Mar 4, 2014

It's a series...

I'm in a sharing mood today, this week, every!!
To start I go some new shoes!!!!!!
I'm super excited about them.  I save shoes as a reward but after starting T25 I HAD to break the rule and get me some!
They are uber comfortable.
Reebok Women's RealFlex Advance Trainer
They are flexible, very supportive all the way around and SUPER CUTE!
I went for a loooong walk on Sunday and I think they will do the trick!

4 weeks ago I started T25 FOCUS!
I will say that It's intense. It's gruesome. It's challenging. It's invigorating. It's work. It's fun.
It is a take no prisoners workout.  It's like 25mins of little mini Insanity's. WHEW!
After the first week I was in love.  I fell in love with the way my body started feeling.  I could/can feel myself growing stronger and feeling stronger.  LUUUUV IT!!!

So this week is my last week of T25 Alpha.  Can you believe it! I am in the 5th WEEK!!!!
I have decided to share. HA!
So the first workout for this week was...
Total Body Circuit - 25mins of WORK!
It's exactly what it says it is TOTAL body.
Sprinting, lunging, squatting, squat jumping, planking, plank walking and then some. WERK!
The first time I did this I could hardly breath! That was even with following the modifiers sometimes!
Now, its still difficult but I'm much better at it.  I can actually follow Shaun T more often than not. Its the 2nd hardest workout in the series.  However the time goes quickly because you're not watching the timer... hell you can't even see it most of the time because you're on the floor PLANKING!

Check the sweat

Last night was good and intense.  I got a really good
<-- sweat and an awesome burn -->
 I felt great when I was done because I pushed myself, did almost no modification and when he said "Time"  I was still amped and ready to go!
Conforming to the goals that I have set for myself this month and even after that ol' gansta workout last night, I roooooolled my behind out of my UBER comfy bed early this morning.  with head held high I stomped down the stars to the good ol T25 Ab Intervals.  I DO NOT like this workout.  Um. WOW!  No matter how many times I have done it, it suck, it hurts oh and did I mention IT SUCK!!
I feel alllll 25 mins of this workout.  95% spent on the floor 1 leg raises, 2 leg raises, hand to feet V leg raises, supermans and pain.  Probably my favorite are the supermans that turn into lat pulls. Awesomeness! There is also a littel cardio which includes sprinting, squats and knee ups. Fun stuff! Its not a great calorie burn but it does work the heezy out of my abs and one day when the layer of fat has rescinded, the world will see my abs! HA!
Got a new pic app on mah phone...I likey
 I'm so proud of myself that I dragged myself out of bed this morning!! It was hard.  I enjoy just laying there snuggling my
Tonight I may be doing something super fun! We shall see!