Dec 13, 2014

12.13.14...Had To...

Wow this year is nearly over…my, my, my how this year has been absolutely wonderful!
I love this pic of my kiddies...
I dragged them out of bed to do the
Making Strides Breast Cancer walk.
  • I got my Associates degree
  • I maintained a lifestyle change for a year
  • I did 6 weeks of T25 lol
  • I finally completely ended a bad relationship
  • I made a few new friends
  • I tried
  • I saw Beyonce’ oh and Jay-Z
  • I didn’t give up!

I’m not big on resolutions…don’t care for them because I know I will forget about them
I am a Goal lovin whorebag.
Goals are my joy!!!!!!!!
Much like a “To-Do List” they are written down and checked off.

I was catching up on some of my favorite bloggers and I  read Jill Conyers’ “Goals for 2015”, post.

It felt so good to read it and think it and say it out loud, that I felt compelled to start jotting down some things, like a 2015 Goals rough draft.

In 2015 I want to do more, lose more and accomplish more.  I want to step way outside my comfort zone in my fitness, personal and family life.
I’m going to take the rest of the weekend and work on my “goals draft and get back to y'all on those later this week.

In other news…

This week with my December 24 Challenge, has kinda been a little challenging.  It’s been the “Curse of Eve” week…ugh
It didn't stop me, completely, it just limited me.  I didn't get in all the time that I scheduled but I still put in some work.

So enjoy this Polar dump from earlier this week

Elliptical Burn

Treadmill Burn

I am in Alabama today (#RollTide) celebrating my First Niece (only niece) 3rd birthday…Fortunately, my brother has a nice little fitness room with weights and a treadmill …I will be hitting that up.
My beautiful niece

I'm going to continue the momentum this week and get my minutes in.  The weather outside is frightful so the treadmill looks so delightful.  Getting ready/ "training" for T25 on the 21st....dam shame i gotta build endurance to do some Shaun T...smh

Any who!
Have a marvelous Weekend!
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Dec 10, 2014

December Dump...

Welcome December!!!
Love the month because it's one month closer to my BIRTHDAY! However, I’m not a fan of Christmas….I am all about the Reason for the season, but all those other things…nah

  • I hate shopping
  • I loathe spending money on anything that is not a necessity
  • Ungrateful folks. (my spoil

I love Thanksgiving. All the same food and family without the hassle of gift giving!

So keep the annoyance and aggravation down, that Christmas Holidays bring I decided to combat it with a fitness exercise challenge.

Before I get into that
Let me first document my December Goals:

The Holiday are a lazy, grazing time…Its times like this that I’m glad my boss is a scrooge ( not holiday food, treats or fun in office).  It’s very easy to fall off the wagon between Thanksgiving and New Years…sheesh lawd yes it is…

With that being said,  I decided I needed a little challenge. Just to keep me going during the season of food and shoveling shit in mouth.  Last year in one of my group on MyFitnessPal, we did a challenge called December 24 Challenge. The purpose was to get moving for at least 24 exercise minutes in the month.
It has not only challenged me physically but it has challenged me to schedule my workouts and get my time together. 
Another wonderful thing about it!  I have an opponent, an adversary, a challenger.  HAHAHAHAHA (evil laugh).
What’s a challenge without a little friendly competition and a TROPHY!! Yup a TROPHY!! Bragging rights and a Victory dance!!!

I have been exercise crazy!!!!
Day 1, December 1st I was on the treadmill for 1 hour 50 mins…. TF!!!??
I hate the treadmill but *singing* “baby, it’s cold outside’ and I know I can get the walking in if I just get on the dreaded treadmill.
I have been getting up at 5am (every other day) to get at least 30mins in then an hour or more in the evening.
Nothing like a trophy to get my ass motivated…LMAO!!

So here is a little photo dump of how  Week 1 (Dec 1-5) went. The weekend...hmmmm I really wanted to exercise and I'm mad that I missed valuable minutes but my niece and nephew were in town and i just wanted to play with them.

