Apr 2, 2014

Hump yourself!!...

Yup! EVERY time.
Let me tell you a little something about MY self image.

It sucked when I realized that I was a chunky monkey and NEEDED to loose some weight.
It sucked when I looked in the mirror and looked 9 months pregnant when my baby will be 13 next week.
It sucked when the one I love would wrap their arm around my belly and could only make it half way.
It sucked when, last Easter, I have to buy a 3X, XXXL, TRIPLE X, shirt to wear and it WAS NOT flattering.

The community I'm from, in the Atl (black), loves a plump, full-bodied, thick thighed, big boodied, cushioned, something to hold on to kinda woman.
It's not the healthiest but it's loved. HA!

Even with all the things that suck, in my head I'm already a size 10/12 :)
and after a good week of cardio and strength training I'm an 8 :)
It has been like this since I was in my 20's * shrug *

I LOVE me! (especially my boobs and my booty) HA!

Some days I lose confidence and have some self doubt, but EYE am in love with me.  I would date me and sometimes I do.  I enjoy my own company and I even Hi-5 myself sometimes...lol
It's so important to love yourself. Inside and out.

Please don't mistake this as me being arrogant, cocky, or conceited because no no no.
I love me but when someone else tells me I am pretty or have a great smile or that they love me...shy, modest,  embarrasment kicks in. 
I can think it allllll day, but no one else should be able to see it o__0

Why I feel that way?  I O E N O

As I continue on my journey, now when I look in the mirror I don't look 9 months preganant anymore.  I see strength. 
I'm now buying 1X (which is different than an XL) and I'm looking forward to being able to buy a Large
I'm not it that need-to-loose-weight place, I'm LOSING the weight.

I'm D and this is my self-image...lol

In other news:
I hit the trail again yesterday and  yes, again is was FRICKING AWESOME!
I got in a good 5.36 miles, good towards my #100milesin6 Challenge.
I am loving it!

It almost feels too good to be true, but I think Spring is really here.... shhhh... I dont' want to jinx it.
Its so hard to have that get up and go in the winter. 
Want to sleep, eat and hibernate. 
We MADE IT! * Drake voice *

5.36 miles. Need to get these brow done...humph

It's also one of my favorite days, I get to link up with Liz@ Fitness Blondie and Hump Day Blog Hop!