Sep 16, 2008

Stripper Body

"We are defined by the choices we make" ~Tyler Durden

Today's Truth:
1. Having a buddy — or a team of supporters — can help you to stick to it when the going gets tough. (YES MA'AM!!)

On favorite weight loss site... one of my teams has quarterly challenges that last anywhere from 8 weeks to 12 weeks. The current challenge is following The Biggest Loser on NBC, which has its season premiere this show... The one big team is broken up in to small team s with captains co captain exercise challenges, motivations and support. NO one is voted off but the winners are given much I am on the first day of a challenge ready to get rid of more pounds, deep in thought.
I have had the motivation, I have found different kinds, types, and levels of inspiration. My one trouble has been BELIEVING that I could be under 200 pounds or that I could ACTUALLY be smaller! It's a different thought process and belief system going on here. I KNOW I can do it. I know my goal is not impossible but I can say, "I want to know what thin feels like", all day long but to actually let the realization enter my head that I can AND will be this....WOW. For this challenge, that just started today I was thinking about my "goal weight" and it was really weird typing, thinking and even writing the number. It was a number that I don't EVER remember seeing.
I am not a skinny girl gone big. I am a girl that has gone from chunky to fat since I was 8years old. When I was 12 I was a 12, 14 I was a 14, 16 is was a 16, 18 was an 18 and once I turn 20 I fluctuated between a 20 and 18, til now. It has ALWAYS been a fact of life for me... Wow... When I first started I was like "Hmm I want to be a size 14" I AM ALMOST THERE!!! I AM ONE SIZE AWAY!!! really have to change my way of thinking. I really have to get my perception of this lifestyle change TOGETHER!! I need to stop by Body Tap on Tuesdays and take some surveys. I need to know what size some them are...LOL...

Sep 11, 2008

Forget Finding Nemo...

Never Give In. Never, Never, Never. ~ Winston Churchill

I have been having a hard time finding inspiration. I'm not sure if that's the right word, but it's the one I'm going with. I feel like since the 4th of July I have been going down a spiral path of nothingness. I kinda feel a little lost. For some reason I am finding it more and more difficult to keep the weightloss momentum going. My biggest set back has been food. I have been eating like crazy!!! Wait let me retract that. I have still been eating 3 square meals and watching my portions. My portions have been growing (I've been watching them so that's how I know) and that's part of the issue. The other part of the food issue is bread. Bread is THE DEVIL!!!!! Bread comes in many shapes and forms sandwich slices, rolls, and those heavenly, not to mention free, baskets of bread that are delivered straight to your table.
I, however, have been KILLING Pizza and tortilla chips. Not killing pizza, like eating a box at a no no ....just eating pizza PERIOD!!! Pizza is loaded with carbs and I have probably had pizza for lunch or dinner twice a week for the past 2-3 weeks...and for me...THAT IS A LOT!!!!! Tortilla chips...whew!! Let's see salsa is ok, but to have salsa and chip, guacamole and chip, spinach dip and chips...I could just DIE!!!!
I have to stop this madness. I can not go back to where I started. I can not just give up on my goal. I want some... Apple Bottom jeans, boots with tha seriously under NO circumstances do I want to give up on this goal... My lifestyle change includes weightloss. Weightloss includes changing unhealthy habits into healthy ones. Healthy habits include COMMITMENT.
I have to be committed...after all its my HEART we talking about.

Sep 10, 2008


Today's Truths:

1. Sweat, sweat, sweat... (lol)
2. Alcohol is not our friend. (well, not all the time)

Last Friday, I got totally wasted. I'm gonna a just put it out there, like that. TOTALLY, sleep on the ground, throwing up, fussing and cussing, WASTED!!!!!!! Disclaimer: I have NEVER been that drunk ever! It almost ruined my relationship...LOL...but it didn't.
I said all that to say, Saturday, didn't quite make those 5 miles, but I was able to get a Fill-in and Pedicure, watch the Season Premier of Gossip Girl, that I had missed, and have a fat juicy hamburger from 5Guys Burgers and Fries...moving on...Sunday, I wasn't able to make those 5 miles, but I also can't really, quite remember what I did do on Sunday...hmm...anywho, Monday, I couldn't even get out of the bed to lift a weight, Tuesday, I was BACK TO THE PROGRAM!!!! However, I still feel like crap. I got up Tuesday morning to workout and it felt like it was the 1st time I had EVER did a jumping jack.
So, I have to put the Vodka...sniff...the Tequila shots... the Mojitos...and the Sex on the Beaches ...sniff sniff...away. I can't drink and maintain my workout regimen and reach my weight loss goals. Sorry party people.

On a lighter note, last week I was able to change my workouts to AM workouts. Fact: Exercising first thing in the morning is the most foolproof way to ensure that other things don't overtake you fitness commitment (its easy to wimp out in the evening, when you're tired or faced with cooking dinner or helping with homework). So, I'm back to working out in the morning. It's difficult, especially if I go to bed after 10pm, but it feels so good during the day. I eat less and I don't get as stressed. So, try it. I know it's not for everyone but give it a shot.

This morning, an AM workout was not the haps. I am STILL tired as all hell. I WANTED TO GO TO BOOTCAMP this Saturday!!!!! The Bootcamp I go to on Saturdays is no joke. My sister went 1 time and could not walk for days after she won't go again until she has exercised, CONSISTENTLY weeks...WTF!! You know it's the, however, love it. I have been several times and was planning on going back this week, after a 2 month vacation, but the ALCOHOL jacked me up!!! The results that I was seeing were phenomenal! Arms toning, booty firming, thighs tightening ....Sexual

My goal for next Saturday: BOOTCAMP!!

Steps to achieve:
1. Continue building the consistency of exercising in the AM
3. Leave the Alcohol alone.
4. Blog