Dec 1

Dec 2

Dec 2
 I couldn't get a pic of Dec 3rd, I don't know how to find them in the Polar

Dec 4
Dec 5
 Dec 5th I had a Date with my Sister for her birthday and my bff, so I figured instead of no minutes I would at least do a few. * shrug *

Big Sis in middle...XOXO
Feeling great and motivated by this challenge has put me in the mood to do T25 Alpha again.
I love T25.  Doing it made me feel Strong.  I lost mega inches and was powerful as hell.  It definitely built my exercise confidence.
So I decided to start that on the first day of Winter, which I believe is the 21st or 22nd…so soon…sheesh. I'm determined, however, to not let the Holidays jack with my goals.
I want to build endurance and kill FAT!!!!

thank you so much for reading my post today.
I'm and working really hard to schedule more writing time...
Pray for me!
Merry Hump Day!
and Happy Blog Hop and Link Up 


Dec 1, 2014

Oh How Thee Was Missed...


No I am still alive and kicking !!!
No I have not given up.
Yes life kept me from blogging
OH HOW I HAVE MISSED THEE!!!!!!!!!! Believe THAT!!!

To make a loooong and way over told story short....
One week my office manager developed a kidney stone, went to the Dr and got diagnosed with kidney cancer  :0 . The next week she had surgery to have the infected kidney removed and, until today, has been out.
Which means, shit rolls downhill.  I was the office manager while the deary was away.
My job responsibilities increase 150%
My stress level increased 100%
My free time decreased 75%
This means I had to shift some stuff in my life and put some things on the shelf. Unfortunately, blogging took the hit.

I have spent over 2 months getting to work early,  no lunches, barely any bathroom breaks, taking work home, writing to-do list in my sleep, leaving work late, exercise 1 or 2 times A WEEK and making my kids and my sweetie unhappy with me. Booo!
I have only read one book, watched no movies and written no Blog Posts and I HAVE MISSED SO MUCH!!!!!
I missed my Swag Swap, So sorry it was awesome Desiree is/was even more AWESOME!…I may do a photo dump ( not really good at those)

I have me someone very special and they are very supportive and encouraging of my fitness goal…LOVE IT!!

Exercise over the last 2+ months has been consistently minimal.
I have made sure that I have gotten in some exercise in 1, 2 and sometimes 3 days a week.
I didn’t want to lose sight of everything and just be a slug. Plus, when I DON’T exercise…I feel like S- H- I- T.
Because of the new hectic lifestyle I meal planned and prepped. 
I gained 6 pounds and currently I have lost 2.4 so YAAAAAY!!!

I have missed the freedom to write.  I have felt like I had no purpose because I was not writing. 
I have missed my FELLOW BLOGGERS!!

I’m getting back in the water..ooowee it feels so good!


Sep 29, 2014

Finally! Fleurty Review...

Fleurty Review
Oh boy time is just rolling along!! I have been uber busy and by the time I come up for air its…TODAY!
I am so sucking at my posting this month and I do apologize to my few readers….PLEASE STAY!!! Lol

Ok down to business

End of the Summer Challenge w/ Jasmine over at FleurtyFit has come to an end.
I neither Lost nor Gained an ounce.
                That’s good but not great. 
I began the challenge with such eagerness and determination and that determination continued.  The support system was great, with the emails and texts. However the last week and a half was weary.   I had fallen off my exercise routine.
While I continued with my no meat and eating my planned menu, I just couldn't get to moving every day.
So I was able to maintain my weight.
All the ladies involved in the challenge were extra awesome coming to the aide and uplifting each other when there was a need. Check out the Linkup over at FleurtyFit! These ladies worked their butts off!!! Congrats to Marissa!!!!!! Winner winner, chicken dinner!!!!!

One of the reasons I like challenges is because of the accountability, ESPECIALLY when there are members that reach out and HOLD me accountable.
I would probably be back eating Big Macs and Whoppers, Drinking a 12 pack of Coke A DAY and eating mounds of cookies and brownies if it wasn't
for challenges.

Jasmine, this is for you…

You led an AMAZING challenge! Thank you for being real. Thank you for being reachable. Thank you for be a friend. YOU are amazing. Thank you.

I'm late as hell but Hey I'm HERE!!
Check the Link up out, over at Fleurty and Fit.


Sep 9, 2014

This Weeks Motivation...

2 weeks left in my #FleurtySummerChallenge and I want to dig deep and go ham!!!
Yesterday I wrote out my schedule for the week.  I like having something written and posted in my line of site.  It also makes me feel guilty as hell when I haven't followed my schedule.

So this post, short and to the point ...

