May 14, 2014

Almost Over the Hump...

This cat...LMAO!!!
We have been experiencing some beautiful weather this week in the Atlanta area.  It’s been pretty humid and H – O – T but so what.  We had a rough winter.  So I won’t complain.  I rarely complain anyway because weather is a constant, seasons are a constant, especially here in the A.
Just Write.
There are 7 days left in my kiddies school year.  7 DAYS!!  I am UBER excited about it!
1.   I don’t have to rush to get them out the house and drive them to school…My daughter gets drooped off at school because, well I would pass it anyways heading to. My son goes to a shuttle  bus stop, by my job and if we are a minute late we miss it and I have to drive 30mins to get him to school.  Red lights and po-po posted the entire way!
2.       I get to sleep a little later, WHICH would encourage me to get up and do my morning exercise.  6am looks and sounds a WHOOOOOOLE lot better than 5:15am UH YEH! EXCITING!!!!
3.       After work fitness would not be delayed. I won’t have to pick my son up from the shuttle by 5:10. It really sucks. Once school gets out I can change into my gear and HIT THE TRAIL or a Zumba or anything!!!!! The choices are unlimited!!!!! NO KIDDIES TO PICK UP!!!!
4.       A peaceful drive home. I have a 16 year old girl and a 13 year old boy. Ugh.  The only way I can get them to shut up is to start talking about sex…LMAO!!!

I’m looking forward to it. 

I am trying out a fitness buddy over the next few weeks.  I have a friend/associate that does/tries fad diet after fad diet after fad diet.  I hate her for it.  She is definitely one of those quick fix kinda people.  One day I’m going to sit down and talk to her about the mental part of a healthy lifestyle change.  IT TAKES TIME!!! COMMITMENT!!   She knows everything though so it may be hard…lol

However, she is willing to exercise with me, hit up different parks and bootcamps around the city to get our calorie burn on.   I think it will be fun and she is open to trying ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!!!!! She loves me…HA! Think I wanna die try a spin class.

My main goal this Summer is to enter ONEDERLAND!!!! And dammit the only way that’s gonna happen is if I keep on moving, eat right and STAY CONSISTENT!

I have been really shitty when it comes to eating.  I don’t over eat or eat bread but I have been having some chocolate at bed time. You k now those little Hershey’s eggs that come out at Easter.  My kids don’t like them.  My taste buds like em tho! I haven’t blogged about it because of guilt, shame.  Well there it is.  I have taken it down from every night to 2 nights. Yeah!

Accountability sucks, BUT it’s necessary.  So thank you for listening.
I will be more honest with myself more often.

By the end of the summer Imma gonna be in ONDERLAND…I IS DETERMINED!!!!!

I’m continuing on my positive journey. 

It’s one of my most favorite link up days.  Hump Daaaaaaay Blog Hop with the beautiful Liz @ Fitness Blondie.  She was missing last week, working in her physical life , unable to work in her blog life.  I missed her.  So glad she is back!  Xoxo

I’m also linking up with mah new fav Diatta @ Femme Fitale Fit , it’s Workout Wednesday!! She talked me off a ledge last week and I appreciate her for that. THANK YOU!!

I'm also trying the Anything Goes Link up this week....we shall see,  I have a couple of swear words above * crosses fingers *