Jan 20, 2014


I rested this weekend. I did nothing. Well I do squats.  I love the 30 Day Squat Challenge.  I do it monthly.  I have heard that challenges like these are effective for building muscle. That one is only learning to lots of squats in a row and they aren't effective. WELLLLL, when I do this challenge I do sets/rep.  50 squats I do 5 sets of 10, 100 squats I do 4 sets of 25 or 10 sets of 10. It just really depends on how I feel. I break a good sweat, my thighs and bum are extremely sore and I wish I had before and after pictures.  I already a and ba donk ka donk ! Now its donkier...lol!!  nothing could make me stray.HA!

My birthday is this week. I'm looking forward to it.  Well I love birthdays.  Its the only day that just about you. It's a celebration of YOU!  Needless to say I'm excited and no matter my age I will still love it love it...it wasn't just any other day when my mom was in labor so why should I treat it that way!

In other news: Yesterday was WEIGH-IN DAY!!!!
To review.  Last week I planned my menu and I meal prepped for the week. Fantastic! It the one thing I didn't have to think about nor was it going to be an excuse as to why I didn't get my GOOD workout in OR spend  Meal prep was a success! Grab pop in microwave and eat.  I didn't have a reason to not workout. It was also easy to make sure I got in 4 or 5 servings of veggies a day...NO EXCUSES!!!
So to the big news....  I woke up, emptied my bladder, washed my hands and got naked.
I lost 4.8lbs!!
This makes me happy! Glad to see that the work I'm putting in is producing results! BOOM! I don't expect this to happen weekly, no, no, no. I don't ever expect it but when it happens WOOSH!!