This is this weeks schedule:

I have already f#ucked up...LOL

Yesterday/Monday was a no go...I wasn't feeling well and I laid in my bed and chilled.
This morning the 5am Club!
I woke up at 5am...yaaay!
Texted my 5am clubber...yaay!
Fell back asleep...boooo!

My partner, Jasmine, texted and and said it was a FAIL for her as
On to the rest of my evening!!
I have PTA tonight BUT I'm getting my exercise in after!

After PTA Junior Class meeting I went home...
I marched up to my room put on my allll my exercise equipment and drove to the trail (it's far, horrible windy road).
I was empowered and excited!!
I did 100 squats to get my thighs pumped up ( my process)
I walked 3 miles !

I forget how I love walking on the trail...How I have no control over the walk...meaning as far as walk and I have to walk that same distance back...and because it was just about sunset I had to hustle back!

Today: Repeat.

I'm joining the Motivational Monday Link up, Hump Day Blog Hop and Workout Wednesday!

Tell me about your goals for the week.


Sep 5, 2014

Fleurty Challenge Recap!...

Ok, so here I am.  I fell off the posting train because, well…I met someone and they are very attentive and well I like it!  I shared my need to write this post and so I have a few texting minutes off to reach out and tell you all about my week.
Even though I am smitten, *hee hee*, off the rip I let them know my goals and that NOTHING will derail this fitness show. BOOM!

Moving Forward à
(3-Day Weekend Recap)
I drank a lot, ate a hot dog ( my stomach did not like it) and I got in 2 workouts.  I have a great weekend with my flakey “friends” and my family.  I have no regrets about the homemade ice cream and pound cake, because well I’m a Southern Gal from Alabama and when your granny MAKES ice cream ….you eat some. I did not over indulge because I don’t want to be a fat girl anymore.
I rested, I talked a lot, played with my kiddes and niece and nephew and just enjoy the family. Good Ish.

Jasmine is a great team captain…I will be on you kickball team every time!!!!
If it wasn’t for the texts and emails and chatting with these women more often than not I would probably have forgotten about this challenge…real shit.  I love challenges but I have been distracted and Jasmine has distracted me from my distractor and kept me accountable because well…I WANNA WIN!!!
So let’s go through the goals and see where we are at the halfway point

  1. Blog 3 days a Week  Semi Fail last week and a definite fail this week.  Again sorry I am being courted…lol an since I see I’m slacking on this goal…I’m going to get my sappy ass together…lol
  2. Exercise 4-5 days each week Last week I definitely did…so far this week I’m at 3 times but today is not over and tomorrow has not come… I’m 100% certain that this will be a SUCCESS!
  3. Exercise @ Lunch FAIL…Week 1 was awesome momentum was great…but again check goal 1 response…being courted…lol…Have a lunch date EVERYDAY! To resolve this issue... AM workouts starting next Tuesday, not everyday cuz well I like to sleep and court all night…lol
  4. NO Sweets FAIL!! Last week I had a peanut butter cookie everyday DESPITE my efforts to stay away…then Sunday The Curse of EVE showed up and now I know why the sweets were calling my name. This week has been a FAIL as well…Cookies on Tuesday and a blueberry donut Wednesday… *drops head* TODAY even as I write this lovely little post…Dove Dark Chocolate square…Mother nature hates me.
  5. Read a Positive Fitness Story or Article Weekly SUCCESS!!!!! I have actually read something every day! Keeps a sista in the fitness frame of mind. HA!

 What’s happening going forward?
Tonight and Tomorrow
Cardio and some strength
Honestly I can say Cardio BUUUUUTTT probably Falcons Football and sleep
NO SWEETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a GREAT! Weekend!!
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and Imma go ahead and link on my Hump Blog SO!!  

Aug 27, 2014

Hump Daaaaaaaaaaay!!!...

Welcome Wednesday!!!!
Great thing about blogging on Wednesdays are the link ups & blog hops!! --> These 2 are my Wednesday Favorites Hump Day Blog Hop with Liz and Workout Wednesday with Diatta!

The #fleurtyfitchallenge is going great so far.  Having these ladies have my back and hold me accountable is just what I needed.  Its just giving me a renewed view of my journey.
It has helped me to remember the things that I love about changing, developing and living a healthier lifestyle.
AND SQUATS!!!! HA! I'm doing the 30 Day challenge, as I said in a previous post, and its so awesome!!!

