May 23, 2014

This Girl Friday Five...

YO!!! It's FRIDAY!!!! What's extra awesome about this Friday is that it's a LOOOOOOONG weekend!!!
I was reading a post on Femme Fitale Fit and she asked, “What are the 5 places you’d like to workout/run?” She had a great list.

What an awesome thought!!   5 places that I would love to workout/run/ exercise….hmmm
I have had a really good week and I am in a great frame of mind to come up with a list of places.

Five Places

1. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  One of my favorite bloggers wrote about a weekend she spent with her bff doing a Rocky Balboa style workout around D.C.  I want the Rock Balboa workout in Philly at the “Rocky Steps”. 72 stone step that lead into the entrance of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  With the “Gonna Fly Now” playing on repeat.  I’m in training for that…lol and while I’m there hit up a bootcamp with the City Fit Girls!

     2. Disney World, Orlando Fl.  I walked International Blvd near Disney last year, but I want to run the Disney Boardwalk and do  one of their fun half marathons before I dies…lol  I want to dress as a fairy princess and sprinkle my sweat on everyone!!


 3. Runyon Canyon, Los Angeles , Ca.  I have seen this in many movies and TV shows and I wanna go!!!   Definitely on my list of 45 before 45 I want to walk the hell out of this trail, see the spectacular views and maybe see Queen Latifah… HA!


   4.  Boot Camp at Central Park in New York.  I think it’s a beautiful park, feature so many times in Law & Order SVU as the dumping spot…lol…sorry.  There is strength in numbers!!! I also want to walk the trail that goes in and around it…I also want to walk the pedestrian path across the Brooklyn Bridge and see the love locks.

     5. Puerto Rico anything. I will do Zumba, run, walk, swim, climb a mountain I don’t care, I will do it! To be able to break a sweat in such a beautiful place.  I have never been to anywhere that requires a passport so this is definitely a fantasy trip!!!

Writing all this has actually given me something to look forward to… I want to do all these things!!! When I think about it they are very possible with planning and saving. 

This was fun and giving me  some major goals to think about and break down.
Have a wonderful long weekend! Happy Friday!
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