Mar 7, 2014

#FTF Yall....

FINALLY FRIDAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!! Today is a great day to post a Follow Through Friday!!
It doesn't matter that the weather sucks here in Atlanta.
It's still FRIDAY!

This week has been  awesome! I have been a goal loving whorebag!
Biggest milestone this week is that it was the LAST week of my T25 Alpha!

This week was broke down a lil something like this:

Monday: Total Body Circuit
Tuesday: Ab Intervals
Wednesday: Total Body Circuit
Thursday: Alpha Cardio
Friday: Total Body Circuit & Lower Focus
Saturday: STATurday
Sunday: Stretch

Last Sunday was the most beautiful day all WINTER!! To celebrate I took a 6.5 mile trek at a trail in a nearby city.  It was WONDERFUL and I burned a ton of Calories!! Boom!

Tuesday, I fulfilled one of my March goals and took a Zumba class! Loads of fun! The class I went to wasn't a huge calorie burner BUT I liked it.

Beyond that I'm all about  this being my last week of T25 Alpha
I have done every workout this week.  I won't say it was painless, it hurt like the heezy!
Fridays consist of a double workout.  Meaning, 2 of the 25min T25's back to back,  At the same dam time. (u get it)  WOOSH!

I rose at 5:11am (cuz I was sleepy and trying to find excuses not to get up when my alarm went off at 5am). Made it down stairs to the exercise room around 5:23pm HA!

My shirt is too adorable!
Let me say a lil something: THE BURNOUT
This is where Shaun T crams a repeat of the previous session all into one quick session. He expects you to go harder, faster, be MORE focused and give it ALLLLLL you got doing, the best YOU can.  So cute.
Painful! Sad! Painful!
I push through it though. I GETS it done!

Moving on
I did the Total Body Circuit first. Yup still hard but so worth the pain. 
Then came the Lower Focus: squats, lunges, lunge pulses, squat pulses, squat jumps, BURNOUTS and one-legged dead lifts... lower body lower body and MORE lower body.
It wasn't a great calorie burn with the heart rate but instead it's one of those burn calories all day for the rest of EVER kinda workouts.

I didn't stop the Polar, so the calories burned are for both

 My booty is sore and the lower abs that I thought were killed during my 1st and 2nd C-section are fricking SORE!!! How the hell O_o ?!

This weekend my goal is to walk.  I will be at my son's basketball tournament all weekend, so walking is the thing.
Monday I begin my T25 Beta!! I anxious and muy scared WHEW!!
My goal is  I'm going to do another Zumba class this week as well, depending on how Day1 of T25 BETA goes.
While continuing getting up in the AM to get those  AWESOME AM workouts in. :-)

Very happy about about the week I had! *toot* *toot*