May 16, 2014

Pop That, Pop That Friday...

It has really been an amazing week. Yes, really.
Last week I posted about how I needed to come up with a fitness routine that could withstand weather and emotions. (laughing at myself for being emotional, I’m a thug) Sunday evening I laid in my bed with a cute little notebook and really great writing gel pen and brainstormed.

Brainstorming steps
1.      Tap the notebook with the pen while humming the Game of Thrones intro music.
2.      Roll on my back and do leg lifts. (oh the burn)
3.       Look for some cute colored Post It flags, so it will be easier to turn the page. (no luck)
4.      Scroll through my Instagram feed, liking and commenting
5.      Pinterest EUREKA!!

I am not a Pinterest fanatic…for me it’s an “interesting” way to pass the time when I’m in the ladies room. It’s my go-to when I need some, Search: fitness motivation quotes. 
I knew kinda already what I wanted my routine to consist of  and kinda how I wanted it to look.  It was  all a matter of seeing what was or would be most effective and putting it all down on paper.  My search was daily fitness exercise routines.  Tabata this, HIIT that…mmhhm cute, but I want something I can stick to not be scared of…lol. I like HIIT workouts though.  I used to do a session in the mornings until the Holidays hit….boooooo.
Moving forward
After scrolling through and reading lots upon lots of Pins I had many, many ideas. And quite a bit of inspiration.
Once I was done brainstorming, I began to write.
I did one for everyday of the week. 
Each daily routine has 2 options
AM  and PM…duh
Cardio and Strength
Strength is what it is.  The only option there is to change around the order in which the moves get done. Side Note: Building and toning muscle is very important when murdering fat. Muscle burns more calories even when you’re standing still AND if you don’t do any strength, you risk losing muscle (FOREVER) along with the fat.
Ok so…
Cardio has 2-4 options in the AM and the PM.
A.M. is always going to be an at home routine.  (No way am I leaving the house before sunrise Monday thru Friday…tuh) Leslie Sansone or SWEAT.
Leslie is THE Walk at Home queen. She walks and walks and walks and walks and I love it.  She gets my heart rate up and I always wake up sore. I have a pretty good library of her DVD’s (thinking DVD SWAP…hmmm) old, old and new.  She is usually my go-to in the Winter months.

SWEAT is a Zumba like routine with lots of twerkin’. Twerking is a form of cardio.  It also works the legs, glutes and abs, when done right….lol SWEAT is the creation of Dawn Archer…she is an Instagram sensation…she lost a ton of weight and spreads the love across the country teaching SWEAT an taking folks to the grocery store…lol. She really is a “started from the bottom now we here” kinda gal.  She is really sweet, from what I can tell. 

P.M. includes several cardio routines but first is my Trail Walk  and a serious strength routine.
There is one for every day. They are appointments that I have made with myself.  Not scary, but definitely work. And yes not really any days off.  I’m a walker and walking everyday is nothing.  A mile is powerful!

The weekends are the hardest for me.  I had to come up with options to ensure that I do work on the weekend. 
Option 1 is my trail walk that I would normally do but if I was out the night before or not at home it would be difficult
Option 2 is the get up move and DO SOMETHING option. It kinda looks like a HIIT J.  After a few rounds of it I should be good and sweaty. Maybe even have a nice calorie burn
Option 3 is treadmill time…ugh  I HATE the treadmill. BUT I will do it it I have to maybe even in addition to.

I’m pretty stoked about the routine I have come up with.  This week I have followed it to a tee.  I’m sore, I’m tired and I’m wishing I’d taken my measurements…HA!  Looking forward to telling you all how my weekend goes good and bad.
Last nights exercise...SwagSwap shirt!! Thanks Kassie Boo!

What are your thoughts about my plan? Anything I should add?

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