May 8, 2014


My sister's Nursing school graduation was super awesome! I'm so proud of her.  She has like a thousand Bachelor's and Master's degrees.  She enjoys her some education, but nursing school was by far her biggest challenge.  I haven't seen her laugh, smile or cut up in 2 years!!!
It was similar to other graduation ceremonies BUT It was a lot shorter, someone "sang" and there was fire.

Needless to say I did not get in my workout and I'm feeling so guilty about missing it.
Last night I dreamed that I was running. Not running from something or someone, but running for fitness.
Needless to say I'm tired.  Perhaps running in my sleep wore me
I don't know, but I'm just saying. HA!

Yesterday I signed up on AchieveMint its a program that rewards.  Its all about fitness, from posting a fitness pic on IG to logging activity and food on MyFitnessPal.  It's cool! I found out about it through JenB, she is an AWESOME exerciser.  She documents the hell out of her journey and and just go check her out.  Any who she did a post about reward programs and AchieveMint stood out.  So I'm trying it.  * shrug * what could it hurt...
It may just inspire me to log and post more which in turn will have me trying to get in more activity.

I feel antsy today,  like I had a strong cup of coffee.  I feel all over the place. Disconnected.
I also feel like I should be... running.  Seriously.
I want to run.
I'm also feeling like I'm missing something.
Something I'm expecting.
* shrug *

7 Day Challenge Update
This Challenge has been interesting.
I originally started it on last Thursday last weekend I was absolutely lazy
I'm gonna have to start over.  I forgot about it. * shrug *

I love green tea.  I drink a cup daily.   I have seen many times over the health benefits (here)  and thought hey I'm one up!

I'm doing a little after challenge after challenge.

I'm doing a Green Tea Challenge 3 - 4 cups of  Green Tea Daily for 3 months
I'm a coffee drinker too so It won't be hard to replace.
Good times!

Happy Lil Thursday!!  check out The Grits Blog and link up I'm also hooking up with Thinking Out Loud perfect link up for how I'm feeling today! She is funny. I like!