Jan 16, 2014


T25 Core Speed Day 2!!! Did it again last night! It was pretty awesome!  I was able to follow along and keep up better.  The sweat was REAL folks!
I really pushed myself.  A lot of the moves that require jumping, thrusting, criss-crossing and I allowed my body to do all of them.  I felt strong after and proud of myself.  I did it and I didn't give up! It's an awesome feeling!
Today I'm sore and its that gooood sore.
That, gives me a sense of accomplishment kinda sore.

 In other new...

This morning I found out just how favored I am.  The kiddies and I.  We were traveling our normal route to school and work this morning. Drove over an ice and lost control of my car. It's a 2 lane, winding road. My kiddies were holding on to the seats and door arms and I was screaming while turning the car in the opposite direction of the spin.  The car swerved from side to side then spun around in a circle. While continuing to move u the street. I was thinking "please don't go in a ditch", "please don't hit that mailbox","please don't go into that house". 
Needless to say I was scared as heezy!!
By Grace, we landed on the side of the road in a utility driveway!!! Jesus DEFINITELY took the wheel.  No cars were coming. No school buses. I put the car in drive.  I sat there shaking and close to tears. The kids were alright.  I could hear them taking deep breaths. After a minute or two I put the car in drive and pulled out and got my kiddies to school on time.
I just thank Him!

Count your blessings! I'm counting mine!