May 7, 2014

Woot! Woot! ...

I don’t even know where to begin.
How about this…
I’m having an AWESOME WEEK!!!!!!!  And it’s only Hump day!
To start I finished my class on Monday.  I got a “B”!!!!!!
It was my last class for my Associate’s degree! I’m so f-bomb HAPPY!!!!!
But….I procrastinated and procrastinated and didn't apply for graduation.  I should have applied last November, but I was in denial and having A LOT of self doubt.
Better late than never!! I want to walk but I want the paper MORE!!
So I happy, excited and so proud of my accomplishment.  Boom! Cap!

So last Thursday I got my #CityFitKit.  City Fit Girls is this lovely little fitness organization, check em out here.
The City Fit Kit ( I got this straight from the website) “City Fit Kit is a monthly wellness subscription for students, athletes, working professionals, moms and entrepreneurs. Each kit includes a unique monthly fitness calendar, original lunch and smoothie recipes, an exclusive workout designed by our personal trainer, superfood ingredients, samples and other handcrafted items to enhance your fitness and wellness experience!
I found City Fit in March and subscribed.  I got my April kit and opened the box but didn’t really look in the box.  I had no idea all benefits that came in the box.   I only ate the Chia Bar that was in it. 
When May came around I was more than a little excited to actually dive in.

Here’s what’s inside May’s kit:

A Menu of all the things in the #CityFitKit

Lavender Soap...OMG its smells like orgasm feels!

Different Exercise every day! 

Green Tea and Cute Straw

Vegan Energy Bars

#22DaysNutrition Protein and Banana Smoothie recipe
Flax Seeds

Walk/Run Recipe Card
Kale Salad Recipe Card

I don't have a clue what to do with the flax seeds but I will figure it out aaaaaaaaand that Kale salad...hmmm...  I D K.  Have to work my way up to that.
 (BTW I did the photo shoot allllll myself :) I like it! )

May started a little slow but now I’m on the trail!!
I have also been getting in my strength training I even made myself a lil calendar… SWEET!

Track Miles = Trail Walk :)

Monday and last night I hit the trail… Monday I did just 3 miles ( I got there late).  It was a good 53 mins of Walk/Jog.  I am adding more jogging to my trail routine.  I have issues with people seeing me run.  My booty and my boobs are well endowed so sudden movements can make me a little self conscious.  I’m working through this issue by just doing it. 

Tuesday (last night) I did my #CityFitKit challenge of the day by doing a Walk/Jog mile.  I did just under 4 miles last night and 1 WAS A MILE of jogging!!! I would walk 1 minute and run 2 minutes… it was awesome…until I got to the hills…nope, nope, nope. I ran up one and thought, “nope , not again, today”.
In the end, I felt great! 

Today is my sister’s Nursing School graduation, so, the trail is out of the question.  I’m going to have to come up with something to do when I get home.. may a quick HITT routine , any suggestions?

I’m sure there will be more I want say, but for now Happy Hump Day y’all!!!

Join me at Workout Wednesdays with Diatta @ Femme Fitale Fit .