Apr 18, 2014


Why is it so hard?
When I first started my journey I was so disciplined and I wasn't even meal prepping yet!!!
I ate 5 small meal throughout the day and strength trained and walked.  I was loosing and loosing and loosing.
The last 6 weeks have been soooo hard. Maybe its because I'm taking a class and it's I don't know but my resolve is low.
Confession I have gained 7lbs I know this because I got on the scale this morning. I am sad about it.

I could write about how I'm going to overcome it and all the things I will do, but I tired.
I just want to sleep.

I have lots of goals
I don't want to be almost 300lbs again
and I know what I NEED to do.
I have just been weak as hell lately.

I have been trying to find things to get excited about fitness, again and have found nothing.

Happy Friday!

5 Goals for Next Weeks

  1. Walk everyday
  2. Meal Prep
  3. Write and follow strength training calendar
  4. Post some motivational quote around my desk and room
  5. Print my before picture so I can see it daily.

I started writing this post yesterday.
I was feeling shitty and sometimes writing is a good outlet for me.
I was doing a Little Friday link up and reading some of the other posts and found  Megan and her "Finding the Good" post.  It spoke to the purse strings of my heart. She wrote "...focus on "one good thing every day". When things start to take a turn for the worse, I remember those words and find something to bring me back up."  Don't you just love the simplicity! One thing a day. Not trying to solve all the worlds problems in an hour but one thing that makes me feel good and go from there.
By the time I left work I figured out what that one thing was that would bring me back up. I got home changed clothes and went for a loooooong walk.
Walks make me feel good so good.
I hit the trail with my music...I wasn't for a workout. I wasn't pressure. It wasn't work.
It was just a nice walk that burn several hundred calories. HA!
During that walk my mind felt relieved.
My shoulders relaxed.

It wasn't work.
It wasn't a race (though I can't help but pass people, I can't let them get there before I do.
Where? IDK! THERE!!...LOL)

My walks ALWAYS are great but this one was therapeutic. I didn't want to stop.
It erased the stress of my fighting myself not to give up.
It brought me back up
It made me smile.
I had to go back through old pictures
I found the ONE
One Day at a time. One Pound at a time.
One day at a time.  That is what I can do and I'm excited about.
I wouldn't call it starting over not at all, just a new beginning.

Even though Megan has NO idea who I am and has never had a convo with me.  She has inspired me.
Thank you.

Have a wonderful weekend Y'all!
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