Feb 26, 2014

5 This Week...

It's only Wednesday. humph  It feels like it should be Thursday.  It's raining here the The A.  Rain for me means sleepy, sluggish and I wanna be cuddled up in the bed...doing naughty things. ;)

I thought a little pick-me-up was in order.
I want to post my 5 favorite Inspirational/motivational and a little funny, pics.

This is how I started my day.  I almost hopped on the scale this morning. It was like talking myself off the ledge.  I didn't want to see the number.  I knew it wouldn't reflect all the hard work I been putting in.  I walked away!!! YEAH!! I continued to get dressed and put on my favorite black Old Navy circa 2009 skinny jeans.  for the last 3 years I have not been able to button them...I started wearing them again last Fall.  Put them on today and I needed a BELT!!!!  It's exciting. I got saggy booty and all. They're not skinny jeans anymore! A joyous #NonScaleVictory!!!!!!

Yup.  Just what it says...lol...The weight on my drivers licence has been the same since I got it when I turned 16. 180lbs and I probably fibbed then.  This is why I work...lol...so I can stop lying to the government!

 Down with the jiggle!! This is my motto!  When I'm  "Nailing It" on my T25 and sweating like a pig
running from slaughter, I'm thinking about how the jiggle is decreasing.   I push harder. I try to sweat MORE! Ha!  Tired of the jiggle.


My kids have the biggest issue with this.  They will stand there cooling off the kitchen.  Just looking, making ZERO choices.  When I find myself in the fridge.  That's when I step back and check myself.  I will drink a BIIIIIG cup of water, burp and move on. Can't shed the pounds with those fake hunger pains.

I TRULY believe in the saying
80% Food, 20% Exercise.
What you eat is sooooo much more important than the walking, running, burpeeing. None of the miles I walk, the weights I lift and the T25 I sweat through wouldn't matter if I ate CRAP everyday! I want to be healthy so I eat healthy.  I make choices that lead me to a better lifestyle. BOOM!

I actually feel better after going through all these.  Has helped to see and think about my goals and what I'm doing.  Makes the rainy day not so bad.