Jan 8, 2014

Random Babble...

Today’s post will consist of several different paragraphs with a bunch of different topics. It's how I’m feeling today. All over the place

The Kiddies

1. I'm glad I worked out yesterday morning. I procrastinated and procrastinated with doing my daughters hair. Praying school would get cancelled for just one more day. NOPE! She is 15 with natural hair, she likes it bone straight and she has ZERO clue how to even hold a flat iron (my fault, I know). However, it’s always an enjoyable 3-4 hours we watch some good TV and talk and laugh…it’s also a good time to have the abstinence convo for the 1000th time. HA! It’s WORK! Not to mention trying to motivate the 12year old boy to finish a project that we forgot about. (Winter BREAK Project…WTF? It’s a break!!!) Even more work explaining and REexplaining instructions. It became frustrating. We got through it. By midnight we wrapped up and headed in our different directions.  Sleep was no bueno. Ugh…it took me a while to wind down, my shoulders were tense and I lay there for a while thinking “go to sleep you are getting your fat ass up in the morning and working out!” LOL!

Don't know if it burns 100 but I pant
At 12:53am I was still up. Alarm went off at 5:20am I DID NOT GET UP! I felt guilty, but I know my workout would have been half assed. I rolled out of the bed at 6:25 this morning pulled the kiddies out their beds, went back to my room strapped the boobies down (seriously I wrapped a waist slimmer around them so they would not bounce, long story) and proceeded to get in a short HIIT workout, lots of jumping jacks, increased heart rate and a mild sweat. BOOM!!

2. Confession: meal prep this week has been nonexistent. For two reasons, 1. I don’t know what to cook and 2. I’m broke…lol I live paycheck to paycheck and with the kiddies being out of school for those 2 weeks I had to provide lunch and 2 snacks on top of breakfast and dinner. Hits the pockets… I haven’t been eating crappy just not planned. Today I am going to write out my menu for next week and Friday grocery shop and Sunday COOK! The house is eating what I eat because that cooking two different meals crap IS FOR THE BIRDS!! I am going to do some research and come up with some meals that both the kids and I will enjoy. Go TEAM! HA!

3. I'm excited about writing again. It makes me feel so smart…lol I start out not knowing what to say and then look up and I have paragraphs. I zone out and get in my zone! I love it so much. How can I make this a PT to FT job? Must explore that. However, I have found that depending on what’s going on in my life I have no material AND writers block hits me like a ton of bricks and lasts for a loooooooong time. I will not let that happen to me again. I love writing. I just have to make time for it like I make time to work out.

Rose gets more interesting this season

4. Downton Abbey & Pretty Little Liars are baaaaaaaaack!!!!! This is what makes winter more enjoyable…Bundled up on the couch, you’re so engaged that by the time you look up IT’S SPRING! The Downton premier was a whopping 116mins of juicy goodness. So many plots that I am going to have to watch it a 2ndtime to make sure I didn’t miss anything! The Liars usually take a few episodes to build up, but after the Halloween episode that ended the season for Fall/Winter break, I'm glad they came back POURING the information. Man I loathe Ezra, but his HAIR tho! His hair all McDreamy Dempsey like...sheesh!
The Widows Club

Rest should come on swift wings tonight, especially after last night.
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