Mar 18, 2014

Yup! Yup!...

Aaaaaah!!! I have missed blogland!

Shortly after my last post, I dropped to 70% and continued dropping. So much so that I ended up in the ER. IMPACTED!! So finally, Sunday,  after evacuating I began to feel SOOOOOOO much better that I'm proud to say that today I'm at 99.5%. The other .5% is because I'm at work and well...blah!

Needless to say I got no workouts in...ho hum.
Take it to the Head Tuesday is in full effect.
I started a cute challenge 100in6.  I found it on Instagram via Naturally Fit & Fab .
It's all about walking /running/bicycling, whatever, how ever, to get in those miles!
100 miles in 6 weeks. Yup I'm excited about it!
Technically, it started yesterday, but so what, and it runs through April 28th...YEET!!

I love walking!  It makes me feel good! I get to think and meditate and I enjoys the burn! It's the one exercise that I'm a pro since Spring is Coming I'm going to be getting it IN!! We have some GREAT trails and hikes around this good city and as soon as Atlanta decides that it wants to have a consistent season I will be hittin' it! Til then it's Leslie, the dreaded treadmill and I!

I even have set some goals this week so I can  have something POSTIVE and worthwhile for Follow Through
Goals this week (should my body choose to accept):
Monday: Last day to veg
Tuesday: 5miles & Arms
Wednesday: 2Miles AM, 3miles PM & Lower Body & Abs strength training
Thursday: 2miles AM, 4miles PM, Arms
Friday: 2miles AM, 3 miles PM Lower body
Saturday: 5miles Arms & Abs
Sunday: definitely Abs  at least 2miles (I means, it's Sunday)

I created myself a nice strength/body weight training routine and I'm excited about it!
I enjoy the weights I have at home and my kettle bell and I LOVE they way my body responds when I do it and walk.
I love T25 however...I love mah walking MORE! Though I was build strength and endurance doing mah T25 I wasn't loosing like I need to...and I was toooooo tired after Shaun T to do anything
I need to burn LOTS of calories and burn LOTS of fat!

I'm glad I'm better and back on my ISH!