Mar 21, 2014

Fitversary FRIDAY!!!!!!...

I'm not going to make a big deal out of it. I'm just merely going to pat myself on the back for a job well done!
IT'S MY FITVERSARY!! (Awsomeness that it falls on Friday!)
I have gone 1 year with regular exercise and developing healthy eating habits!!!!
1 year setting goal and reaching most of them.
1 year working hard on this belly and this bootay!
I won't say that I didn't have a piece of cake or a donut or even a box of girl scout cookies, because I absolutely did.
I fell off the wagon, but not long
I got discouraged. I still do.
I have loads of self doubt but I push through it and work harder.
I loose confidence and sometimes I'm not as consistent as I should be, but then I wake up.

270 vs 223!

Things I have learned this year.
  1. Thou shalt not covet.
    • I spent  a lot of time in the beginning of my journey wondering why I didn't look like this person or why couldn't look like the next.  I was loosing my confidence and I was self loathing because  I didn't believe I could do what some one was doing. NOT anymore.  I now have a fuuuuuull understanding that everyone's journey is COMPLETELY different and that my path will not be the same.  I have to Love D and continued to work hard.
  2. Time Limit?
    • I thought that I had to "Lose 100lbs in a year". I thought that I had to hurry up and get the weight off to accomplish a certain milestone. NOPE! The end game here, is to be healthy and fit.  As I continue learning and leading a healthy lifestyle,  the weight will come off.  I have been a full-figured beauty all my life...I'm not rushing the process.
  3. I CAN DO IT!
    • I spent A LOT of time sabotaging myself. "what am I thinking?" "I'm never going to loose this weight" Thinking and believing that I didn't deserve to be healthier. Not to mention that every time I would miss 1 workout or have a brownie I would almost give up.  Instagram helped me  a lot.  Every motivational post seemed to speak to me. Telling me not to stop, to keep pushing, a setback is not the end of the world.  The biggest one Mental Discipline, battling my own NEGATIVE thoughts and dispelling them.  Learned to believe I can accomplish my goals and that I am 100% worth it!
  4. Eat This And In that order!
    • Food WAS a MAJOR obstacle.  I knew Protein/Veggie/Carb,  but SNACK!! WTF man! Eat 5-6 small meals as opposed to 3 big normal sized meals, say huh say what!? After months of failed food decisions I figured out what worked for me. I know what fills me up, what bloats me, what is BORING and what to avoid!  I know there is more to learn but I'm happy with my results so far!
I am in the middle of my journey and very happy with what I have been doing and sooooo looking forward to what the future holds. 
A year from now I would like to be reporting that I'm a runner. (tuh!)
A year from now I would love to have touched someone's heart and have INSPIRED the hell out of them.
A year from now I'm going to be even stronger than I am now, happier than I am now and healthier than I am now.

 PS: CHECK MY NEW BLOG DESIGN!!!!!!!! Hubby Jack is the awesomest!!! Thank you!!!