Mar 12, 2014

Get out my belly....

@ about 85%
This has been a rough week for me! I have been sick as a dog since Sunday! 
I don't usually get sick and praise God my kiddies don't usually get sick either.
Sunday, something entered my body and turn it into its' little puppet. 
It felt like something was in my stomach swimming laps and was going for a world record.
I was dizzy, light-headed and nauseous with chills.
I passed out in the bathroom, fell off the toilet and then broke out into a cold sweat.
I tried to go to work...nope
Took a laxative Monday...threw it up.
Haven't eaten, haven't WANTED to eat.  NOTHING IS COMING OUT!!!

It was neither...ugh

Today, on this crappy rainy hump day I woke feeling a little better.  My tummy is no longer distended and flatulence has started.  Good signs.  Hope they lead to a movement.

Needless to say exercise has NOT happened. 
Well, I did walk up the stairs in the house 15 times to try and start a movement.  It was a fairly decent sweat.

I have not taken in any calories so, the not exercising things is not hurting my feelings, just yet.
HOWEVER, I was supposed to start my T25 Beta this week BUUUUUUT due to illness, nope.

So, the goal the rest of this week ...
gotta check the
  • Walk and do calisthenics. 
  • Keep my endurance up as I prep for T25 next week
This weekend is supposed to be really pretty so DEFINITELY going to walk outside.
 I may even take my treadmill outside and walk on it out there! HA!

I'm also trying something new, venturing out to meet new blog friends. Today I'm doing
The Hump Day Blog Hop
 and I have read some good stuff and found some new fitness blogs to follow and people to learn from.

Wish me