May 15, 2014

5 Lil Friday Items...

This lil Friday is going to be about the lil fitness things I  really want, but they’re not in my lil budget.  So basically this is a “wish/dream/fantasy list. Yup!
If you can't dream, what can you do? HA!

Up first!

Under Amour compression pants.  No reason other than my son has been telling me about the brand and then my #SwagSwap partner sent me a lovely Under Armor headband.  I’m curious!

They have MEMORY FOAM!!! Do you even understand how fricking awesomely comfortable that would be!!  To have a shoe that conforms to all the bumps and  the littleness of my toes!!  A dream!

These socks are adorbs.  I also want a pink pair and a white pair...I will become whatever they say…lol

I exercise at home and my at home “gym” would love this right here.  I believe my squats would be awesome and my deadlifts would feel well …like work.
A Meal Prep cook.  I mean come on…. I know it takes time and practice to get THIS ß good…I need a cook/delivery service.  I’m in Atlanta…any referrals?

Soooooo, I'm taking donations via

I'm so glad that it's lil Friday because that means Friday cometh, sooner rather than later.
I have been working hard this week especially at work...humph...

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