Apr 15, 2014

All Call...

The weather is killing my vibe this week and it's only Tuesday.
I want to nothing and I want to sleep.
I have done nothing however I have not slept.

I had a friend who is on a fitness journey.
No she isn't dead, we just aren't a that cool any longer.
Last week and over the weekend I have been thinking a lot about having an accountability partner.

Accountability Partner Checklist:
Check and making sure I am following my goals
Cheer me on
Challenge me
and if local workout together a couple times a month together.

I, of course will be that and whatever else my accountability partner needs
I went over my list of associates (very, very short)
I have one associate she's local, on her journey and cool (or so I thought)
We reconnected last year and at that point she was down 70 lbs give or take.
Sh was going to the gym, meal prepping and really had a handle on her journey and her goals.

I asked her one day if I could attend this Zumba  class with her that she raved about.
I didn't pay attention at first.
She was putting me off, ignoring my request.

It took me 9 months to realize that her journey was HER journey. (no that's not why we aren't cool) HA!
She was her own accountability partner and had no time or energy to help me.
It made me a little angry at first, but that's her journey.  Everyone does not have the same needs. * shrug *

I still need an accountability partner.
How does one go about finding that PERSON?

I am at a point where I need a phone call, a singing email , a card in the mail something that tells me,

Do you have an accountability partner?
How did you find them?
Are they helpful?

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