Apr 23, 2014

My Lifestyle...

For the past 2 days I have been fasting.  I AM a spiritual, religious person and fasting, for me, is a way to get closer to God and be provided with clarity. Boom!
I was feeling like I had lost control and sight of my goals. I had been eating poorly and not giving my ALL to the exercises I do outside of walking.   I didn't want to continue a cycle of stating again EVERY single Monday or Tuesday or Saturday.  I needed to clear my mind, detox and find the strength that I know I have. 
I haven’t fasted in years and even when I made the decision to do it I was second guessing myself.  Then I remembered I used to fast all the time. I could go from 3 days to 7 depending on what I needed.  I knew I could do it, but I have been having so much self doubt that I was scared I wouldn't make it.  I originally planned to just go 24 hours then I woke up the next day feeling good about me so I decided to go another 24 hours.  I went 48 hours without failing.  
During he first 24 hours I wanted to eat the leftovers but I knew that will prove nothing. I was having the cravings and though I didn't give into temptation I wanted to feel stronger AGAINST them in that moment and future moment.

This morning I feel powerful! I feel like I can overcome and accomplish ANYTHING!!!
I overcame my cravings.
I pushed past the temptations.
I rediscovered the mental discipline that had been kidnapped by negativity and self doubt.

I love food…but it’s fuel
I have to discover ways to get the flavors I seek, but in healthier options.
I love Mexican food…Its to DIE for, but I can’t have those tortillas and chips and cheese (I stopped eating sour cream YEARS ago)
I love I talian…but I don’t want the pasta and creamy sauces.
I love cake and brownies and cookies ESPECIALLY when my daughter (the Sweets Boss )makes them… but I don’t wanna be fat as hell anymore and well one cookie is a dam meal,  so, um yeh no.

Discipline and Consistency are key
I have come up with a menu that I will eat every day, all day til I’m goal weight.

Breakfast – Egg Muffins filled with Spinach
Lunch – Turkey Muffin (will post recipe this weekend) w/ Broccoli
Dinner – Shrimp or Salmon w/ Spinach, Mushroom, Pepper mixture
Snacks – Almonds or cucumber slices (I don’t do well with lots of fruit or yogurt)
Sweet cravings – Water of a little The Bees Knees

I no longer use the term work out.  I hate work and the word work just makes me nauseous.
I have an EXERCISE routine that includes both Cardio AND Strength training
I’m working on a rewards system
And No cheat days maybe a cheat meal or snack but within a calorie range.

This is not a challenge. This is not a diet.
It’s a lifestyle.

I know that I am capable and that I have the discipline to be stronger than that coconut cream cake in the fridge…lol
I am so thankful and full of Gratitude that He loves me.
I am better than all the negative thoughts that have been counterproductive to my goal.
I’m free.

Happy hump day y’all!   Joining my favorite blog hop with Liz @Fitness Blondie!!!