Apr 10, 2014

Mental Challenge...

I only walked a little over 3miles yesterday.
When I got home I swung the kettle bell for over 5mins. I may not seem like a lot but IT IS!

Today I feel like all those pics talking about leg day.
I literally had to slow motion squat to sit on the fricking toilet!!!
So was yesterday leg day? * shrug *

I don't know but it hurts so good.

I'm feeling pretty good today!
Lately I have been feeling like giving up and forgoing my goals and lifestyle change.
I can't do that.
I need to be stronger than my negative thoughts.

Soooooo, I came up with a small challenge for myself.

It will last from today, April 10, 2014 until May 10, 2014
A month is always a good time table for a challenge.  I like a month.

Things I'm Challenging Myself with.

o   No carbs
o   I eat bread for breakfast and rice or some other carb for lunch. Gotta stop doing that.  Bread bloats me. Es no bueno para my belly. :)
o   No Snacking
o   I have a desk job…blah I don’t sit and snack alllll day but I will have SEVERAL spoons of peanut butter or lots of cheezits, gotta kill that.
o   Only eat what I can log into MyFitnessPal
o   Keeping the meal plan simple. Protein and VEGGIES!!!
o   Plan cheat day
o   Often times cheat day will consist of CRAP! Not McDonald's french fries, but  burgers, chips and salsa, ice cream, bindging…CRAP! I need to decide what I’m going to have on my cheat day, write it down and STICK TO IT!!
Things I really need to work on to get closer to my ultimate goal!!!!
Happy Little Friday!
Doing a Little Friday Link Up with The Grits Blog!!