Apr 11, 2014

Friday Snitches!!!!!!...

IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!

It has been a good week.
It has been a productive week.  I has been a busy week. It has been a fast week. Most importantly its the END OF THE WORK WEEK!!!!! YEAT!

Emotionally it has been an down and up.
I have wanted to give in and give up.
I have wanted to stop.
I have limited myself with my negative ass thoughts.

by HUMP DAAAAAY I had a new attitude!
I remembered how much I wanted to be fit.
How I was tired of being F-A-T!
How how I want to show off my toned legs in short shorts and mini skirts!!!

So I'm in a really good place and I'm radiating positive energy!

The Top 5 things that I'm happy about this week:

1. My Son's 13th Birthday
  • I love birthdays but I love my kiddies birthdays EVEN more! I can't believe he is no longer a little fat cuddle bear. I love him so much!

1. The Game of Thrones
  • WINTER IS HERE!!!! I'm so happy about! Especially since The Walking Dead had its season finale.  After the Red Wedding I need some John Snow in my life. Thank you HBO!!

2. The Mindy Project
  • Oh My GOSH this show is yell out loud, roll on the floor, sore abs FUNNY!!! I started watching it Tuesday and I'm almost done with Season 2.  If your have not watched 1 episode you are MISSING OUT!!!

3. GIF's
  • I just discovered GIF's!!!!! I get on the Internet to google INFORMATION and watch Netflix! I don't Facebook I don't play games..I had NO IDEA how all those little funny videos happened. NOW I know where to find them!! YEAH!!!!

4. My sore ass
  • I love when I'm sore.  That means I worked. Boom!

5. Walking OUTSIDE!!!
  • I love walking outside. I don't like bugs, I don't like being hot and I ain't a fan of camping but I WILL walk through the fricking woods!!!!! I love it!!!! I will be outside in the 100degree Atlanta weather drenched in sticky, sweet SWEAT (don't judge), walking. Seriously, for me there is nothing like fresh air and scenery when doing a good walk!
I will probably be finished with The Mindy Project today * tear * and my weekend looks pretty good.
The Dogwood Festival is this weekend, I plan on attending that.
Walking on my most FAVORITE trail @ Lucky Shoals park. Its a great trail full of inclines and curves (like me) HA!
Sunday is washing and straightening hair day. My kiddies have been on Spring Break this week and my daughter, with all her thick, natural hair, uses this time to do absolutely NOTHING to her hair.
Didn't meal prep this week but I did have planned meals prepared by someone else...BOOM!!

Also this week I find out who my SWAG SWAP friend is!!! VERY excited about that!
Today is also my FAVORITE Link up day! Follow Through Friday and Fitness Friday

Have a great weekend!