Things I love about doing the 30 Day Squat Challenge.

1. Being Sore. I love being sore. It makes me feel like I put in some work and that I did those squats RIGHT!! #winning

2. Burning LOTS of Calories. The glutes and quads are huge muscles and when they are activated (via squat) they burn more calories even AFTER you STOP working out!! So as I type this... I'm BURNING CALORIES!!

3. Feeling Strong. I mean come on.. If you have done squats you know how you feel the next day... POWERFUL!

4. My BOOTY!! It feels tighter, sits a little higher and doesn't jiggle unless I'm in a situation where its supposed to. * wink *

5. Lower Abs. Listen, I have had 2 C-Sections on top of already being overweight. No matter what exercise walking, running, planking didn't matter. I thought they were dead.  When I did squats Shaun T style, those lower dead abs WOKE UP!!! and I lost a half inch around my panus. YAY!!
Squats are great! Do a few reps a helps/works.

In Other News

So far this week has been pretty good!

Sunday I went on a lovely 2.15 mile walk at my favorite trail. I wish it could have been longer but I left the house kinda late and it was close to sunset. It made me miss walking the trail regularly. Even the inclines weren't so bad, surprisingly.  I was refreshing and I don't remember why I start slacking on my trail time.

Monday I did 180 squats, Frankensteins, Knee Ups and Kettle Swings 25 mins worth!!! My special ass should have put on my Heartrate monitor so i could have posted a calories burned...ugh! I was great though...I watched Beyonce perform on the VMA's 2

Tuesday Great exercise!!!!  I like to do my squats before I do my cardio. Why? well because it activated those quads, pumps up the heart rate giving a higher-calorie burn. Took me 10 mins to do my 185 squats Pyramid reps style....BOOM!

Today I have more squats to do and I have to figure out my cardio. No doubt I'm gonna get her done!!

Have an AMAZING Hump Day!!!


Aug 22, 2014

Fleurty Lil Check In...

    To Start.  It's Friday!!!
   I have been off meat for 2 weeks with only one day each week that I have had meat at one meal…Not planned but I felt it was better to have then feeling deprived.
I have been going strong with that this week making sure I include LOTS of veggies in my meals. I have spent A LOT of time in the bathroom which is, to me, SUCCESS! HA!

My lunchtime exercise, that I started on Tuesday, has been great.  
It give me energy to make the rest of the day fly by AND motivated me to get my at home routine done. I’m loving it!

I have had a hard time lately finding the right words to write in my blog…. It has been as if the my writing mojo is gone…oh well I’m writing anyways and if it doesn’t flow,  so what you guys are smart, you get what I’m trying to say…lol * shrug *

The Struggle.

I must confess…giving up the sweets this week has…not…happened. Lets be clear I dot eat Snicker bars and Reeces all day and all night, nope no nada.  I don’t gorge out on candy and pastries, nope, no nada.
I have had some peanut butter cookies from Subway and mini Ice cream sammiches, yes sammiches. Guilt free. Feeling bad about it would throw me off track and I don’t want that. 

Going Forward.

Our lovely host has also set us challengers up with accountability partners!! The perfect piece to a challenge is having someone to gripe to and cheer with!  Can’t wait to get to know mine!! 

Overall amazing week. Can't wait to begin the weekend.
Tomorrow Im going to a farm and my goal is to walk the hell out of it! Sunday I'm going to the trail.

Be Consistent
Stay Accountable
Do Work

Have an AWESOME Weekend!!!

Join Us Fleurty girl over at the #fleurtySummerChallenge LinkUp!
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Aug 20, 2014

Oh Yeh! I'm On a Roll!...

3 days in and the momentum is strong. 
However the writers/creativity block is strong as well. HA!

Jasmine is a great challenge leader! She sends out texts and emails to check in!!! I would not be surprised if she falls in love with this challenge and hosts ANOTHER…LMAO!!!!

Anywho…let me get back on topic… (thanks Whoopi)'

I started my Exercise at the Office goal yesterday…I took a walking DVD and my laptop into an empty office and got my sweat on! I can not tell you how proud of me I am…I used to do it everyday last Summer and stopped…(no idea why)
So it feels good and I feel really proud of myself for doing it.

Having this accountability is really making me stick to my guns!!

