Mar 6, 2014

It's a series 2 and Ruffles...

Yeah!!! It's the day before Friday!! FINALLY!! It has been a fun, full week but loooooong as heezy! Be glad when Sunday comes. Why? because my weekend is going to be BUSY and like God, on the 7th day, I rest. YEET!

Something UBER awesome came in the mail yesterday!! My Ruffles with Love tanks!!  I first saw one of her tanks on Fluffy Girl and I immediately fell IN LOVE!!  I headed over to her website and placed me a nice order.The "Rise and Grind" might just be my motivation to ACTUALLY wake up in the morning and workout!

In other news:  Pushing forward with my T25 spread.

Yesterday morning I DID NOT get up and do my workout however, I did get my arse in gear and do my Total Body Circuit last night when I got home! One word: Hard!  It's not my favorite in the Alpha series.  It has been the top workout for week 5.  On the schedule 3 times this week!! ugh
Much harder to do in the evening than in the morning AND I burned fewer calories. BOOOO! The sweat though, the sweat was insane and I loved every drip! It was gruelling.  Still hated it.

This morning I got UP!! It was CARDIO DAY!!!!!  I enjoy the Alpha floor, no pike, no plank. Just Cardio.
Sprinting, mountain climbers, lunge squats, jumping jacks, knee ups, switch kicks and all that! WHEW!!!!
Heart rate got up there however, my endurance has grown such that, the calorie burn was not the same as it was in the beginning. Burned like 25 less calories than I did in the beginning and I did more work! The sweat was phenomenal!!! Killing the fat!  A sista was tired!

Been a great week thus far.
Tomorrow is a double T25 day :(  Total Body Circuit and Lower Focus. Unfortunately, my schedule is so busy tomorrow that I HAVE to do them back to back...ugh. Horrible.