Apr 1, 2014


Today is not just April Fools Day, it's my brothers Birthday!!!! Happy Birthday little brother!!!!
(he doesn't even know I write a blog so he won't see this. HA!)
Another wonderful thing about today...
NEW GOALS!!!!!!!
I am a goal loving whore bag!
It makes me feel soooooooo go to write them and check them off a list. BOOM!

I don't have any major goals this month, but I do have some goals

1. Walking & Strength Training
2. Remember Why I started
3. Re-evaluate Mental Discipline
4. Meal Prep in Check
5. Sleep
6. Stay on track with AM workouts
7. Buy a Swimsuit!
8. Enter the teens with my weight

I do believe that's a goo amount of goals. 
It's Spring. A new season. Caterpillars turning into butterflies. Buds blooming into beautiful flowers.
Why not have a new perspective on my journey.
Going to spend a few days in the beginning of April figuring out why I self sabotage.

Yesterday I ended March with a BANG!!
The weather was so beautiful yesterday here in Atlanta.  When I got off work it was 83degrees!!!!
I hit the trail! I forced my lazy ass kiddies to put on their shorts and tennis shoes and come with.
It was the most AWESOME walk!
I walked over 5 and half miles and could have gone more if it weren't for that darn sun trying to set!
I wanna do it again to today!!
My playlist is still just as amazing and it was last Spring.
The right music, with the right arrangement never gets old.

Sample of my playlist:
Future- B%tches Love Me
Bruno Mars- Walked out of Heaven
Train to Paris - A$$ on the Floor
A$AP Rocky - Problems
Rhianna-Phresh out the Runway
OutKa$t - Bombs Over Baghdad
Bruno Mars - Money Make Her Smile
and 24 more awesome songs with beats between 4 -5mph
and 3 songs at 2mph for the cool down, one  being
Justin Timberlake - Strawberry Bubblegum ( just sexy)

WHEW it was great!

In Other News:
Last night after I posted some pics on Instagram I went to sleep. HA!
I woke up this morning to the most awesome comment, that was positive and thought provoking.
he said "I love seeing your smile in so many of your pics. Usually, ppl look so miserable in their before and during pics. Keep on smiling, and keep chasing that dream girl! Much love and respect."

It was very kind and then I started thinking about all the 9 out of 10 pics of sad faces.
If you are putting in the work, SMILE
If you are loosing inches, SMILE
If you are getting up off the couch, SMILE
If you are doing anything that moves you towards your goal, SMILE

It's hard changing and it's even harder to get up and move. 
Smile !
I'm doing a linky linky to day! The Skinny Health,  Running with Racheal  and Urban Nautrelle check it out!