I am also on Day 20 of the 30 Day Squat arse is SORE!!!!
There is no way I can go 100 or 205 squats in a I break it down into pyramid reps
How I do it @ 90 squats and up

Pyramid Reps

Doing the reps like this causes fatigue sooner and to get a really good burn and builds the muscle so much better. I love a high

I also and Uber excited about the Fall Swag Swap co-host by Camo & Lipstick!!
She got me loving swaps after I did one with her in the Springs so YAY!!!!!

Keep up the GREAT work fellow challengers!!!!

I'm Linking up today with Liz and FemmeFitale!! 


Aug 18, 2014

Challenge? Say Huh?!...

I was rolling through my Instagram feed, after being off social media for a couple days, and I rolled up on one of my favs @fleurtyandfit.  I looked at the picture and read the caption and my jaw DROPPED! I did not BELIEVE what I was seeing.

I then went to her blog and read her posting here. Yup! I was true!
My faithful mother-hater of challenges, the self proclaimer of “I don’t do challenges”, the sayer of “good luck girl, I can’t do challenges” is not only involved in a challenge but HOSTING a challenge!! O____O

Un believable. Floored.
I absolutely love this woman!!! She is overcoming an obstacle!!!
She is hosting a Challenge and leading it on its way!!
What's an even better way to make sure your accountable, INVITE OTHERS TO JOIN YOU!!
So OF COURSE I had to join!! I immediately email  J!

The End of Summer Challenge is as follows:
Runs Monday, August 18th - September 22...the last day of summer! 
The requirements before beginning the challenge:
Had to email J before picture, weight, and your goals for this challenge and, if we were brave, a cell phone number. So she can send us motivational text and stuff.

So here goes…
 This is me...D I haven't posted a pic since earlier this year and now I'm 10lbs shame, its life.
My goals are small, obtainable and realistic.  However #4 didn't happen today (short lunch) BUT tomorrow Yes!!

I created my menu for the week and grocery shopped. YUMMERS!!!
I think I'm READY!!!!
End of Summer Challenge #leggo

 Great Luck Participants!!

Join the Motivation Monday Team ... I link with JenB!


Aug 5, 2014

Motivated java talk...

Hey you! I'm so glad we are able to have this coffee together. I have a few things I want to share with you.

If we were having coffee together I would tell you... So this week I set a goal to limit meat consumption. I am VERY excited about it!
Why did I set this goal? No reason. Really?  No reason, I just wanted to see if I could do it. 
I don’t plan on becoming a vegetarian but I would like to only eat fish and not every day.

Ok let me tell you about my weekend!
My eating this weekend was good!
Sunrise Subway Melt : egg, turkey, ham, bacon, pepper jack  cheese, spinach,  peppers,  onions, and avocado.
Caesar salad and small chili from Wendy’s
1 Slice of Veggie Supreme Pizza
I snack on Wasabi almonds throughout the day.

Breakfast: Toast with peanut butter
Lunch: Chipotle Bowl, shredded lettuce,  brown rice, black beans, peppers and onions, guacamole and medium salsa!!  Yummers!!!!
Dinner: Still full from lunch…lol…seriously
Snack: soft serve Ice cream cone from Chick-Fil-A

Breakfast: Zero (woke at like noon)
Lunch: Turkey Burger(lettuce and tomato) w/Fries
Dinner: Taco Mac: Veggie Quesadilla (YUMMERS!)

Yesterday was a really good day!
Breakfast: Egg wrap with avocado and spinach with loads or sriracha !! it was great to me 5mins to make
Lunch: I had Fiesta potatoes and a bean burrito from Taco Bell. Those potatoes were AMAZING!!
Dinner:  I did #mealprep I was inspired by the Taco Mac and I made a pan of peppers, onion, Portobello mushrooms and black beans for D’s Veggie Quesadilla with romaine avocado tomato and salsa.
It was GREAT and shall be my lunch for the rest of the week.

I did a 4 mile walk. It was a Leslie Sansone walk and it consisted of 30min of boosted walking intervals. Boosted walking is Leslie’s version of jogging.  It was AWESOME!! 4 miles in 45 mins! Work! And I loved it!

This cup was exactly what I needed. Thank you for sharing coffee time with me. Have an amazing day!
Doing a couple Link ups today JenB Motivational Monday and The Ultimate Coffee Date with Jill

Make it a GREAT one you guys!!