May 28, 2014

Ha! Hump Day!!

Its Hump day fun day and I'm linking up with my favorite Hump Day Blog Hop! and #Workout Wednesday.

When we left off I was all excited about my 5 fitness spots and the coming weekend.

Weekend recap. (Confession)
Friday -Monday
1. No exercise
2. Barely left the bed
3. oh except to refill my glass with vodka or tequila drinks
4. I ate 3 squares and the drinks were my my snacks
5. I drank plenty of water. plenty

However, Saturday I went to and arts festival and walked around to 2 hours...It was casual and there was no grazing. I hate festival food. Its expensive.

I 'm pretty sure I'm going to pay for it next week . No doubt.

Monday I had some Peach Cobbler w/ Blue Bell ice cream.  I'm a Southern gal and I had to have it.  I didn't over do it, but the fact that I did it.  I'm not mad.   *shrug*

Tuesday Last night, I hit the trails and the weights.
I warmed up pretty good, or so I thought. SHIN PAIN!!!!! aka Payback
It hurt for a little bit, but I slowed my ass right on down, did the movements I do to decrease the pain, for about a mile and kept on going.

It was a great walk.  I like passing the slow pokes.
I also like the fact that my head COMPLETELY empties while I'm out there.

I got off work and laid in my bed.  I laid there chatted with my kids and thought about how good sleep would feel.
I was under the cover and it was feeling sooooooooooo good. I thought "I will exercise tomorrow."
I then immediately got my fat full-figured ass up, put own my gear and told the kiddies "I'M HEADING TO THE TRAIL!"
I did not want to or even feel like it, for that matter.  Which means I knew I needed to go. I knew that if I didn't go then I wouldn't go today or tomorrow and it would be excuse after excuse after excuse and, well I can't have that. I gots goals!

It was a great walk, like always.  My mood improved and I burned a ton of calories!

After I got home, I did my Daily Routine for Tuesday which was  Lower Body and Abs
I 1/2 the Ab stuff...I did 3 -30 second planks and 45 Russian twists. Good stuff.

Happy Hump day fitness gurus people!!

I can't wait to hit the trail today!

Its Dark Chocolate and Almonds together in a bar a sin?