Jun 7, 2014

This Summer 5 I Will...

Yes, yes, I know I have been M.I.A. this week. 
Why? Lol…let’s see
I didn’t have any writing inspiration.  I didn’t know what to say, how to say it and I didn’t want to post BS just for the sake of posting.
However, I am posting for the sake of posting, today.
I love link up’s. What I love about one of my Friday link up’s Friday Five @ Eat, Pray, Run is that it’s themed.  I don’t know if it has always been theme, no clue, perhaps I just never paid attention.  Today it’s themed and it gives me the opportunity to think and be inspired.

When it comes to the summer the only thing I get excited about it not having to drive my kids to school and shuttles, and then picking them up.  Its really a time where I kinda ignore them and they fend for themselves because they are a little older (teens) and with any luck their sperm donor will babysit for a week or two. Usually during that week or two I will just vegetate and not think.
I feel empowered this year.  I feel like being spontaneous and taking risks. I feel like adventure.
All of these feeling lead me to my

This Summer I Will…

The #1 thing I want to do this Summer is City Fit Girls.  I love these girls or this girl WHATEVER!! I love their movement.  I wish that we had a movement like this in Atlanta.  It’s inspirational, motivational and interactive.  The founder actually emails me BACK when I ask questions and when its kit time…LOVE IT!  They have classes on weekends Club Cardio and Bootcamps.  I want to go! I am going.  Philadelphia PA. I’m scared to travel alone and go to a strange city alone, but I’m determined. Aaaaaaand while I’m there I can knock one of my fitness bucket list item off, Run the Rocky Stairs!!!!!!

2nd I want to go to Miami, South Beach, Miami.  I have been a few other times but I was with friends and it was kinda stressful.  I want to go and just enjoy the sand and the pizza, sunrises and sunsets.  Just enjoy the peace.  I’m not a big fan of sand but I want to sit in it and build a castle and people watch. *sigh* maybe even a few jumping jacks…lol

3rd I want to walk those 5miles AROUND Stone Mountain.
I have walked up the mountain several times and when you are not that physically fit IT IS HARD!!!!!!! WHEW!! Walking around the mountain is long hot and hilly. I gotta do it!! At least once…lol

4th I want to be able to run a mile all at the same time, no stopping, comfortably.  So by the end of the summer which is like um September something (HA!) I will be able to . Bet THAT!!

#5 I had to really think about.  I’m a geek.  I want to read 5 books this summer. Build my vocabulary and pull some of the books out of the Barnes & Nobles bags.  I love books, hate ebooks and I’m not afraid to say it!!!

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