Mar 3, 2014

New Month, New Goals...

So February is donezo! March is a remarkable month for me.  My fitversary is in March. It's a great time to  reevaluate and set mah goals for the month!

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"Aim to Understand Your Motivation
No one would ever deprive themselves of the things they loved without a practical explanation. It’s like saying, “stop eating junk food for no reason at all!” What I mean, is that while you keep your eye on your larger goal—to lose weight for your wedding—let your eyes catch understanding glimpses of why—to live a longer, healthier life with the person you love."

I will say "stop eating junk food", but I will not deprive myself.  This leads me into my goals for March but in a weird way. 
With that being said let me get straight to it...

March Goals

1.   Deeper Commitment  I'm good and commited.  I just have not been pushing as hard as I was in the beginning.  I'm sure it's becasue of the weather. However weather ir not..I am recommitting to my healthy lifestyle. 100% I'm not near where I want to be but I can be closer and will be. Boom!

2.   Schedule Healthy/Fitness Weekend Time My weekends are a FAIL.  Not because I eat out of control but becasue I dont have a plan.  I don't have a set time for workouts or eating.  So I'm going to remedy that this month.

3.   AM Workouts been the goal for the past 2 months....ugh...still working on it

4.   Drop 8-10lbs

Not overzealous, just enough.  I have specific things that need to get done this month and this is not the time to overwhelm myself.

This week also begins Week 5 of T25 Alpha!!! Meaning its the last week of Alpha and then I begin BETA!!!! So this week blogs will consist of me talking about my T25 Alpha, my burn and how I feel about each workout now compared to the beginning!

Thank GOD Spring is coming!