Mar 26, 2014

Battle in the Garden...

So, Eve's curse has invaded my body this week.
It's soooooo hard to just not lay down and go to sleep all week and DO NOTHING!
Alas, I have not, I will not.  I have miles to walk and fat to burn.
Can you say cravings!
I had a delicious Blueberry Donut today, yesterday and Monday.
Devil Donut
I ain't even mad about it. *shrug*
I am a good girl. I eat 4-5 servings of veggies EVERYDAY! I only have carbs before 2pm and  I meal prep (not this week though)
I enjoyed my donuts.  They may have mucked up calorie count for the day/week, but so what!

The other thing I'm have been enjoying, over the last couple weeks, are link ups.
It's a great opportunity to read blogs I would never have come across and make blog friends!!
I absolutely love Liz @Fitness Blondie! She is gorgeous, funny and has some great stuff on her blog.
She does a Hump Day Blog Hop that I like.  From fitness to pumps, the link ups are great!

Adding to my schedule:
I started a Literature class last week.
African American Literature to be a exact.  It's the last class before I finish with my Associates in Business. YIPPIE!
LOTS OF READING! It's an online class so that means LOTS more writing than I would have to do if I was in a classroom. 
Discussion question after discussion question and comment on your classmates discussion.
I have a HARD time commenting on some of my illiterate classmates posts...ugh...1 typo and I exiting. BLAH! I'm not a grammar expert but I FRICKING PROOFREAD before I post in a LITERATURE class...ugh.

Any who, I'm going to finish out the week with walking.
3-4 miles tonight
the same tomorrow and Friday
The weekend I'm heading to Bama (RollTide!) To celebrate my brothers birthday.  He has a cute little home gym so I'm going to f#ck it