Apr 9, 2014

What a hump it is...

The weekend was not great as far as movement is concerned. I got my miles in on Friday, which is GREAT because I usually miss that good Friday workout. I got in 2.5 miles.
Then my brother and his babies came to town. The family was here to celebrate my son and my brother's birthdays!!!! YEAH!!!
The brother is my mom's favorite sooooo she cooks. 
Saturday she prepared a good ol' SOUL food dinner.  not southern... SOUL.
I ate the veggies because this gal does not like chicken...ew...not a chicken fan...I only eat it when I HAVE to...which is hardly EVER!!! Oh and I had a small piece of Chocolate Ganache cake. :)
Saturday exercise...nah...well wait..nope no exercise.
Sunday Family went out to a Hibachi restaurant!! YEAH
Probably the worse thing about that meal was the Garlic Butter...the bad thing was the white rice.

Monday my baby turned 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am officially the parent if 2 teenagers!!! OMG!
It's painful.
A little depressing.
I wanna cry.
WE had breakfast lunch and dinner and play tons of video games for tickets.
Good times!
No exercise...unless you count me walking around Dave & Busters for 3 hours bouncing from game to game :)

Yesterday I was back at it!! Hit the trail got in 5+ miles!!!
As always it was a great walk and I ran a little. It was nice.
I one day want to run 3.1 miles...HA!

Therapy Session:

She's crying cuz I'm fat.
I'm tired.  I'm disappointed in myself.  I have worked so hard and all i wanna do in give stop and not care anymore.  It's so much easier to eat a pizza and lay in bed than it is to be disappointed by the scale not moving and the measuring tape being the same.  I am not in a plateau.  I am in that " You can't work out a bad diet" place... I not eating good. 
I'm pretty, but No wann be here
Don't wanna be here again.

Last week I had waaaaay too much bread and rationalized it by saying "oh well your eating it before 2".  Bread bloats me and i know thins and I stillllllllll had a sammich everyday last week.
I even had my meal prepped lunches and still went out and spent MONEY!!!!!
I feel like I have lost control and no slogan or motivational pic is going to help me with that.
The break throu kinda happened today or laaaaaate last night.
I started as 273 POUNDS!! That's almost 300lbs.
I can stand be almost 200 but not 300.
I don't want to go back there. I will not go back there.
I was miserable.  Physically incapable and OBESE!!!!
I refuse to go back to that.
I refuse to not have these great climaxes...lol
Must keep going...
Must keep fighting myself to save myself.

I need an accountability partner and a challenge that is interesting. Yup!

Linking up with my favorite, Liz @ Fitness Blondie, Hump Day Blog Hop!!! ( I need a pic for this)