Apr 4, 2014

Follow Through Fitness....

I would like to thank the Friday gods for finally gracing us with today. Thank you!
I'm really happy about all the exercise I have done this week.  I'm also quite proud of myself...yup!

Today is F#ck it Friday, but in a good way!
I don't want to do ish!
I don't even want to write.

Today I dedicated this post to beautiful women and their weightlifting asses...

This Bish here is  B-A-D!!!! I would be her surrogate Like for real...She is damn near perfect.  I'm sure she works uber hard and it's working.  Not too much but just enough.  Hard bodied but not Jim Carey as Vera, bodied.  I'm in love with her and her hair!!!  I'm inspired...to one day be the person that wipes the sweat off her brow. I'm inspired not intimidated because I know that If i work as hard as she had to and does that someone will one day write that about me!

Squat. Lunge. Jumping Jack. Donkey Kick.
 Want a great Booty. Do it. Love it.
I just want a flat stomach, a small waist and a fat ass. :)
Is that too much to ask for?

I want to be able to dress like this ALLLLLL the time.  I want to petition the government to take indecent exposure off the table. I actually have something similar to this that I got from Fredrick's 17years ago that I haven't worn in 16years.  Her boobs are great, her abs are awesome! I'm going to continue to eat clean, set goals, stay focused and not give up! I wouldn't say I train but I do do a lil something something! I'm inspired

The Queen mother herself.  I one day hope to have a trainer that will plant her foot in my ass and then yell  "RUN!" and I say with tear streaming down my face, "how fast!" I love this woman.  She's not curvy but she is sexy as all get out and I'm scared just looking at her! I'm motivated.

This is the movement today.  Walking outdoors is soooooooo different than walking indoors.  At home you can stop give up or do just the minimal.  When your out on the trail you can go a little further and a little further knowing that how ever far you go is how far you have to walk back.  Where I walk has hills and mountains and curves (like me) HA!  I go a little further every day.  WHEW!!! Mah feets hurt, my shins may be splint and my booty is sore as the heezy!! I love the booty soreness. Lets me know I put in WERK!!! I have to get a video of me walking...its funny in my head. I walk fast and I have routines to certain songs on my playlist! It's awesome! The 1 walking buddy I have has to jog to keep up with me....LOVE IT! However, I'm sleepy and tired and my muscles need to get back used to walking outside. Boom!


Um who's a proud one? ME! ME! I have been walking my tail off!
I'm happy to say that I am catching up with my goal. I was behind nearly 10miles to stay on track for my #100milesin6weeks challenge! Now I'm 1 mile behind! Happy dance!!!

This weekend I'm not going to be lazy.
I'm going to continue the momentum and keep up with the walking and DO the strength training routine that I came up with.
Sunday I'm going grocery shopping for 2 reasons. 1. Meal Prep and 2. My kids will be on Spring Break and I guess I have to feed them. * shrug *


Next week
More Walking, maybe a little running O__O
Meal Prep Monday!! My favorite! I'm going to try a veggie lasagna!!
I'm going to try to get ahead of of my miles.
 My goal next week is 20miles minimum.

Its Friday and I'm doing my FAVORITE link ups ... Fitness Friday, Five Things Friday and Follow Through Friday

Tell me your favorite Link ups and Blog Hops!
Have an awesome weekend!