Apr 25, 2014

The Life...

Things I do when I’m not doing fitness.

  1. I Work.  Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm…blah 
  2. Yell at my kids.  They have some smart ass mouths, so I am CONSTANTLY trying to correct my horrible influence. This lasts from the car ride home til about 15mins after we get home. Total about 45 – 50 minutes and only Mon-Fir.  The weekends we either are all locked in our rooms ignoring each other or I’m in the streets and they are with Nana.
  3. Study and I use the term loosely.  I study at work and probably spend about 30-45mins studying when I’m home. No bueno…smh. HOWEVER I have a high “B” almost an “A”…Boom!
  4. Drive…to bus stops, to work to after school care, to the store to the trail back from the trail, to another county 2 nights a week and some weekends.  I live in Atlanta and anywhere worth going is 20-30 mins AWAY!!! Ugh.
  5. Shop. Ha! Ha! Kidding. I hate shopping.  I do however drop things in my Amazon.com cart; it makes me feel a little better.

My weekends I do NOTHING!!!!!!! I don’t have any friends.  I’m on a tight budget because my daughter turns 16 this Summer and wants to go to dam Disney.
 I don’t party anymore unless it’s a special occasion or my “special” friend wants to go.

So I’m boring.  I have no life.  I enjoy exercising, sex and sleep AND IN THAT ORDER!
My kiddies aren’t social butterflies anymore.  They are cute, smart-mouthed,reclusive teenagers. No more ballet, soccer, cheerleading, basketball L They suck.
But they are just so dam cute!

Look at those faces!

I blog about fitness because, like my kids, it’s a part of who I am.  It gives me purpose, since they only need me for food and a ride. HA!

This week they have been giving tough love to get me out on the trail.
Yelling things at me like “You NEED to walk!”  “Thought you didn’t want to be fat anymore!”, “Just GO!” “If you don’t go you’re gonna be fussing all night!” “It keeps you calm!” “Yeh mommy, you need to chill!”
They are a trip.

This weeks Fitness goals have been ON POINT!!!
I have out done myself on the walking this week

I missed Monday,  it rained and a treadmill is a no go.
Tuesday 8.34 miles
Wednesday 7.04 miles
Thursday 5.31 miles
Friday haven’t gotten there yet!

I am so thrilled that I have gotten my mojo back!

I did some strength training as well. 
Not as much as I wanted, but better some than none.
I did leg stuff on Tuesday and arms on Wednesday.

In other news!!!
I have a new show that I am falling in love with.
It is about a diverse group of community college students.  A divorcee, a middle-aged man, a disbarred lawyer, injured high school jock, ex rehab girly nerd, a weird Indian guy and a bitchy feminist. And let me not forget Senor Chang! I LAUGHED OUT LOUD!  Makes my tummy feel tight and good.
Check your local listings.

Next weeks Fitness Goals
  1. Exercise Daily
  2. Follow strength training plan
  3. Meal Prep
  4. Do T25 Core Speed or Cardio twice
  5. Do a yoga stretch 1 day

Feeling Really great this week!
And my hair is awesome…lol…I need to get my eyebrows waxed. * shrug *

Anywho! I’m linking up with my favorite Friday hops!

Love me

Just D