May 2, 2014

It has arrived!...

What a perfect day!!!!!!!! FRIDAY!!!!

Its also one of my favorite days to post.

May holds a lot of greatness.
1. My kids get out of school in 16 days not counting the weekend.
2. Cinco de Mayo
3. Memorial Day weekend means PARTY!!!!
4. 3 paydays!!
5. Flowers

I love the number 5 and May is the 5th month.  It has always been my month of transition and growth I embrace and love it!
I expect more and greater positive things to happen in my life!!
or even $5000!!!
Maybe the money my kiddies dad has been sending for the last 5 years will actually come!!!!!! *choking * HA!

Also true to fashion, being the whorebag that I am...
It feels like FOREVER ago that I posted goals. I have no idea if I did April goals...hmm
without further ado...

May Goals
1. Follow My Meal Guide. I don't really like to say plan (y'all know how God feels about plans).  I want to see some bloat go away and I know fat loss starts in the kitchen... I have created a great menu that I posted here and I'm going to continue to use it.

2. 100 Miles. I love to walk, it's GREAT cardio.  I love the challenge. Join me! Follow my IG, tag me and hashgtag #JustD100 . How many miles are you committing to

3. Power Sculpt. Biggest Loser has a great full body strength routine and I'm TAKING THE CHALLENGE!! 3 days a week. I need to kill the hell out of some fat and build some more good ol muscle. Please check on

4. Do something fitness related at work. I have an hour lunch break. Last summer I walked a 14 min mile everyday just to keep my metabolism going because the type of job I have has no leave-desk requirement.  I have to make up reasons to leave my desk...smh

5.Stay Inspired.  Negative thoughts, negative people, negative situations please continue to stay OUT of my life. Thank you #thatisall

Accountability Confession:
So um , I did not follow through all of the goals I set for this week, here.

Next weeks Fitness Goals
  1. Exercise Daily
  2. Follow strength training plan
  3. Meal Prep
  4. Do T25 Core Speed or Cardio twice
  5. Do a yoga stretch 1 day
I didn't do #1, #3, #4 or #5
There I said it.  I have been busy and not making time or taking the time to get in my miles.
It's all is about out and today Miles are upon me!!

I'm going to take my measurements this weekend.  I'm going to be doing a lot of strength training .
That means muscles growing and that means inches lost!
I love strength....I'm going to invest in another set of weights this weekend!

I'm doing a few challenges this month...check em out here. Think about joining me! I'm really excited about it.

I am also doing a secret scary challenge.  I am scared of it so I'm not going to share it yet.

So I'm having a bit of a brain fart.  All the things I wanted to write...well...I forgot what they were.

Here's what I can remember
It's Friday
Even thought Cinco de Mayo is Monday there will lots of parties this weekend.
I will be there.
It's payday.

Have a great weekend! I will be wrapping up a research project and turning it in.  Once I do I will have my Associates in Business Administration!!!

It's Friday and it's a great link up/ blog hop day.
My fav's are Fitness Friday, Five Things Friday, Five Things Friday, and Five on Friday!!

I'm also joining Friday Favorites for the first time!

Thanks guys!!