am smitten, *hee hee*, off the rip I let them know my goals and that NOTHING will derail this fitness show. BOOM!

Moving Forward à
(3-Day Weekend Recap)
I drank a lot, ate a hot dog ( my stomach did not like it) and I got in 2 workouts.  I have a great weekend with my flakey “friends” and my family.  I have no regrets about the homemade ice cream and pound cake, because well I’m a Southern Gal from Alabama and when your granny MAKES ice cream ….you eat some. I did not over indulge because I don’t want to be a fat girl anymore.
I rested, I talked a lot, played with my kiddes and niece and nephew and just enjoy the family. Good Ish.

Jasmine is a great team captain…I will be on you kickball team every time!!!!
If it wasn’t for the texts and emails and chatting with these women more often than not I would probably have forgotten about this challenge…real shit.  I love challenges but I have been distracted and Jasmine has distracted me from my distractor and kept me accountable because well…I WANNA WIN!!!
So let’s go through the goals and see where we are at the halfway point

  1. Blog 3 days a Week  Semi Fail last week and a definite fail this week.  Again sorry I am being courted…lol an since I see I’m slacking on this goal…I’m going to get my sappy ass together…lol
  2. Exercise 4-5 days each week Last week I definitely did…so far this week I’m at 3 times but today is not over and tomorrow has not come… I’m 100% certain that this will be a SUCCESS!
  3. Exercise @ Lunch FAIL…Week 1 was awesome momentum was great…but again check goal 1 response…being courted…lol…Have a lunch date EVERYDAY! To resolve this issue... AM workouts starting next Tuesday, not everyday cuz well I like to sleep and court all night…lol
  4. NO Sweets FAIL!! Last week I had a peanut butter cookie everyday DESPITE my efforts to stay away…then Sunday The Curse of EVE showed up and now I know why the sweets were calling my name. This week has been a FAIL as well…Cookies on Tuesday and a blueberry donut Wednesday… *drops head* TODAY even as I write this lovely little post…Dove Dark Chocolate square…Mother nature hates me.
  5. Read a Positive Fitness Story or Article Weekly SUCCESS!!!!! I have actually read something every day! Keeps a sista in the fitness frame of mind. HA!

 What’s happening going forward?
Tonight and Tomorrow
Cardio and some strength
Honestly I can say Cardio BUUUUUTTT probably Falcons Football and sleep
NO SWEETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a GREAT! Weekend!!
Check out the  Fleurty Challenge Updates here....
and Imma go ahead and link on my Hump Blog SO!!