Jan 7, 2014

Burp what? Burpeee...

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Hardest thing I ever did 2nd to labor & delivery...a burpee.

Last night my son, a 12 year old athletic young man....he's taller than his mommy, did a challenge with me.  I had to time how many burpees I could do in 60sec.  I have seen them done  squat, kick back to plank, do a push up, kick feet back to squat jump up...uh huh yeh ...easier to type that to do....
My son said "Go!" and by mid-2 I was dying, but I kept going!  SIX BURPEES!!!!! I got thru 6 in 60sec...shyt!!! Award please because that was HARD. Chest was on fire, high rate thru the roof. If i had a Polar watch the calorie burn would have be substantial...lol
Ahhh, but being the competitive "Robinsnot" I am, I had to do it again...(my son laughing didn't hurt) I was determined to beat that!! I AM SPARTACUS!!! I increased by 2.  I want from 6 to 8!!! VICTORY!!!

This made me happy!
Quality time with my son, when he's not being a testosterone filled, smart ass, know it all: PRICELESS!

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